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  1. I have no screenshots to share, just what happened. As I was leaving the Plains of Eidolon, I got a pop-up that I got an "unidentified object" and an Eidolon shard while standing in the transition hall between Plains of Eidolon and Cetus. I never saw the Terralyst while I was doing my bounties for this week's nightwave, I heard him a few times, but never saw him and never attacked him. Regardless, I got an Arcane Warmth and an Eidolon shard, even though I never captured or killed the Terralyst.
  2. Here, I'll help you where support didn't, because I can see the solution immediately. If you only watched the Devstream at tennocon, then you missed out on the ephemera, but got the Nekros Prime. If you watched any of the stream on Warframe's Twitch page for 30 minutes before the Devstream, then you'd have the Lotus Ephemera. I wouldn't fret too too much, since it was a bit of a cluster#*!% during Tennocon, like it normally is, so you'll probably be able to get in another way soon. tl;dr: You either only watched the devstream or didn't link your account.
  3. Topics on QoL trading. We need, need, NEED a Grand Exchange, as in an automated market where you put in the object you are selling with the price you are selling it for, and someone who wants that object puts how much platinum they are willing to trade for it, and is completely automated. We need, need, NEED a Riven Auction House. There's a reason people hack into the game to display this info to help with riven prices. Stop being complacent, bringing out the banhammer, and just help implement it; the over-inflation of the riven market is disgusting, and nothing feels like its being done for the bullys and scammers involved with rivens. Make life completely easier for everyone.
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