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  1. much appreciated,.. but there has still been not enough attention to simple underlying issues,.. fortuna,.. as well as many other things,.. vets like me,.. we crush your steel path,.. we want challenge,.. not bottle fed,.. there are things we require for quality of life as the vets are what keep warframe alive,.. new players are intimidted by the journey from mr1-9 or 10,.. then,.. even by the time yu have a few frames someone has given you the keys to the cadillac for what...im can only speak from my own expeiences, but,.. simple things we need for quality of life would be : -i-p-s mods, (negative ips mods) ,.. more elements,.. (gravity mainly would open up a whole new can of worms), ANOTHER SLOT! (dedicated for your choosing) , stop making warframes,.. make new POWERS!!! (WE CHANGE THE FRAME ANYWAY ) ,.. more helminth,... the main key to this games survival,.. will be customizability, yu have more game already programmed,.. you guys n gals just maybe dont see the whole 360.. im just an old man though who loves games, and have been here since day 1, ive watched you guys grow from inception,.. your community in its entirety has your back,.. but,.. listen to us more,.. listen to who matters,.. which at the end of the day is all of us,.. but,.. your veterans should come first,.. the day you give us real challenge,.. is the day we bow to you,.. until then,.. i as well as my alliance will continue to crush your game(btw im the octoframe guy) , i have suoght an audience with yu on numerous occassions only to be laughed at as if we arent serious,.. we.. so are.. to some of us,.. (including me) with corona and whatnot,.. this might be ALL we have,.. so it should be imperative to fix the things that could say,.. see your servers lose 10k veterans in 48 hours, which could be damaging to the grofit,..(and trust i love the grofit), theres nothing i enjoy more after a hard days work than blowing off the faces of grineer or corpus until im blue in the face, i married a woman i met through this game,. and now her only tombstone resides in my clans dojo,..(inkflowsthrume-Hildryn Expert Level), for some of us,.. this might be all we have in this ever changing world..so expand your horizons with the utmost possibilities,.. your have shown that your community can grow with you,.show us.. that you can do the same,.. what rewards do vets really get? thee feel good of giving someone every mod they need to be a god by mr 10?, just me alone.... i could give you 56 noted and detailed things that would change they state and playability of this entire game,.. and,.. im sure increase the grofit margin,.. without harming the player base,.. my email is public knowledge,.. and im friends with some DE xbox players,.. im not even a programmer,.. but imagination is the key,.. this game has 360 degrees of possibilities,.. some you know,. some you dont,.. and,.. im also in the market for a new from home job,.. if your interested in what i have to offer,.. email me ..soundwavds@gmail //the original firefly75,how can people switch warframe abilities,.. before they can auto slot an ayatan,.. we love you guys... but seriously,.. can we FIX,... REWORK,.. with whats there.. stop falling victim to the have it now whats new syndrome,.. we dont need that,.. you guys do a PHENOMINAL JOB,.. but.. in count.. your almost 3 years behind on primes,.. as well as market   issues,.. there are people out here,.. expericenced people,.. gamers,. that are wanting to extend their hand, ive perosonally brought 50+ people to this game, and months in,.. im defending things, that i really shouldnt have to be,..to the point where its frustration,.. 63 active clans in our alliance,.. we dont want to lose to destiny,.. at one time,.. we were #1,.. what happend...#CRIMSONLEGION


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  2. Depending on what type of gamer you are, or the "why" you game, is always important, i have played this game on xbox since inception, and if it werent for the constant changes, updates, etc. , half of you would have abandoned this game long ago, so to not look forward to changes, not to be able to see them as something new, no matter if it is extra grind or what have you, inhibits the spirit of the thing itself, for me personally, the more stuff they fix, the more stuff i have to look for to break, exploit, or find, that is broken, its why you cant bounce of the tonkor anymore, as many other changes, DE  works hard to bring us all something that we apparently love, we post on social media about it, it makes us mad, it makes us happy, sometimes, logging on and running a 2 hour solo survival just to hand out loads of death on digital entities, to blow the stress off from a horrible day, is something they work hard to give us, have an opinion all you want, but you have to be accepting of these new things as they come, or just go play CRAPSTINY  or BLANTHEM some other crappy warframe wanna be game,.. youll come back,.. they all do.. Lessons from an OT (ORIGINAL TENNO) as we call it in my clan

    F1REFLY75- The Octoframe guy


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  3. Hello , F1REFLY75 here, long time xboxone player (recently started a PC account too :), i have so many questions so please feel free to either rip it to shreds or pop my thread cherry, i will just ask the first few that come to mind.

    Q. in PoE,  we will be able to use our Archwings at will in the field,... in doing so, will the stats of the warframe and archwing be put together? or will either of the forementioned stats just be it (one or the other) and the other have no bearing?Will Archwing weapons remain a thing?  if the AW and WF they were combined (even with slight penalty) would this not add to the general "customize your frame to play your game" aspect (which happens to be my favorite, customization is KEY for me!)?

    Q. mods...mods...mods ,.. there are many,.. but many..go unused at all by alot of players,.. and some,.. are even useless,.. Riven mods were a great addition to the game once again to basically "pimp your guns and weapons", will any more of the unused stuff ever be removed to ..of course.. Add more mods 

    my WARFRAME "belly" needs rivens.. for my warframe,..so,.. how much money to i have to donate to start that project? as in ,.. frame specific mods that can affect base stats, iincluding but not limited to Armor, Speed,Health,Sheild recharge and Energy but also keying in on another stat from the other major stats being range, power ,eff,dur.. just asking..

    i have many more, but for now i am done with questions..

    Thank you @DE for giving an old gamer a reason to play games consistenly again, it is my escape from the day in day out, my lander ismy home away from home, until next time,.. peacce!

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