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  1. Your your right. I really thought they had changed that a bit ago... Maybe it was just hopes in dreams. Wasnt bordom, Just wasnt watching the timer. And mother said make sure to hold our poinst while grineer was at 99% and we were at 98 :S
  2. So I cant be 100% sure its a bug , i just thought awhile back there was somthing implemented where you get all the previous rounds rewards. Anyway, played with a group went to round 12 or something. We didnt notice grineer were ahead and lost the next round(took about an hour and 20 min or so). What surprised me is we didn't receive anything at all. Is this normal OR a glitch For Details Match ended around 8:15pm EST 2020-11-09 Map = Odin Players included myself YxPhoenixY Nangel. MikMSlayer24 AZza. lengh around 1hour 10 min to 1 hour 20
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