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  1. No worries. A riven drop rate booster is coming next PA.
  2. When can we expect melee 3.0. or do we have to wait another year?
  3. I hate it when aim glide will cause you to drop data mass if no secondary is equipped.
  4. When you say you hear our concern, I hope it is not like arbitration. Because you basically ingore all our feedback on arbitration and do the opposite.
  5. What 's up with melee 3.0 melee 2.999 is too messy.
  6. Where is melee 3.0. Leaving half baked is worse then not doing anything.
  7. Please address 1. The low drop chance and extensive grind for certain item. 2. Arbitration change. 3. Design choose of new enemy and boss. Why are they immune to everything and can detect invisible frame.
  8. Please listen to the feedback we all are giving on arbitration. Or at least acknowledge them.
  9. I think DE is totally out of touch with the player base. Revive is not the main issue with arbitration, we do not want apex. While revive lessen the problem of host migration(HM) , HM is a warframe problem. HM should be fixed for good of whole warframe and not side step in arbitration. The 2 main issue is arbitration is too long and drawn out. We want shorter rotation but faster level scaling. The arbitration drone mechanics restrict certain weapon and to a lesser extend frame to be use. Invincible enemies is not fun and the same mistake is being make with the wolf pack.
  10. Will you fix the way point? Will you tie riven dispo to weapon MR and stop change them?
  11. Next week elite challenge most likely be arbitration. Most will not be able to do it as they have not clear the star chart.
  12. I hope there will no k-drive challenges. The conservation one is almost unbearable. Non core activities should not be elite or weekly. They could be extra daily that is smaller in scope.
  13. This is not a exploit. But a clever use of game mechanics like the wukong nuke. DE should just remove the unintended effect and not ban anyone.
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