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  1. When I inheritated my clan, 7 years ago, I had to walk up hill both ways in the snow, and delete every last room just to rebuild. The previous clan leader made a Maze of elevators and nonsensical paths like the Kuva Fortress 😋. Seriously though, we still have the prerequisite smaller clan halls taking up space in our dojo. It's basically a middle floor that nobody goes to, as well as a basement floor reserved just for energy reactors. The tools and overhaul needed for dojo construction are/deconstruction have been long overdue.
  2. It also happens with Shadow back to Sevagoth, as well as Mech death (which may be intended but sucks none the less).
  3. Sevagoth's Shadow, when ending, will still sometimes return the player to where the Warframe was when Shadow came out. Sevagoth still wigging out with spammy non controllable melee swings and camera rotation upon Shadow ending. Can't guide Shadow with mouse aim when holding in aim sometimes. Shadow sometimes unable to revive other players. Thanks for the fixes.
  4. His point is for hosting a public match. Many of us want to play with others without having to manually invite friends or clan members. Sure, try recruiting, but who wants to sit in recruiting chat?
  5. DE stated they were aware.. .. But that was days ago. You'll have to wait for the fix I suppose.
  6. Honest question, is anybody happy that maxing out your Railjack (Plating, Engines, Shield, Reactor, and Turrets) is met with having to leave it in the hangar if you try to launch a public group? For me, it feels penalizing to only play solo or friends to launch your own Railjack reliably.
  7. You hit the nail on the head with your points. I am so frustrated with NOT being able to launch my own railjack with it set to public.
  8. Still unable to launch my own RJ from the Nav Console inside my RJ, either from orbitor tether, or Dojo with it set to public. What was the purpose of upgrading my railjack only to be forced to join another RJ.?
  9. Defense RJ mission result screen still locking up resulting in alt+f4 scenario.
  10. <MISSION COMPLETE SCREEN STILL LOCKED after DEFENSE MISSION> After finishing a defense mission in the Veil, then starting the next node, I am soft locked still and have to alt+f4. This was NOT fixed yet. TYPE: In-Game, Railjack DESCRIPTION: After finishing a defense mission in the Veil, then starting the next node, I am soft locked still and have to alt+f4. VISUAL: See attached Image REPRODUCTION: 100% EXPECTED RESULT: Exit Mission Complete OBSERVED RESULT: Mission Complete screen stays over everything and you cannot interact or proceed forward w
  11. Please reverse the downgrade to Gunnery Rank 10.
  12. I found that if you Turn Off [Color Correction], under options, fixed desaturation issues.
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