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  1. If you are a High MR i you mean? otherwise its taken me about a week to make it to Doer, and it will take probs 2 more before i can make it . Im only mr 13
  2. I mean about Solaris U standing. Not Exaclty how much time the mission takes
  3. I havent been able to play the majority of the update (the Orb Mother hunts) because of Time gating. So overall this Update feels very disapointing
  4. I only wish that The Orb Heists werent so hard to get. Since most of this update is locked behind the Heists, i feel kinda disapointed in the update, since the only new thing players not at Old mate get is New floofs, a couple arch gun reworks and 2 warframe reworks
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p79LS2tC_qc Particle effects ftw Sorry about the Audio
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