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  1. So will Nakak have the long-teased infested heavyblade in her Operational Supply offerings? First infested event, Plague Star, since the Plains Rework must justify at least some new additions to her inventory right? I hope that rumour about it becoming just a skin is without basis, that'd be very disappointing.
  2. If the problem was specifically in regards to Silver Grove spectres, then why not make changes specifically to how many times the Silver Grove spectres could be rolled, instead of terminating the looting synergy for all content because of one of the more obscure pieces of content?
  3. In regards to the spawn rate percentages, is it 4% / 6% per player, and factored into a formula for a slightly raised chance of invasion for each member present in squad akin to Stalker, or is it a fixed spawn rate regardless of how many people are in squad?
  4. Just asking to confirm, but the Hildryn Asuron alt helmet is in the Cred Shop rotations right? It hasn't been forgotten from the table like new helmets sometimes were with alerts, has it?
  5. Can we get a user-surfaced LoD setting for Plains and OV? It's taken some of the wind out of the sails for us with beefier rigs to see the Plains Remaster finally hit, only to be locked at potato-LoD settings. A lot of games allow their players to set their own LoD values in the graphics options, it'd be nice to have that in Warframe too.
  6. What about Dual Toxocyst? It features the same gimmick, so will it also now benefit from this mechanic change as well? It could definitely use it. Anyway, thank you for this.
  7. Thank you! Hopefully that puts an end to the Tusk Flameblades insta-killing the toxin mixers whenever Plague Star rolls around.
  8. If we're getting Pets QoL, can we please get the stasis system streamlined so that instead of having to go into a sub-menu to pull a pet out of stasis, then equip it, it's done automatically when you equip a pet from a full list of pets instead? All of the other pet things in the last half-year or so have been really nice, but if you want to use more than a single specific pet most of the time, this is still the biggest problem; changing pets should be as simple as changing sentinels and MOAs. Just apply the DNA integrity decay to the most recently equipped pet if you want to retain that mechanic.
  9. Can we expect a fix for how Phase 2 is just a big long boring timegate?
  10. Please don't remove the interactions between Arcanes and Exalted abilities. Please don't let an accidental nerf inspire an intentional and unnecessary nerf.
  11. Thanks for the Closed Beta accolade! What are the chances we'll ever see an Aklato Vandal happen? Since Lato Vandal's been widely reintroduced thanks to ESO, and Aklato Prime's something that can't happen for obvious reasons.
  12. I heard about that, and having tested between a test build with minimized firerate, and another test build with maximized firerate, I've gotta say, if there's an actual difference, you need a stopwatch to find it.
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