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  1. Ember feedback and suggestions: Overall she is better than she was before. But most of her kit is still kind of awkward to use. Especially some of the auguments. Her 1 i feel needs to be changed to something else. Perhaps a bouncing firebomb (similar to what witch doctor in diablo 3 has) would be good. You press one, you launch an orb of fire that bounces 3 times off the floor in a linear path. Each time it bounces, it explodes in a fixed radius (range mods instead affect the distance between the 3 bounces) and leaves behind a patch of lava in the explosion radius (which could be something like 3-5m diameter circle) for a good duration. Enemies stepping on said lava of course get a fire proc very often as long as they are kept in the fire. So for example, if you mod for negative range and a lot of duration, you end up with a firebomb that explodes 3 times in the same place, perhaps a choke point, and constantly reapplies heat status, keeping enemies at half armor and quickly ramping up heat damage over time effect. Not to mention activating her passive. Damage wise, current fireball is not good enough. If changed into firebomb, perhaps half of meteor damage would be good, multiplying with each bounce. Her 1 augument is good just the way it is. Her 2 augument is weird. I've played a lot with it, yet i am still unsure if it makes a difference to my teammates. Perhaps a useful buff would be for it to affect operators, companions and objectives. Her 3 is okay, as well as the augument, but perhaps it would be better for Ember to gain a free cast of it once her 2 reaches 90% damage reduction. And also what if casting her 3 while at 90% damage reduction also gave Ember 1-2 seconds of 90% damage reduction for each enemy hit by the 3. That way, you don't just lose your damage reduction when you are surrounded and need to lower your overheat meter. Her 4 is nice, damage is decent, but the dot effect reminds me too much of garuda's 4 or saryn's spores. And more often than not, enemies either instantly die to the meteor, or live to die by my weapons while they have the swirly flames around them and those seem to do little to nothing. How about the DOT also triggers her passive. That way, you can more reliably gain extra damage from longer lasting procs. Another buff option for her 4 would be for it to deal extra damage to aerial targets. Whether those targets are naturally flying or lifted through several effects (though this wouldn't be ideal since nothing else in her kit lifts). Last option for a 4 buff would be for those meteors to also leave behind lava patches instead of a DOT, which would constantly give heat procs. The augument of her 4 has such a minuscule effect, i don't even notice it most of the time. Same issue as her augument for her 2. Perhaps it could be buffed, or changed with one of the suggestions above.
  2. Hey! I might be in the minority here, but i really loved Decisive Judgement nikana stance above the other two, mostly because of the hold combo, which performed a dash and upward slash. The hitbox wasn't very good, but it felt great to use it. Can you please add it back somehow? As a heavy attack, or maybe in place of the block forward combo?
  3. Barber shop quartet was my inspiration. I figured "why settle for one, when you can have more?!". Though in this case, it is more like a barber shop quintet. Too bad only the main singer has the moustache.
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