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  1. we got a genius here
  2. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    So, Sacrifice is confirmed for 2019

    yea im good man
  3. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    banned for being banned
  4. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Dark sector - I want rifts like Diablo 3

    hmmm the reason i quit D3 was because rifts were so boring and grindy. then again i still play warframe a bit. I dont know how to feel about this
  5. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Change Phage from Shotgun to Rifle Ammo

    The phage fires multiple beams not 1 beam. a shotgun fires multiple projectiles not 1. therefore phage is a shotgun and should use shotgun ammo. upvote me now cus i deserve it
  6. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    I like it!!

    at least som1 gets it
  7. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Clans & Alliances need a rehaul

    let us add or remove clan ranks too q.q example: having 15 ranks or 5 ranks total.
  8. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Coming Soon: Devstream #99!

  9. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Sharpening our Razorbacks: a PC weekend post-mortem.

    seems u didnt think this through all hte way :(
  10. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Warframe Stress-Test Easter-Egg

  11. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Last Post Wins

  12. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Last Post Wins

  13. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    Last Post Wins

  14. YouHaveShamedYoFamory

    New Contest: Caption That Moframe!

    Nekros: "Buy my mixtape"