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  1. I could only ever kill one. The second will not appear even after long search. Other people has reported similar problem on reddit .
  2. The above mission is always bugged if there is a Sharkwing section. There will always be not enough enemies to kill and they do not spawn at the end point. The way point under water is also broken. The underwater map has many hole that will make you go out of bound or stuck. Please fixed it or remove it from rotation
  3. Thinking of the accessories as a bonus. U r actually paying for the plat and booster. Then the price will make more sense.
  4. Currently Opticor and ferrox is unable to shot into Mag magnetise bubble and hit the enemy.
  5. As long as we can control when the frame can "worked up" and "sleep". Maybe a six "focus school" where it's passive is waking up the frame and add some more skill to the sentient frame.
  6. 一支穿云箭 千军万马来相见。😀
  7. The ability toxic lash is not working. It just consume energy and do nothing. It is even missing from the ability list.
  8. Ferrox is an overlook weapon. High CC and CM. High base damage favouring puncture. It is like a mini hitscan opticor
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