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  1. Awesome! Does this mean vacuum now effects Gift of the Lotus Alerts?
  2. This must still be an issue or an extremely low drop chance because I am having the same difficulty getting a single pigment to drop.
  3. Uru Prime Syandana is clipping with Wisp's wisp bits, and causing them to float off of her back.
  4. I would really like to see the new Warframe's name be Tarrare. The story of this guy is so odd and amazing. Thoughts? What would your favorite name for the new Warframe be? "A French soldier during the French Revolutionary Wars, Tarrare was a young man from Lyons who made his way on the streets of Paris eating hosts of inedible items. The crowds would gather round to see him eat whole bushels of apples, swallowing them whole one at a time, as well as corks, stones, and live mice. However, when food became scarce and a revolution broke out, Tarrare joined the French Revolutionary Army in the hopes of securing himself three square meals a day. When standard military rations weren't enough to keep him on his feet, the young glutton, only about 19 at the time, was prescribed quadruple rations, but even that was not enough to keep him sated. Instead, Tarrare roamed the military hospital searching for garbage or dead animals to eat. Before long, the hospital began testing Tarrare's appetite, at one point rewarding him with a wheelbarrow full of raw bull's livers, which he devoured without hesitation. When his doctors realized that perhaps his appetite could be put to military use, they enlisted him as a spy. Tarrare would swallow a top-secret document and carry it across enemy lines, undercover as a German laborer, to deliver his message to a captured General in Prussian territory. Unfortunately, his commanders overlooked the crucial detail that Tarrare didn't speak a word of German, and he was immediately captured and tortured, surrendering his secret after 30 hours without food. When he was unceremoniously returned to the French ranks, he searched desperately for a cure for his insatiable appetite, without success. Still constantly ravenous, he became unable to turn down even the most disgusting nourishment, nibbling on dead bodies in the morgue until the hospital's other patients began to fear they were sharing the halls with a monster. Tarrare was, therefore, the primary suspect when an infant disappeared from its hospital room, and the doctors and patients chased him from their midst." Source: 5 Of History's Most Shocking Gluttons Brandon Wicke - https://www.therichest.com/rich-list/most-shocking/5-of-historys-most-shocking-gluttons/
  5. 5 Hours of farming for Wolf, and we have seen him twice. I cannot say that the change has helped. Is this really what was intended?
  6. The new Changes to Nyx are certainly a step in the right direction. However, her biggest debilitating change had to be energy loss during Absorb, rather than duration based with the option to explode early by pressing 4 again. Nyx loses all energy for very few enemies in high level missions, making absorb become unneeded and Chaos the only viable power.
  7. Still waiting for Bounty failing after host migration.
  8. Her dialog is now triggering again and the specter of Revenant is now appearing at stage 3 spot by the river. Perhaps relogging did the trick. It took me 2 more tries of scanning him and killing the specter to finally get the 3rd lore to complete. *Have Operator equipped with "the mask." *Had Revenant built and equipped. *Entered the Plains at night on "friends only." Completed it 2 more times.
  9. Except, it is isn't happening for me. I have Revenant equipped, and I go into the plains at night with my mask and operator and I cannot get the dialog to pop up or the Revenant ghost to fight. There is also nothing to click at the river. Looks like my lore will remain locked until a script is run.
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