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  1. Volt is the electricity frame not lighting frame, it's ok, Gauss won't steal volts thunder. He just so happens to have a speed Ability, because lighting and quickness tend to be closely related in media.
  2. I made similar post except, I don't believe he needs a rework just tweaks, he is in a good spot.
  3. How is Mesa trash? Damage buff, 90 damage reduction, jams enemy weapons, and does massive damage with 4 I'm actually confused.
  4. I guess, but let's me honest, if you are going to have to play a game for livelyhood for literal hoirs, and have all that knowledge on the game you would at want the game to be fun and rewarding. I mean you say that like them suggesting better stuff for the game and the community is ultimately bad.
  5. Kinda sorta, I think it's less the idea with frames and more with content. But that's a different beast. Gauss is pretty different from volt Ultimately. A frame based on kinetic energy is the absolute coolest.
  6. Who wants to Nerf Volt? I'm actually curious, volt will be fine, these changes are things I wanted for a while specifically since he got his discharge damage cap removed. HOWEVER, this will all blow ever, I do think that it would be cool to talk about some volt changes while he is a hot topic, especially since Gauss is coming out and he looked so cool in the trailer. I mean mag is going to gain the ability to stop enemy bullets like in the cinematic. So hey.
  7. I don't really understand either, but if this press can get volt some tweaks to make at least shock and discharge a smidge better, meh. I mean it happened with nyx when revenant was coming out. Volt and Gauss' are very different, and I myself mentioned that Gauss will not "kill" volt.
  8. Yeah, 20 seconds might be over kill for an Ability like his, but that's why I kinda left it up to interpretation. I want a longer duration but as I mentioned the ability would be too powerful. In response to the unmoddle damage, it would be slightly better than JUST a cheap stun. 30% more damage is still 30% more damage along with a quick stun on an Ability that costs 25 or less energy is pretty reasonable. And with his sheild, and his augments, he can deal a lot of damage to monopolize on that. I'm not looking to make super substantial changes, just tweaks the frame is in a good spot rn.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, this was really well thought-out I appreciate it. This makes a lot of of sense.
  10. Um the did remove damage cap on his 4 yes, but they cut the duration of the ability I'm half, and loses effectiveness towards the end of the radius. On a side not it would be cool if we got the old duration back or got an increase, a good damage and cc Ability.
  11. That seems like a good middle ground at least.
  12. I think they probably should have kept the extra damage at Least.
  13. That's understandable, while I and many others think that it staying as a big stick is preferred, and think the new comboes are widely better than the old ones, if that's what you think that's fine with me. Ultimately, you aren't being unreasonable in what you are asking of iron staff.
  14. I almost completely disagree, as I mentioned. We will probably reach an impasse and that's ok. Volt's speed is a good ability, it provides movement speed, reload speed and melee speed. All of these things are beneficial to players as a whole, and have a place in the game and Volts kit, in both my and many other's opinion. Yes, while some do agree that they do not particularly like his indiscriminate buff, and despite the fact that you can roll to opt out of it the volt is likely to recast it. I figure that it is safe to say that you speak for a more vocal minority in saying it ruins your gameplay experience. I'm genuinely sorry you and people like you don't enjoy it as much as I and people like me do. However, volt's speed not only fits his kii thematically (if anything his Sheild doesn't but that's just me, it's cool nonetheless and the game is more fantastical) but helps certain missions move along faster/ helps player move along the map faster, and provides a buff to the effectiveness of weapons. As for the proposed changes to how his speed works or how movement speed works as a whole in Warframe, I don't think having a hard cap is something most players want. They constantly want to test the limits of their speed, players like to move around the map quickly and if the excitement for Gauss has anything to show for it people like going fast. As for the slow Aura that could be cool, if it has a decent radius, but ultimately speed doesn't really need any changes. The mass vacuum look collection would be a cool as an add on to speed, but ultimately people has fetch or the regular vacuum, it doesn't seem very good on it own. Calling it a bad ability is entirely is too much, it has benefits, and it's a fun ability for most. It is also a pretty balanced Ability. I know your ideas were mostly just spit balling so I'm not going to hold you to those, but the bottom line is that speed is not a bad Ability.
  15. What I mean by CC based encounters are events in which you maybe need to restrict enemy movement, or enemy effectiveness as opposed to just killing them or that you need to subdue them before they can be eliminated, or just can't be killed. Something. That or update all cc frames with damage abilites. For instance Khora CCs enemies and still does a lot of damage with whipclaw.
  16. Ok? Those are just other frames with speed Abilities, all of which came way after volt. Everyone's speed is different to a capacity. Aside from that, many electrical/speed based things in popular media attribute electricity with speed. For instance the flash. It makes sense, I'm just calling it as I see it. I don't think taking it from volt is the best thing. Though it's one of his best Abilities his Sheild, and his augments, are also really good. So what have you.
