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    [PC Update 23.5: Mask of the Revenant] Bug Report Megathread

    I got the suggestion from Nakak to talk to Konzu ... Konzu offers me nothing just regular bounties and the same regular dialog? Edit: Now that night time has ended the bounty rewards have changed, the thought occured that maybe I'm missing dialogue and the parts may drop in the bounties and I didn't see any components. I went onto the forums made this post during that time it cycled to daytime and I tried talking to konzu during the day now I can see the components are in the reward tables.
  2. main_antagonist

    WORST tilesets in your opinion? + Corpus Gas City rework.

    Yep! Options, Display, Motion Blur. There's a bunch of other settings in there too fiddle around as much as you like if you make any mistakes you can always click 'Defaults' to return everything the way it was when you installed the game. @MrMrs
  3. main_antagonist

    WORST tilesets in your opinion? + Corpus Gas City rework.

    POE isn't really a tile set though? A tile is a room that gets connected to another room during procedural generation of the level that's why they're called tile sets they come together to form the map you play, POE is mostly just the one big chunk of map the only exception of tiles on POE is the mines that you can explore that are hidden behind Grineer doors those mines are the tiles. Have you disabled motion blur if you don't like that type of visual fx? I don't experience these issues because I've tweaked the game settings to have a visual aesthetic I enjoy.
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    WORST tilesets in your opinion? + Corpus Gas City rework.

    For me I'm noticing that my warframe gets snagged on more collision objects than it would in the past I don't know what the cause is but I find that more irritating than tile sets haha, granted there are tile sets where this problem occurs more often for me ... you'll run past an object and get stopped dead in your tracks and think "seriously I'm stuck on that!?"
  5. main_antagonist

    Mag's pull should be radial instead of LoS

    Yeah that would be cool too
  6. main_antagonist

    Mag's pull should be radial instead of LoS

    Sounds like an augment idea
  7. main_antagonist

    POE ... no ore no gems

    It's good to know I'm not the only person who experienced this thanks for validating @DarkRuler2500, @JellyFishhhh @[DE]Rebecca
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    POE ... no ore no gems

    First time I've encountered this bug, I was playing solo on the Plains doing some mining for the new amp components and I mined 3 items and then nothing else would show up on my map. Ran around to the most dense ore regions I know of and still nothing so figured it's bug report worthy.
  9. main_antagonist

    Melee Face Surfing

    @[DE]Rebecca Is DE aware of this bug? Please respond.
  10. main_antagonist

    Melee Face Surfing

  11. main_antagonist

    Elevator Teleport Glitch?

    Somebody joined our squad and was afk, we went ahead without after asking what they're doing in chat with no response. I was the host and near the objective the person who was afk for a few minutes finally started doing something and used the elevator and it swapped me back to the bottom of the elevator which was near the start of the mission???? Is this some sort of glitch or is a script that is intended to troll people who rush ahead without their team mates that doesn't factor afkers into the equation? Has anybody else experienced this? It strikes me as a similar script to what was used to punish vauban trolls who keep attaching bounce pads to their allies, if you attach too many bounce pads to allies vauban himself gets trampolined around instead of the person who is the grief target. No idea what it was a glitch or script but either way it was super annoying have to run through the entire mission twice.
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    Excalibur Prime

    @NovusNova another one
  13. main_antagonist

    Melee Face Surfing

  14. main_antagonist

    Shield Lancer Ground Slam Bug

  15. main_antagonist

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Please look into these bugs for melee 3.0 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Danielle @[DE]Steve @[DE]Sheldon @[DE]Megan @[DE]Glen
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    Melee Face Surfing

    I think a temporary fix would be that the enemies fall over if your feet are touching their face to stop the animation lock/loop.
  17. main_antagonist

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.2.0

    Oberon caused the same problem for the nidus skin prior to this fix I don't have somebody to help me test if it's fixed now but if somebody could confirm for me that would be appreicated.
  18. main_antagonist

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.2.0

    This update broke my launcher 🚦
  19. main_antagonist

    Launcher update loop

    I went to jump on to play now and got hit with the 'download data was corrupted' tried a few other topics on the forums about switching the language and nothing happened with the first 3 languages I picked and then I stumbled across your tip by picking Espanol. Seems like it's verifying something and doing some sort of update so I'll edit this post with results below. EDIT / UPDATE The installer user interface was just using old poster art of excalibur and rhino when it was supposed to have a graphic from the sacrifice quest, but I could hear the music for the sacrifice ... swapped the language back to english and launched the game and now I'm in my Liset 😄 thanks
  20. main_antagonist

    Can't slide attack with W held

    I fixed the problem with a system restart but the only thing that I did different to usual was install and set up a new streaming software: streamlabs OBS if it happens again I'll update this topic
  21. main_antagonist

    Can't slide attack with W held

    I can't slide attack unless I release the forward walk key ....
  22. main_antagonist

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.3 - Limbo Prime

  23. main_antagonist

    Rest In Peace John Bain, TotalBiscuit.

    If that were the case I don't think people would have done this (see below)
  24. main_antagonist

    Commodore Prime Suit - Suit energy BUG

    You can't change the default energy.