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  1. @[DE]Megan @[DE]Rebecca Please undo this fix, the bug was better than the intended effect. The bug made electrical arcs too numerous for most abilities using the effect, however, the bugged appearance of the electricity running across Khora's strangledome looked like giant cat-scratch energy arcs; it was absolutely rad, AND thematically appropriate, moreso than electricity anyway. It's also clear from the need for each ability using the electrical arc effect impacted by the overarching bug needing to be individually fixed over the last couple months, it's not an all or nothing situation. Please let good bugs live!
  2. I'm pretty careful. If you look at the strength minimized value for Khora's strength to sprint conversion, you'll see that even minimizing strength to 10% still results in a 1% boost to sprint speed. What you count as a positive I would not count as a positive. I do like how they've made sprint speed relevant to his kit, however, doing so by making building another stat irrelevant to his kit is not a gain. Yes, it makes it easier to recognize a certain good build, but by factoring out one of the core stats to build for, the potential for build variety becomes more limited, and any build experimentation and variation boils down to taking that one build, and tweaking those few useful stats slightly towards one end or the other until an augment is released, and even then that's no guarantee that it'll open up the potential for a new build and playstyle. As an example, let's look at Revenant, as he's in a similar situation with an overly easy stat to ignore, albeit a worse case than Gauss. Because range is a safe dump stat for his 4, it's normal to feel excited seeing the potential of a range dump build; then, his 3 similarly benefitting from duration instead of range, and his 2 benefitting from strength, and hey, the build just lines itself up without having to do much. But let's take a look at his kit through the lens of building for range instead of dumping it or ignoring it: his 4's beams get marginally wider, which isn't a meaningful gain or change to its function, which works for that power since range being irrelevant to that particular ability is its main modding gimmick; his default 3 gets wider, but to no particular benefit, as its primary function is to change location, rather than how many enemies it itself can damage while changing location, so building it for range isn't as beneficial as it being built similarly to his 4 particularly with their conjunctional use and modding synergy, so its range build is not very relevant overall; his 2 is unaffected by range; and that leaves his 1, which could be interesting with high range and its ability to propagate new thralls, and could open up at least one other playstyle for Revenant, so how does building it for range go? It starts at a 2 metre effect radius and is range maximized to an abysmal 5.6 metre effect radius, again another ability that sees more benefit from being built for duration and stuck on chokepoints than for range. Then you have his augment, which adds crowd control to his 3, because the crowd control on his 1 isn't all that good on its own, and even with the two maximized and used in conjunction he's still trailing behind the other crowd control frames, while sacrificing his kit's damage and tankiness, which I wouldn't call a relevant build. And here we hit upon the problem of having an irrelevant stat: mono-builds. Frames whose two dimensional builds' only variety comes from tweaking the few useful stats of the one build slightly one way or the other. I won't try to badger you into agreeing with my Revenant assessment, I'm sure there's room to disagree with my particular Revenant nitpicks, but I think you get my point, and if Revenant doesn't cut it for you as an example, then there's always Chroma. Having a stat be irrelevant to a kit, not a power but a kit, is not a good thing for that frame's build variety, even if it consequently makes the one build more readily apparent. I will gladly take slightly harder modding decisions, and spend more time experimenting to find the sweetspots of more than one build if it means Gauss isn't stuck in the mono-build pit with Revenant, and a number of other frames. I like Gauss and I want more for him than that. Even if it's just recycling part of Khora's pet's passive to convert strength to a slight sprint boost to a more appropriate frame. I'll gladly take a Redline sprint bonus and Primed Rush though.
  3. I take issue with Gauss's passive. How does part of Khora's passive convert extra power strength to extra sprint speed, but our boy Gauss's doesn't? His kit is otherwise unreliant on strength, there should be at least some reason to build him for it. Let him have some extra horsepower, especially if it comes at the opportunity cost of mod slots and capacity.
  4. Thank you for this! It was weird with Volt emitting sheet music.
  5. I'd frankly rather see the exalted melees go back to needing to be deactivated to pull out a primary or secondary instead. I want manual blocking and guardgliding to come back, not wonky augment bandaids like this.
  6. So will Nakak have the long-teased infested heavyblade in her Operational Supply offerings? First infested event, Plague Star, since the Plains Rework must justify at least some new additions to her inventory right? I hope that rumour about it becoming just a skin is without basis, that'd be very disappointing.
  7. If the problem was specifically in regards to Silver Grove spectres, then why not make changes specifically to how many times the Silver Grove spectres could be rolled, instead of terminating the looting synergy for all content because of one of the more obscure pieces of content?
  8. In regards to the spawn rate percentages, is it 4% / 6% per player, and factored into a formula for a slightly raised chance of invasion for each member present in squad akin to Stalker, or is it a fixed spawn rate regardless of how many people are in squad?
  9. Just asking to confirm, but the Hildryn Asuron alt helmet is in the Cred Shop rotations right? It hasn't been forgotten from the table like new helmets sometimes were with alerts, has it?
  10. Can we get a user-surfaced LoD setting for Plains and OV? It's taken some of the wind out of the sails for us with beefier rigs to see the Plains Remaster finally hit, only to be locked at potato-LoD settings. A lot of games allow their players to set their own LoD values in the graphics options, it'd be nice to have that in Warframe too.
  11. What about Dual Toxocyst? It features the same gimmick, so will it also now benefit from this mechanic change as well? It could definitely use it. Anyway, thank you for this.
  12. Thank you! Hopefully that puts an end to the Tusk Flameblades insta-killing the toxin mixers whenever Plague Star rolls around.
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