  17. Exactly. I want something I can hold on to, maybe I could have that on addition to a different reward. For instance, in destiny you did the nightfall and you got the reward from the nightfall, and then you get an aura untill then next nightfall. The basic stuff for Warframe is, new weapons, skins, armor, syandanas, emphemeras (that are easy to build or are already built). Imagine if disruption, an actual, fun game mode had good rewards, such as any of the things I mentioned, instead of crappy mods. However, it's not just rewards it's the actual gamemodes that need work. The game feels more like a chore than fun at most times. If it's a fun game mode then there is no incentive to play, if it's a boring game mode with suitable rewards then that sucks.
  18. I'd like to say that while being extremely powerful, I don't think these frames need as much a Nerf, but a change to game state. Right now mass nukes/mass kill frames are the meta. However, if we have more events in which killing, and crowd control. Or more crowd control focused encounters, then you would probably see less nukes, and more enemies to kill or deter. In addition, the fun of Warframe is that despite having a kill frame meta every frame has a use, not everything can be solved by a saryn per se. There will be a need for frames like Nova, rhino, chroma, volt, limbo, hyldren, ivara, Loki, frost, gara, inaros, harrow, mirage, Trinity, oberon etc. Also, you will tend to rotate frames anyway.
  19. I don't really think Iron staff needs any changes, it already extremely powerful and had a large range. In addition, I think the movement based combos aren't bad at all except maybe the aim+forward combo. The forward moving combo has large sweeping combos and you still have some momentum. The standing still combo works in this aspect because it has a wide, multi-hit attack that also provides more damage than the other combos. This means that it destroys large crowds, and stronger enemes. If you need to move, you can always just use the soon attack or the forward combo which still does a large amount of damage and gives you momentum.
  20. I think people also forget the reload speed it gives.
  21. !Please give any and all feedback!😶😶 Many people are freaking out about the prospect of Gauss making volt obsolete (Volt will not be obsolete in the slightest). At one point, I was one of these people. However, I realize this would be a great time to suggest volt changes while he is still a hot topic since the reveal of Gauss and volts appearance in the new Warframe trailer. Volt is considered the speed frame, but in reality, his electrical Abilities are his name sake. Yes, we attribute electrical Abilities to speed, and I love speed, though it would be nice to improve his other electricity based abilities ever so slightly. Primarily his 1: Shock and his 4: Discharge. 1st change: Shock "Enemies hit by shock are Charged, and take 25-30%(pending) weapon damage" unaffected by Ability strength Volt's shock is a pretty ok ability, it's a one handed cast, it provides a short stun, applies status, and has an augment in the form of shock trooper, which was recently changed to be casted on yourself that applies/increases electrical damage on weapons. It also, buffs the electrical damage of volts sheild and creates a radial shock explosion when casted on enemies affected by discharge. It is an ok first Ability but despite the things mentioned above it doesn't have that much use in it of itself. As such this would be a way to make shock more appealing to use by itself and combined with his 4 could make the weapon damage buff spread across enemies affected by his 4 to a certain extent. (This wouldn't be too unlike the secondary effect Nova's 4, or Nezha's chakram) 2nd change: Discharge. Increase the stun duration of discharge. DE has extressed disinterest in having discharge be a fullfleged crowd control option. Despite this, I believe that by increasing the stun duration of Discharge to a short 20 seconds or so would improve the usage and utility of discharge. This would be somewhat similar to the more limited yet still useful cc ability Harrow's 1 is. This Change unlike his 1st Change does come with some nuance. For instance, If the duration of discharge is too high along with a really large/expanding aoe, it could result in a cc Ability that is too powerful, as such making it more of a limited, but not abysmal duration like it is currently, combined with the energy cost attributed to a 4th Ability, would make the ability more balanced. The other issue with discharge is that despite doing ok damage to lower level enemies, or enemies without armor such as the infested, it lacks a use against armored units. it can't actually hurt them and even if it did, the actual duration of the ability is to Low to keep up with the energy cost of reusing the ability. The general idea of the small volt changes is to have him use all his abilities in tandem, to control the Battle Field while spreading damage. At lower levels shock, discharge can be used to kill enemies. All while you use speed to increase the mobility, reload speed and melee attack of you and your team. At mid-high levels, shock is used to weaken enemies it can't kill, and discharge is used to deter enemies so they can be easier to take down. This can be done while you and your team are using Volt's speed to run around and kill enemies before Discharge runs out and needs to be recasted (assuming you are using discharge). The shield being used to also improve the damage of your weapons and provide light protection. I think these smaller changes could make volt's other electrical Abilities seem more appealing to use aside from just his speed. span widget
  22. I ultimately don't see this as a good idea at all. I also don't fancy the vacuum Ability. I think most attribute speed with electricity.
  23. I disagree, while some people might not enjoy speed, you can opt out of it by rolling. Aside form that most enjoy the speed buff to their movement, reload and melee speed. Unlike, guass, the speed can be given to teammates, and it has more mobility, as you can make more acute turns, instead of having to turn it on and off again. Ultimately Volt is the electricity frame with a speed Ability. It's fine. Maybe we don't have to be so hung up on his speed, and make his 1 and 4 more appealing. For instance, his 1 could weaken enemies (ex: 30% extra damage) and his 4 could literally just have it's stun duration Increased.
  24. Better yet, just make it so he doesn't have an energy drain at all when shield is equiped, and have that be apart of the ability itself
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