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  1. On the topic of enemies and timing, Grineer Nox will do their charge attacks even when they have been knocked over ... they will slide on their backs towards you knocking you down. I only noticed it this week when I got the Kuva Tonkor because I don't usually use blast damage.
  2. Minelayer feedback. Tether Coil: Strength to increase max targets. Flechette Orb: Radiation proc is a better choice than puncture procs. / Or swap this ability out for a shield. Vector Pad: Enemies should be disarmed after being thrown that fast across the room. Overdriver: Pretty good as it is. The reason I'd swap out Flechette is because; 1) It doesn't do the best damage compared to his other abilities 2) It doesn't have radiation and if I really needed radiation I could always put it on a status weapon 3) Most people I've spoken with would prefer a shield of some sort or a drone that follows you granting damage resistance in some form.
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