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  1. As EnemyStand stated, drop rates will be buffed, also IDK if Nek 3 works or not (seems not so far). Also Orb Valis does not seem to drop any there (I farmed for about 45-1h and not a single drop)
  2. It's been stated sorties will not be elegable for steel path
  3. Does desecrate (nekros 3) affect steel essence drop chance? Update: spent 30 mins in fortuna, not 1 eximus dropped a steel essence. IDK if they will drop there or not, but killed over 50 and none.
  4. It's cause they are based on EST you can always watch it when you wake up
  5. They only listen to AGGP you know this mate
  6. Actually we all want hard Sht. The modifiers are well needed.
  7. Because they are based in est... I mean does that need explanation?
  8. The cycles I fully enjoyed to be honest. Yes I am one of the few that did, but I used the cycles as a break period. Go eat, get a drink, run to the bathroom, do sorites, whatever I had to do.
  9. Dear DE, I have noticed MANY content creators who will cry content drought. I stopped playing WF when Fortuna came out due to how angry I was about raids getting taken out, and yet again, another new area for newbies put in. When I came back and came into PoE (one of my favorite updates btw) I noticed the hunting is 1000000000000x more fun then in Fortuna. I can find, stalk, and catch my pray, instead of "Oh hey btw you just have to follow these tracks from poop to calling" that you do in Fortuna. So back to my original point of CC's calling content drought. I want to say with certainty, that if you guys didn't have these people breathing down your necks PoE would have been released the way it is NOW on release date. For a small company such as yourselves, you can't afford to rush things and send them out super buggy, and we all get that nothing is 100% perfect on release day. I can totally understand some minor bugs, even some moderate bugs due to your staff being only 200ish people (some of whom I can assume don't play, most of whom do) With all this being said, please, please, please, take your time on the next content that drops. Fortuna is very lack luster when compared to PoE. The most recent missions are mainly cut scene based, nothing like TSD or TWW, where it's very interactive and takes a few hours to complete (though I am sure I can do it in 1 or 2 now). I remember first running TSD and dying constantly because I was only MR5 or so and didn't know squat about modding, formas, or any of that. I wish that challenge was still here. Also the puzzle with the lake monster thing in TWW was so great, at that point I knew how to move around this game easily, but still got caught my the lake monster quite a bit. DE, I love your game, the core of it is amazing, you guys have created one of the most fun games, just please ignore the "OMG there's a content drought" screamers, and make sure the content is pristine like you did with the corpus ships, PoE, and everything you reworked in the last year or so. ~A true fan of the game EDIT: I know some people will comment and say "well if they did this we won't have anything to do and we will have to find something else" Which Rebecca has recently said is fine, because once new content comes out, we will all be back to play it. There's nothing wrong with doing this, but quite frankly I'd rather have fully furnished content, then some half baked "story line quest" that's just cutscenes.
  10. The only macro I use is for bullet jump. I don't want to risk a ban on a game that I still enjoy. Been using the bullet jump macro for years now, and no ban.
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