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  1. When I try to aim the whole railjack moves and cursor stays in the middle. However I can aim when I toggle railjack camera but I can't see whats in front of me.
  2. Am I dumb or is the aiming bugged for the pilot? Its fine for side guns or do I need to unlock a skill?
  3. About Intrinsics, should I upgrade them evenly or which one should I fully upgrade first, as a solo player. I know I should wait for the Command but I don't have time farming Kuva Liches.
  4. My squishy basic Railjack can't handle any damage without breaches every minute and I eventually run out of "Repair Juice" or whatever its name is. I try to leave it at the start but enemies still target it(last 4 nodes on earth, before is fine). I have no problem taking down enemies with Amesha and Imperator Vandal(Solo). I'm waiting to complete all MK3 stuff and build them and maybe it will be easier? I have some MK1 wreckage parts are they worth considering or should I convert them to Dirac? Any mods worth considering? Cheesy strategy?
  5. Ladies and Gentleman, here we have a picture of one of the legendary frames in the game... Behold Forstache! Just chilling and enjoying the sunset in his natural habitat!
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