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  1. Better yet, just make it so he doesn't have an energy drain at all when shield is equiped, and have that be apart of the ability itself
  2. Yeah, but the amount of damage out put this weapon does, the terrible reload with a mechanic that doesn't promote smart play (a.k.a reloading before engagements), self damage, non hitscan arrows and the fact it is an alarming weapon (which is more of a nitpick) makes this weapon have a lot of down sides. The non hitscan part sucks but it's a bow, we we will have to deal that's fine, the damage out put us fine but the self damage bolts hinder it's overall usability and it had as much damage as zar then it would be a little more excusable. I think it doesn't need another downside being self damage, the weapon becomes better without it.
  3. Are you serious? I don't understand the people in this community. It's a relatively free heal. Take away all the other perceived negatives from the rework, how is this anything but a positive. Also, if he didn't have this heal, his survivability, with the changes as a whole would be way worse. It's a heal, take it or leave it. I swear on in warframe will people complain about a healing mechanic for their character, especially in a non pvp game.
  4. Hiss old cloud walker was bad. Aside from the duration, which some people would like reverted. It was almost useless ability, if you wanted Invincibility you already had defy, and if you are using defy you still drain energy. It moved extremely slow and that doesn't fit the more fast pace nature of Warframe. It also heals you now, I bet you would've love it on the older kit, since you would be even more invincible. But nooo.
  5. Vauban, wukong, Oberon. I mean people like these frames. But usage is different.
  6. What do you mean no use? It's provides health and you can use it as a movement tool. No use, is different from the specific use you wanted.
  7. They mentioned that you wouldn't be able to dispell it if using the augment
  8. Man next to the recent ember changes this is easily one of the most divisive posts.
  9. Um, the cloud, while yes, he does technically ride on it and not transform into it, the could is just a reference to his nimbus. Also, the armor buff is nothing without health, and needs survivability so it most definitely fits his kit. The stealth mechanic is just so you can go through doors it's nothing serious, it's just a bonus, it's purely better.
  10. Man, I'm not trying to make assumptions but I doubt a lot of the people who are complaining even play much wukong at all. Wukong's Invincibility while cool and useful to an extent is hampered by his boring and almost useless kit (some people like the iron vault build and some have success with his staff). He needed the change. In comparison to any other tank he pailed in comparison because he doesn't provide cc, buffs or anything. Other tanks can do that and assuming you are decent at the game you won't die as easily.
  11. Or make it have more cc, the staff In the legend grows, and bashes enemies about. The combos should be better.
  12. Exactly, while I understand why people are upset, this is over better for the state of the game and Wukong, even if he doesn't get a huge surge in usage, he will over all be a much better designed frame. I'm ok with his defy changing to result in more unique and active kit. People don't see the huge picture and are either so afraid of change or so stuck in their own ways that they would let frames like wukong stay the way it was.
  13. Until we actually see the damage numbers we can't really make much of an opinion, though it seems as the primary use of the ability is increase his armor.
  14. THIS, I'm excited for the changes but they are acting as if that's the reason it's bad or not used. It's because it isn't very different from sa polearm and is usually worse.
  15. The passive looks good, and you could keep the buffs (but make it so you can only gain a buff only 3 a game), but what about instead of having him be able to escape death only 3 times, how about a timer like venari bodyguard, or iron renewal. That was you could still escape death multiple times a game, and you still need to be active.
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