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  1. Any estimate on when Nyx's rework will drop? Will we get to see her rework in this devstream? I know Fortuna just came out, but ETA on Part 2? (that orb hunting wait is killing me) Economy balances for Fortuna materials when? Any plans to "buff" new mining system? Feels slow and the resources you get VS. pre-Fortuna mining is low. Gem deposits aren't as common as before. Any plans to change the Fortuna temperature times? Warm is too short, making fishing life tough since sometimes spawns don't work to your favor. What happened to the whole temperature manipulation we could do? Is it for Part 2? PLEASE finally prioritize a bit on Melee 3.0. I think it is has been long overdue for us to have info on it. Thanks for the update btw
  2. With the Sacrifice already done, not much has been said about Umbras. Question(s): Are we going to have more Umbra frames? Any discussion about Umbra polarities and somehow giving us the ability to add them?
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