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  1. I think you've got the wrong idea.
  2. DE ... Please can we have Mirage Eclipse fixed Q_Q ... I beg you <3
  3. Don't misquote me please @DeadScream I think that's a nice concept :) I'm definitely open to the idea of moving fire patches, perhaps there could be a rework for fireblast and world on fire to spread more flame patches?
  4. You left no alternative mechanic suggestions or positive feedback that's called negative criticism
  5. Yeah but as I said in my OP bushfires spread that's what inspired this they move, and it is an added bonus that it stops afkers.
  6. I cry ..
  7. I don't see anybody agreeing with your negativity
  8. Until the enemies scale up to the point that they are able to knock you down and you lose your stacks sorry I don't agree :)
  9. Have a read of my topics and have a look over my ember buff I suggested
  10. I can do that 8D @[DE]Rebecca, @[DE]Megan, @[DE]Steve, @[DE]Taylor, @[DE]Drew
  11. I don't even play JV raids ... the inside looks all the same it's too confusing unless you live to do it every day and learn every subtle difference from flesh wall to flesh wall .. I just feel like I'm walking around in guts that looks the same at every angle I look.
  12. Vay Hek 3.0 plz ...
  13. @[DE]Steve please Q_Q ...
  14. I'm still weeks behind for my login progress from when DE had multiple DDOS attacks, support said they can't reimburse login days ... Australian internet didn't seem to connect well while DE was under attack all those times so I'm yet to even see it as a thumbnail in my login progress haha