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  1. Yeah, saw Bear's edit after I submitted my post. Ten's not as utterly useless as the two they initially presented it as, but it's still a pretty massive nerf compared to what it's currently capable of. Also not sure where you're pulling that twenty number from, you can't stack arcanes anymore, and even if you could, the wording is ten per player, not per arcane, which I'd expect them to hold to with the hammer they're taking to Lockdown.
  2. So the solution was to make it useless for both damage AND crowd control? That's a poorly reasoned double-nerf for such a high investment arcane. Sure, it was overpowered how it killed so well, that getting nerfed was inevitable and frankly overdue, and I don't know why Lockdown as a crowd control arcane was even given damage in the first place, but gutting its ability to crowd control because of how well it killed, after removing its ability to kill, is this supposed to be some nerf-based non sequitur? It'd be nice to not have a kneejerk nerf that makes it useless for years until someone decides to give it some entirely new effect as part of an effort to make a bunch of useless unused arcanes more appealing. As long as the damage is removed, immediately nerfing it even further so it's not useful for crowd control either just makes it useless. There's a whole range between overpowered and useless, and there are more options than jumping from one extreme to the other like this.
  3. So does this mean that the rare enemy default Gyre Outrider with its 0.1515% dropchance of Zetki Hull Weave isn't going to be an unrealistic farm anymore? Or even worse? And there's that avionics bundle in the market. As an alternative to this dismal farm. The balance between effort vs. paying up has been missed here. Why not just remove it from the drop tables altogether, with a drop chance that blatant?
  4. So what's going on with that third orbmother? Can we expect it this year? Any ETA at all?
  5. Well, that's an absolute shame. Was looking forward to there finally being a Warframe-style equivalent to the Patriot from MGS3 for months, only for it to get turned into yet another skin. I know I need to stop getting excited for cool looking new weapons before they're released, since they seem to keep getting turned into skins. Oh well.
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