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  1. That is not a filter. What if I wanted to find only non-primed items?
  2. I would like to sell all of my non primed BP's etc. for credits but right now I have to search through each item separately among hundreds of items. Like harrow chassis, oberon neuroptics etc. If we had some kind of a filtering mechanism that will allow us to separate prime items from non primes, it would be better to organize the inventory.
  3. IGN: EinstenheiM MR27 Turkey Current clan: Auroria Gladiators Discord: EinstenheiM #5185 1900 hours in game I have started playing 2 years ago, played a while then took a 1 year break, recently returned to the game. I was accepted to the clan before actually but you were full and I also had to stop playing at that time so couldn't join. Now I would like to join. My favourites things in the game are burning relics, doing hydrolyst caps and endless missions atm.
  4. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1095752-paracesis-xp-progression-bug/
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