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  1. move into the chokepoint ... cast hallowed ground ... walk away ... profit? With enough range it wouldn't matter if it was a circle or a rectangle.
  2. That would be really nice for smite I think
  3. I'm going to link my old concept for Oberon that has been archived now so people can read over the entire topic, I'm not suggesting the entirety of my concept to be used just a fraction for the upcoming rework. Would be nice if some of his abilities were combined making space for a new 4th. 1st Combination his passive with Hallowed ground so players have more control over when we want to make friendly pets. 2nd Combination is Renewal with Reckoning that way it doesn't matter if it doesn't scale up, the reason is because on a high level mission you won't do much damage and you will be much safer casting a Renewal that crowd controls enemies around you reducing the risk of you being downed as you make efforts to support your allies. 3rd Combination Hallowed ground and Reckonings crowd control upon cast The combination would improve him greatly and remove the debate that he is trying to be a bit of everything, the 4th ability I'm suggesting is Paladin theme focused while the rest of his abilities seem a bit more on the Druid side. The rework we've been shown still doesn't fit the Paladin theme ... Perhaps as people have debated he is a 'Paladin class Druid' but even with this rework he is still just a Druid ... I feel my 4th ability concept really cements the Paladin element. The extracted ability from my old concept that could be used as a new 4th ability is ... Divine Olifant (15m, 20m, 25m, 30m Taunt Radius) (Toggled ability with energy drain. Oberon selects and summons a Divine weapon immobilizing him for 3 seconds whilst taunting all enemies in radius during the weapon selection, after the horn has been sounded Oberon is granted a Divine weapon set. Each set comes with a unique shield that gives Oberon enhancements, all 4 weapons use the same attack combinations but the attacks and animations are varying dependant on which set you are currently wielding. For example one set could have precise slashes and another may have brutish heavy strikes but the combos remain the same to avoid confusion.) Oberon sounds the horn to summon one of his four divine weapon sets whilst taunting all enemies within range. Divine Weapons List; Hammer and Shield - Ice element (Hammer looks like a frozen brick of ice.) Ice damage, Blocking has a guaranteed status proc whilst channelling granting - Increased mobility and attack speed. (You slow down enemies and speed yourself up) Flail and Shield - Toxin element (Flail looks like tentacles made from infested tissue with hard barbs or claws at the end.) Toxic damage, Blocking has a guaranteed status proc whilst channelling granting - Increased damage reflection. (Refer to Mace and Shield - Fire element (Mace looks like a large smouldering coal.) Fire damage, Blocking has a guaranteed status proc whilst channelling granting - A percentage of damage Reflected is converted to health. (Refer to Sword and Shield - Electricity element (Sword looks like a a lightning bolt with flickering edges) Electricity damage, Blocking has a guaranteed status proc whilst channelling granting - A percentage of damage Reflected is converted to energy. (Refer to
  4. I feel the same way, I made a concept last year sometime I think ... which was focused on making him more Paladin themed.
  5. That's a pretty neato idea too!
  6. Still broken ...
  7. No this is a topic that [DE] commented on and then didn't give follow up comments on :c the anticipation is too much, Check the dates of all the posts ;)
  8. I hope the sound changes for Smite to sound something smite worthy ... it doesn't really match the ability in my opinion ... kinda sounds like a energy blast knockdown, I think of thunder or an explosion when smite comes to mind. Dubstep comes to mind with how it sounds right now...
  9. That sounds like a nice augment
  10. The wave is good because it encourages teamwork instead of people running off on their own and then expecting a free heal, playing support I hated being trinity and nobody would stick with you once they got their free energy they'd rush off and do whatever they wanted ... they'd get hurt and ask for a free heal on the other end of the map her rework removed the global heal and made it so people actually cared if I was around getting mobbed and overwhelmed.
  11. Maybe they could have a threshold? If you have 100% and above duration you get a wave heal If you have under 100% you get healing orbs? For negative duration users. I dunno I can't see any reason why I'd use negative duration on him with the rework they're presenting so far but I may find a use for it
  12. Hallowed ground following is nice Renewal orbs noooooo
  13. Smite Infusion to also grant a 25% of max health heal to your ally to make it a bit more useful.
  14. Hallowed Reckoning to leave radiated corpses so we can have a bit more control over where the Reckoning spawn zones are. No point having radiation spawn zones where the enemies won't be located, what I mean by this is that if the enemies came rushing in through a doorway and you turned them into radiation zones/corpses you know that more enemies are likely to pass through that spot and get effected by it. When it's random with the way it currently works it could be near a wall no where near the pathing areas of the enemies themselves so it will not get used in an actual combat situation. I'm aware that nekros and some other mechanics of the game remove corpses, the point is the corpse would linger until it dissipates as usual but the radiation visuals for the Hallowed Reckoning would always have a 100% chance to spawn where an enemy has perished to the ability, in the case that there are no enemies around well make it random as it currently works so in short ... When there are enemies the Spawn zones are always where the corpses are, when there aren't it's random.
  15. My thoughts as well haha! Hallowed ground, not hallowed pizza slice :P The problem with a cone shape is one end is always going to be narrow and provide minimal use.