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  1. The only huge negative I see from this is having to keep fighting UNAVOIDABLE glass enemies. Like I'm so tired of them. The arcanes sound terrible imo, especially that you have to stand still when the game entices you to move around. Kind of a shame really..
  2. Alright, this is cool. So when will we get Cross-save and Cross-play across different platforms and not within the same platforms?
  3. I don't understand this.. I have put 4 forma on my Primary Tombfinger kitgun, and yet the game says I never mastered the weapon. WTH, I put 4 forma on it even though I bought the weapon from Zudd, why is the game saying I never mastered the weapon nor given me the Mastery? Is this a bug??? Cause if not, this is a problem. The odd part is that it said I mastered the Gaze Primary Kitgun but that's cause I built it and put forma on it. Are you saying you have to actually build the weapon to get the Mastery even though you bought a daily special & put forma on it? What's going on??
  4. Oof... Was really hoping to get the Gauss skins when Xbox gets the interim update. Sad Serg..
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