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  1. (PS4)solartorch81

    Sigma & Octantis throw bugged?

    I discover that the throw should track to enemies but it miss a lot of time. I finally discover that it not only track the enemies but also other warframe. This may be the cause of the faultly tracking. Please do not let the shield throw track other warframe. Thanks.
  2. (PS4)solartorch81

    Uranus exterminate sortie bugged.

    The above mission is always bugged if there is a Sharkwing section. There will always be not enough enemies to kill and they do not spawn at the end point. The way point under water is also broken. The underwater map has many hole that will make you go out of bound or stuck. Please fixed it or remove it from rotation
  3. (PS4)solartorch81

    Problems I Face with trying to deal decent amounts of damage with my frames.

    Search for Leyzargaming on youtube for good guide. He always has 2 build, one beginner build and a late game build. Prime mod are not necessary at any level of the game.
  4. (PS4)solartorch81

    Lets Discuss the Mesa prime accessory pack

    Thinking of the accessories as a bonus. U r actually paying for the plat and booster. Then the price will make more sense.
  5. (PS4)solartorch81

    Enemies spawning at Eris Akkad

    Not sure if it is a bug or new spawn logic. Enemies used to spawn from every direction of the map. Now it seem to only spawn from the 2 points at the front of the map. If there is 4 player, there will be so many enemies spawning from a single point. They sometimes get stuck or slow down due to overcrowding.
  6. The description also need to indicate if a buff is multiplicative or additive, before mods or after mods and if it is a flat increase.
  7. (PS4)solartorch81

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    Disposition base on popularity is counterintuitive. I got a powerful riven but i am now scare to use it. Because more i used it the weaker it will get( exaggeration) Just tied Disposition to MR. Make MR 1-4 dispo 5, MR 5-8 dispo 4 and so forth. This way everything is set and transparent and no one will cry over nerf.
  8. (PS4)solartorch81

    Thanks For Watching Devstream #118!

    Garuda 4 is underwhelming and too similar to other ability. It could be a single target super powerful move then take down bosses instead of another AOE.
  9. (PS4)solartorch81

    Stuck in defense, no enemies

    It is the new Revalant bug. Just do not use his one.
  10. (PS4)solartorch81

    Coming Soon: Devstream #117!

    Could we have more information about melee 3.0. Also an update if there will be anything change to riven dispo and when?
  11. (PS4)solartorch81

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Can tone down the fog effect and do not disable running after casting 4.
  12. (PS4)solartorch81

    Dev Workshop: Spores Revisited (Saryn)

    Since we will be recasting 1 a lot again, will the energy economic suffer? could we regain energy with toxic lash but less, maybe 1 per hit by toxic lash.