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  1. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    (Plains) Why do people keep destroying any free Dargyns?

    The Emperor demands that we destroy heretical Xeno technology
  2. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Fortuna Founder Pack

    i dont like it. seems kinda pointless
  3. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Give me ideas for a clan event

    Do an event where you see who can get the most members to leave 😃
  4. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    banned for being banned
  5. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Coming Soon: Devstream #99!

  6. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Sharpening our Razorbacks: a PC weekend post-mortem.

    seems u didnt think this through all hte way :(
  7. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Last Post Wins

  8. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Last Post Wins

  9. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Last Post Wins

  10. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    New Contest: Caption That Moframe!

    Nekros: "Buy my mixtape"
  11. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    New York Comic Con 2015 Attendees?

  12. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    New York Comic Con 2015 Attendees?

    Come to detroit. If your brave enough
  13. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Last Post Wins