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  1. So... I just looked up the wiki page of the Vigorous Swap mod ( https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Vigorous_Swap )and couldnt find ANY clue that its damage buff is supposed to be only effecting weapon damage. And the mod itself is a warframe mod that clearly says +165% damage! I still fail to see the "unintended behavior" some people here are wetting their knickers about . To me it feels like people are just butthurt for not thinking of this and testing it out themselves. imho the only real bs that was in this event was the ability to kill with negative crit damage rivens and thats it. The Loki switch teleport strategy at least was hard to pull off consistantly and required skill and good team coordination if you wanted to run all 4 keys at the same time. Also its sad to see people wanting players to be banned or punished for playing the game. People have put large amounts of time and money into their warframe accounts and communities and still keep doing so! This way supporting DE and the wf community.
  2. my thoughts exactly... at least wipe the leaderboards so we can compete with legit runs now pls!
  3. #BringBackLeaderbordEvents #thx4theHydroidPrimetrailer
  4. when will there be some new leaderboard events? aaaaaaaaaand we want our hydroid prime trailer xP
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