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  1. (Whee! It turned )out bigger than expected.) I call this one “Dad bod? No. Dad squad.”
  2. With apparently six warframes in the queue, not counting Primes, are we likely to see femframes that deviate from the body standard as much as some of the mascframes do? (Compare, say, Saryn/Zephyr and Nezha/Atlas, or even Rhino/Atlas.) A lot of people, especially around The Sacrifice's release date, have asked about Umbra wandering the Orbiter, and I haven't heard of any news on that. Is that being looked into? Is Stalker's face model ever going to get updated? The features look very plainly attached to a human base model underneath and it's pretty jarring. I really appreciate the work y'all do. I know these questions aren't on the "hot topics" but I'd love to hear back on it; I love this game a lot.
  3. Congrats on the Fortuna release! Hope y'all get some decompression time, too. I've got a couple questions. Well, a few I guess. One, not sure how badly spoilery this could get, but should we be looking to see some familiar faces in upcoming main story quests? I know I've been wondering how our "good friends" from The Second Dream have been doing. Both the antagonists there definitely feel like they have an incomplete storyline/character arc, especially Stalker. Related to the previous one, might we be seeing more interactions between Umbra and the Operator? There's so much potential with their relationship and Umbra continuing his recovery. And last but not least, thoughts on some tweaking for Stalker's face? The actual face part is cool, as is the back of the head, but the top feels like a base model is sticking out and not well blended into the other elements, and that he could be a little more... put together, to say the least. Hopefully it wouldn't be too big an undertaking. Thank you all so much for your work!
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