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  1. Okay, new cosmetic, that's cool. As one of the mad folk that farmed Saturn Six Mask before Wolf even had a dedicated boss node, I know we've been asking since it came out that Hood Opened let us wear it like Wolf does instead of it just disappearing. If Wolf Hood is just that, then hey, thanks! But if it's something else entirely, it'd still be appreciated if Saturn Six Mask's Hood Opened setting would let it appear how it should've looked from the start.
  2. Oh cool. Just saw this forum post after spending event standing on Lavos and Cedo parts. Would've been nice to see this announcement hooked up to the orbiter's news panel.
  3. @[DE]Megan Hey, any plans to make Firestorm (& Primed Firestorm) apply to all primaries where relevant? Shotguns have greater than zero members that could benefit from mods that increase blast radius, but as a weapon class they don’t even have a basic mod for blast radius, nevermind a primed one. Primed Firestorm has effectively made all weapons with blast radiuses that use shotgun mods the runts of explosive weapons; I think the simplest solution to make everyone happy here would be to just re-categorize the Firestorm mods as usable by all primaries instead of just rifles, rat
  4. Pretty sure Macro Arcroid and Macro Thymoid unintentionally had their names swapped. Looking at standard Arcroid and Thymoid, Arcroid has higher crit and status stats, whereas Thymoid has higher magazine, with slower reload. Looking at their Macro equivalents, you'd expect to see the same, albeit with the higher base magazine and slower reload of both Macro loaders, however Macro Thymoid becomes the loader with the higher crit and status stats, and Macro Arcroid becomes the one with the higher magazine with slower reload relative to the other Macro loader, which derails the po
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