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  1. I will still play warframe whether they stay or leave, the problem is the content creators are the press for the game and the press is leaving. It's like your town's favorite sports team is losing coverage. Will core fans still support them, hell yeah, but they lose out on potential new fans. How a content creator build weapons or warframes isn't all that important; what is important is Tennocon was a month ago, and now several CCs have abandoned ship or taking extended leaves of absence. The Hype train excuse is; DE is taking too long releasing new content, no endgame for vets, they're tired or bored of re-hashing the same ole crap (who was excited to fight the Ghouls again) and when they do we get... DOG DAYS? But I think the problem goes deeper, there's no real partnership. These are contractual affiliates that thought they were partners, they drank management koolaid and thought their input was appreciated and had merit, then discovered their input wasn't really valued at all. I'm not a social media type, not trying to make a living from playing games and definitely have no interest in partnerships or creating content. MC gamer is taking a leave, Iflynn is gone, ReaperHunter gone right before Grendel and Gauss drop... that's a problem because Tennocon was a month ago! Streamers with a large following not streaming warframe and tennocon was a month ago, that's a problem and yeah new people will hop on but the game is surviving on advertising to draw new players. The vast majority of new players have no idea what to do or how to do anything until they watch a content creator do it and then get a vet in game to show them how it's really done. DE is losing it's own press, and it's their own fault. It's like dealing with a lover that's stringing you along knowing she's never going to give you any of the goodies. It's denial based finessing!
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