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  1. Firstly, we all know new players will get to use MK1 and Lato, like it or not. For instance, ever since I told my friend (who is a newbie) about mastery points, he insists to stick with MK1 up to level 30, which by then he already reached Neptune. There's another guy in WF chat who says that he's sticking with MK1 until level 30, which by then he already got to Europa. MK1-Braton is undeniably terrible in all way possible, yet all newbies HAD to use it. Must all newbies use that terrible weapon all the way to Neptune, just for the sake of mastery points? A possible solution for this is to halven the XP required to level MK1-Braton, so that they can max it early and switch to better weapon in a more-suitable place like Earth.
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