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  1. Excessive sparks emit from the Ruk's Claw when the Mallet takes damage, Mallet will not create sparks on a Ruk's Claw until the Mallet is shot at.
  2. Okay so I tested bloom and glare both off and independently, for me turning bloom off is all I need to do.
  3. I turned off bloom and that has resolved it for now but yeah playing without bloom is a little bit less vibrant :c
  4. If we keep updating this thread it will eventually get noticed I guess?
  5. I heard somebody say it didn't fix it for them but I haven't tested it myself yet --edit found the comment--
  6. Hopefully this gets fixed asap I've been resorting to using the relays and clan dojo's to do most of my mission navigation to avoid the problem as a short term work around. @[DE]Rebecca, @[DE]Pablo
  7. Confirming I'm getting the same thing in my Orbiter and so are other people
  8. I'm confirming the exact same experience as you before the update I had no issues and now when I'm inside my Orbiter everything is flickering with black boxes, I'm running the game at 4k resolution I'm assuming people running at 1080p are seeing their whole screen go black however for me I'm seeing large black boxes that take up roughly 1/4th my screen that bounce around in all directions. Before checking the forums my first thought was oh no my graphics card is artifacting and has reached the end of it's life span but then I tested a few other games and it's only warframe since the updat
  9. I'm getting lots of black boxes flickering all over my screen too
  10. This pleases me greatly because it won't feel like a solo game anymore like it has done since the last major update 14 ty vm DE
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