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  1. I am on a break because i am on a business trip to different country and i dont have laptop or access to PC...
  2. This... is a pretty good point actually...
  3. Ok first of all this is not bashing on secondary weapons its a genuine question. I am still pretty new to Warframe but i am at a point where i got 3 builds (working on more) that can melt anything up to lvl 120 without effort and i never used secondary weapons. Can someone tell me their purpose and recommend good ones for endless missions? My fav part of the game is pushing myself to my limits through endless missions so i need weapons that are effective against high lvl enemies.
  4. I would be willing to pay to transfer to another platform and i wouldnt mind if it had a long cd like 3 months or whatever...
  5. No actually Blizzard did what they did in order to keep politics out of their games and i agree with them. Every company should follow their example i dont want politics in games i am here to have fun.
  6. Buy plat and problem solved 😁 People are forgetting this is a f2p game and they have to make money somehow.
  7. Thats not true there are many games that are self published or from indie devs that are 10x smaller than DE but still had no issues implementing crossplay. Dauntless comes to mind first but there is also Rocket League, SMITE, Paladins and so on. I can understand if DE doesnt want PC players to wait for patches but they can do cross play between consoles. Even Sony said their crossplay program is out of beta and any game that wants to use it can.
  8. They can still do crossplay between PS4 and Xbox.
  9. All of the major games are doing either cross play or cross save (or have plans for either) its the future.
  10. Thank you this made my day! Now i finally have motivation to continue playing!
  11. Source? I am also interested in cross save because due to various reasons i will be playing exclusively on next gen Xbox once its out and if i cant transfer my stuff i will just stop playing Warframe....
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