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  1. So it seems you can't restart the bounty at the tent *literally* right next to the boil and instead have to go to the one next to the gate(potentially others, this is the only one I've confirmed though). Still better than having to enter Cetus, but inconvenient in its convenience. I can't actually be sure because you seem to have forgotten that punctuation is a thing that exists, but it seems that for some reason you're angry that you can get multiple clan cosmetics from farming Hemocyte? No idea why you'd be upset about that though.
  2. Still waiting on a "Hide Mastered" option for store and labs since you make it so difficult to tell what we've mastered without digging through item pages. Also waiting for the option to hide buyable frames and weapons in the arsenal so I can scroll to where the bottom of my owned weapons are without ending up in the plat catalog. Still waiting on polearm stances to not be broken. Ooh, and what's the chance that we ever get an option to turn off forced voicelines in missions/bosses so that we can get our waypoint as soon as we finish a stage? Getting pretty tired of having so much wasted time in stuff like Exploiter and especially Plague Star waiting for a waypoint to show up as much as a minute after finishing the previous stage.
  3. "Hide Mastered" option in the shop/research labs when? Also, can we get an option to hide unowned/plat weapons in the arsenal? Right now scrolling hard just puts me in the middle of plat weapons instead of the bottom of my owned weapons.
  4. Itt: people lacking reading comprehension talking loudly about how much comprehension they're lacking.
  5. Can we get a "Hide Mastered" option for the store/labs? It's super duper annoying having to click an item then hover/click its blueprint in order to tell what we've mastered or haven't. Also, could we get an option to hide buyable weapons/frames in the arsenal? I'd rather not end up scrolling through them while looking through my owned weapons/frames.
  6. Hey, can we get an option in the store/research lab "Hide Mastered" or to display mastery icons right on everything from the search screen? Would be nice now that the store page doesn't tell you what you've mastered, which is a pain in the ass.
  7. Still waiting for a "Hide Mastered" option for store, labs, etc. Especially now that you made it so that the store page doesn't show that you've masted a weapon.
  8. >Not wanting to be able to farm a built forma every 10-12 minutes, or any of the other stuff that is overshadowed by the former
  9. Oh yeah, and how about turning in moas or kitguns for standing isn't giving the amount it says it should? Not that big a deal for me since I'm maxed and debt bonds or conservation is easy enough to max with, but it's annoying.
  10. - Catchmoon can't shoot through Gara's glass from the inside, it just bounces off - Polearm stances not working in Simulacrum - Can't go operator while you have the tranq rifle or echolure equipped - Having tranq rifle or echolure equipped in archwing doesn't let you boost - Idle animation for holding Exergis makes the frame's left arm bend oddly
  11. RIP using Sarpa/Corrisive Projection to make the PT fight not as bad. Guess having the ability to use your loadout to make the fight slightly easier was too OP.
  12. >People seriously defending a WF Partner that decided to make ad revenue off abusing an exploit while leading other people to abuse the exploit This thread is wack.
  13. Wondering if we're ever going to see more updates to arbitrations, particularly survivals? Way too often I'm running into being limited less by my own ability to survive the enemies and more by the fact that there's just not enough spawns to keep up life support drops, especially so in infested missions in my experience. Having to stay glued to life support capsules as soon as they drop and still just eventually be pushed out the the mission by RNG instead of my own ability to play the game isn't satisfying at all and is really just disappointing, the same as ESO just seeming to run out of spawns when you start getting further on. I'd like to be tested to the limit of what I can compete against, but instead what's tested is my ability to be upset at being forced out of missions by RNG. I'm already pretty dissuaded from missions other than survival since anything else relies too much on other people to complete the mission, something I'm not too keen to do given the state of migrations still being able to severely mess up your game state; I'm lucky enough that the only migration I've ran into on arbitrations just reset my 1000+ combo counter and not something more important. Also, not sure if this is intended, but I started a survival arbitration at ~8:56 and ended around 10:05, and I was then locked out of the 10-11 arbitration? I know if you finish an arbitration you're not supposed to be able to do the *same* one again, but wasn't counting on being locked out of other potential runs depending on when I finish the current one. I'd be a little less put back if I had gotten out at like 10:40 and couldn't do the 10-11, but less than 10mins into the hour and then having to wait out the hour for the next one was a little bit of a bummer. Gotta get that endo, primed mods won't rank themselves.
  14. Still no fix for stave quick melee, and momentum/move speed while melee-attacking still seams to be bodged
  15. Reminder that quick-melee on stave type weapons is still bugged
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