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  1. Just bring back plague star or stalker army between nightwave. A little variety is better.
  2. I would like a way to fix waypoints like /showtheway.
  3. Please address 1. The low drop chance and extensive grind for certain item. 2. Arbitration change. 3. Design choose of new enemy and boss. Why are they immune to everything and can detect invisible frame.
  4. I would love to see the target take no damage when lift by the trap.
  5. Please listen to the feedback we all are giving on arbitration. Or at least acknowledge them.
  6. DE not only fail to take any of the feedback into account, they fail to address the concerns of the player about arbitration. I feel that they have become increasing tone deaf and out of touch lately.
  7. This only happen if you enter the "jail" not via the front door. I assume there is a trigger at the front door.please make a better trigger for updating the way point.
  8. Is DE make too much money from riven? Riven is hated for many reason. It is a glorified gambling where the lucky few get to sell the god riven for hundreds of real world money. Addicted keep spend time and money for the god roll. It is never achieved it initiated intention of make weak weapon better. Prime and non prime weapon have the same disposition alone defeat this purpose. Disposition is set base on popularity and DE feeling and not on the strength of the weapon. More importantly, DE could you use some of that the riven money to buy some more server to increase the riven Cap. Pretty please?
  9. I think DE is totally out of touch with the player base. Revive is not the main issue with arbitration, we do not want apex. While revive lessen the problem of host migration(HM) , HM is a warframe problem. HM should be fixed for good of whole warframe and not side step in arbitration. The 2 main issue is arbitration is too long and drawn out. We want shorter rotation but faster level scaling. The arbitration drone mechanics restrict certain weapon and to a lesser extend frame to be use. Invincible enemies is not fun and the same mistake is being make with the wolf pack.
  10. I could only ever kill one. The second will not appear even after long search. Other people has reported similar problem on reddit .
  11. It is because of how xp share work. If leveling a frame, you should kill enemies with your ability to get 100% xp. If leveling weapon , do not use yr attack ability and kill with yr weapon. I have seen high Mr player mass killing everything with their 4 while trying to level up weapon. It will never work.
  12. 2 tips for you. 1.Use a specter to help u, specifically Nidus. 2.Prioritize your action, taking out the beacon thing that raise the alert should be yours if you cannot handle the crowd. keeping your abilities on is next. Only engaged the orb when you are ready. Do not rush the fight. Get a feel how the enemy move and attack. Try to move around without attacking for 5 min to practice movement and situation awareness. Those speed runner do not have much enemy because they kill the orb so fast that the alert level never get to 4. They make it seem easy but they are actually taking into mutiple thing on screen and making tiny adjustment to their action. Watch video that have commentary and reasoning behind their action. I recommend Tavier Corsair. He a godlike and teach a lot of tricks.
  13. I just hope melee 3.0 will not become like k-drive. Beautiful to look at but totally unless.
  14. Way point in rescue also update too slowly. If you rescue the target thru the hidden way, the extraction point will not update for like 30sec.
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