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  1. Blink changes aren't great. Using the roll key means that if you time it wrong you end up knocked out of afterburner instead of blinking. No archwing-only binds for sprint/roll mean you've got nothing to change just sprint/roll binds for archwing and mean you need to change it globally. Also cooldown could use a change since in 3s previously I could have gotten from nearly anywhere in the Plains to the gate. Also yeah slide crit really needs looking at. What's the point of Maiming Strike atm when it's only 30% more than True Steel or way less than Sacrificial Steel? What's the point of slide crit on Rivens when they're even worse numbers than Maiming Strike. The update fixed everyone defaulting to slide crit for everything, but it made it completely useless in order to do so. Real balance would be making them fairly even so that the choice is all preference.
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