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  1. I have a quick question. It seems like the Depth buffer flickers for me, so when I enable MXAO or even chomakey it will just flicker. How did you get it to work without any flickering? I really want to use the RayTracing Shader, but this flickering makes it impossible. PS: nevermind, apparently the depth buffer bugs out if Chromatic abberation is off.
  2. Hmm, I have a 3gb 1060 and an AMD rizen 1700 @3.95ghz, I only notice slight slowdown when there are a lot of enemies in the new disruption gamemode. You shouldn't be dropping below 100fps if you have framerate uncapped. Check thermals, your CPU/GPU might be overheating(common laptop problem)
  3. What do you mean It didn't give you the opportunity to put it where you want? You select slot/polarity/forma type. If you put it on by mistake, you need to contact support. They are the only ones who can help you.
  4. Use your tenno until they fix this. I personally didn't have any issues even though I was running Mesa.
  5. This doesn't solve the issue. You shouldn't have to rely on others to get something that you need. As a Mr 27 with almost everything, I can say that there are too many mods that are basically stuck behind grind walls and it sucks.
  6. Still No fix for Wolf fugitives targeting defense objective.
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