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  1. I actually did ESO over and over until I maxed out all my focus schools and I still didn't get the ephemera 😂...😭...💔
  2. When mining the Corpossant Prime Emphemra can make it difficult to see what you're doing. I haven't tested this with the other Emphemra yet.
  3. If you change the blood ephemera to orange and slap it on Hildryn she becomes a bee queen. ft angry cat
  4. Not a fan of the 'toggle-only' tbh
  5. I would give almost anything to disable transmission video overlays, I already have them muted but having them pop-up as an overlay without a way to turn them off visually is torture lol.
  6. Will there be plans to implement Golden Maw's into the void missions in the future or perhaps somewhere in Orb Vallis? @[DE]Megan
  7. 'neutralizing justice' doesn't work on fortuna Orb Vallis null bubbles
  8. 'sits down with coffee and puts on reading glasses'
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