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  1. Relic pick up as (English language) client grabbed localised text from the (Korean language) host, rendering as asterisks.
  2. Ah wonderful, a snarky pop culture gif; way to lower the discourse to the level of Twitter. Mouse+controller and keyboard+controller are both equally functional for control in mission. You can walk with keyboard while aiming with your controller if you so desire. If you hold opposite direction look inputs with mouse+controller you can shakily keep the camera centered. The only place the one input disables the whole device other seems to be in the menu UI. This was added back when the entire UI was overhauled to accept controller inputs in the PC version, previously having not been a problem since the old UI outright didn't recognize controllers. Deadzones are not a solution because they affect in mission gameplay behaviour when the problem only exists in menus. That said, you last paragraph seems to imply you are lost here. This is the Feedback -> Art, Animation and UI subforum, not the Bug Reporting forum.
  3. The software error is in the inconsistent behaviour of the UI relative to missions. In mission I can use mouse+controller at the same time without any problem to control my warframe, shoot enemies, etc. Aiming+shooting with the mouse while walking with a thumbstick works. In the game UIs trying to use both the controller+other input devices is forbidden by software.
  4. No Steam involved, just the standalone client. The best way to view this behaviour is to push on an axis input while slowly moving the mouse, Warframe will rapidly swap between the controller cursor and mouse cursor while the UI will change between controller button prompts and keyboard button prompts. Here is a short video demonstrating what it looks like, note the very obvious interruptions when I am backspacing the text: https://imgur.com/DIjcdOf Not a solution. Stick drift is inevitable and I'd rather not have to regularly replace the potentiometers in order for Warframe's UI to be usable. This drift is entirely fine in mission and just makes chat/menus misery.
  5. Thank you for completely failing to address the point of the post. I am using an original 360 controller which is just developing stick drift after about a year of Warframe, an entirely irrelevant fact to the need for controller input to not disable mouse+kb input,
  6. This has been a problem in game for a couple of years now. I play with a controller (and will not stop using a controller). As an inevitable part of controllers, the sticks will eventually start to drift over time. This isn't a problem in normal gameplay. When you use the in game chat (something done with a keyboard) any input on the controller (such as stick drift) interrupts all mouse+keyboard input. Practically this means typing messages in squad chat ends up looking like "ts is aamplef interrupted typing" because the keyboard input gets disabled. Opening the controller chat overlay does not alleviate this problem (why does the controller chat overlay even exist?). Desired solution would be to permit both input devices concurrently as I believe used to be the case 4+ years ago. Solutions that involve a gigantic deadzone or buying a new controller every every couple of months are bad.
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