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  1. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.6.1

    So since Mirage prime is coming I'm going to link my archived suggestion for her eclipse ... Also ... Still no fix for March 17 ... just saying. @[DE]Danielle, @[DE]Megan, @[DE]Rebecca
  2. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.4.1

    Mirage 3rd toggle form when? :D
  3. Client/Host Data Mismatch?

    I get this every few days too
  4. Warframe "uninstalled" itself?!

    Both of our games went black, some incompatibility with current build and graphic drivers is my guess perhaps some sort of script error etc, I could hear gunfire but see nothing since task manager held no promise since I can't see task manager 'total black screen' I forced PC off everything was fine on restart but warframe had uninstalled itself. I went into steam apps saw all the files there but it wouldn't run the .exe file I clicked install it realised existing files are there but then purged a lot of content and I'll be waiting 7hrs to get it back.
  5. Warframe "uninstalled" itself?!

    Me and my clan mate had the same thing happen today, my estimated download time 7 hours ... AWESOME!
  6. Opinion on the new "generation" of warframe players?

    I got called autistic just yesterday actually and was thinking the last time I heard that was back when I was playing League. The offender was a low MR, I reported because that behavior isn't acceptable.
  7. Devstream #100 Overview

    Please double this ...
  8. The proposed log-in reward changes are frustrating and dissapointing

    I'm all for the change, back when Warframe was getting ddos'd I wasn't able to log on for up to a week. There have been a few cyber attacks in the past so needless to day I'm a few weeks behind through no fault of my own, unfortunately where live I don't have a fast enough connection to the servers and I wasn't able to get on no matter how much I tried during those attacks. tl;dr Changes are good.
  9. Thank you, Tenno!

  10. 'Abort mission' change title to 'Save and Extract'

    You should have waited for an incursion until DE changes things.
  11. 'Abort mission' change title to 'Save and Extract'

    Well if you read this topic you'll see that somebody is complaining and it doesn't match up with the 4 methods of saving. I don't feel like stating the obvious, so if people want to complain and get it fixed they might want to submit proof of it happening so that DE can fix it. However I submitted proof of it working that's how the process works :)
  12. 'Abort mission' change title to 'Save and Extract'

    I agree!
  13. 'Abort mission' change title to 'Save and Extract'

    Maybe if people submit proof of it not working I'll take it seriously :)
  14. 'Abort mission' change title to 'Save and Extract'

    Or we could you know ... disregard the ENTIRE EXTRACT FROM THE PATCH NOTES where I literally copy paste it from the patch notes itself and provide a link to that specific patch topic on the forums and then provide video proof of it working.
  15. 'Abort mission' change title to 'Save and Extract'

    So my idea of save and extract instead of abort mission being in place after the bounty system has saved is being taken out of context cool cool I like your style man. My favorite part was where you came in here denying me free speech, scroll up and you'll see how I acknowledge the save system in great detail provide video proof that the system works, have made a suggestion on changing the U.I elements. Let's look at my sentence and break it down into it's raw components; "Since this is becoming an ongoing issue I'm making a post that suggests the old procedural generated tile maps have the abort mission and lose progress warning, while on the other hand ... When you are on the Plains of Eidolon the prompt has a different title to indicate that progress is saved therefore stopping toxic people being abusive because they'll be more informed." "I'm making a post that suggests" "suggests" suggest səˈdʒɛst/ verb 1. put forward for consideration. "I suggest that we wait a day or two" synonyms: propose, put forward, submit, recommend, advocate; More 2. cause one to think that (something) exists or is the case. "finds of lead coffins suggested a cemetery north of the river" synonyms: indicate, lead to the belief, give the impression, give the idea, argue, point to, demonstrate, show, evince More