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  1. As a player for nearly 7 years, Conclave can just be cut away. It has no place in this game. Warframe powers and weapons get chopped to make a balance that goes against the design of the rest of the game. But this is my opinion, since it was asked.
  2. Hey, this happened to me too. Just exit the game completely and relaunch. It took 3 tries to work. Hope this helps.
  3. Isolation Bounties are Failing because the second door will not open when tossing bait. This has happened two runs in a row today. The door consumes the bait without any effect. Otak does not say that you missed or confirm that a hit was scored. The bait station will not make another and nothing advances. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: Isolation Bounties are Failing because the second door will not open when tossing bait. This has happened two runs in a row today. Exophage Tentacle is also missing the Green Waypoint after finishing Vault 1. VISUAL: N/A REPRODU
  4. Exactly the same issue above, only I use Ultrwide 2160x1080. Current UI display when accessing Mod Upgrades from within Neckrlisk: When Accessing Mod Upgrades from Orbiter:
  5. I have spent 3 days looking for one for Mastery. It is beyond frustrating. Neither hunting or flying around in archwing with a tranquillizer out is fielding a single result. Edit* I just had one spawn in the wild, and was being attacked. Still, I find it ridiculous how random that chance was. Please, DE, add a lure for the Crescent variety.
  6. Same thing here. Looks like Venari has been placed in Khora's place.
  7. I had to visit the forums immediately after my first experience with mining on Cambian Drift. Visually, the map is stunning. But everything is moving, red, and floating about. Add a barely visible (often the same texture as the object it is on) mining node and it becomes extremely difficult to find. It's like a Where's Waldo book, but everyone is wearing a Waldo Shirt and Hat. My experience was exactly this: 1. Equip the scanner. 2. Run to a node marker. 3. Follow the beeping to its highest level. 4. struggle and struggle to find what I am looking for. (Even whil
  8. Totally this! It just about made my ears bleed. Sadly, I won't hear it again to reproduce, but at least there is hope to save other's ears.
  9. Let me know 5 years from now how that works out. 😅
  10. This happened to me with a Solo Grendel part defense. I had 4 waves left. 😒
  11. You need to play more than 6 years. You will.
  12. Activating a Turret while in Archwing will softlock your game. This happened to me on PoE.
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