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  1. The remaining time when Khora's Strangledome is cast will often disappear while the ability stays grayed out. Functionality remains fine, and casting again will reset the timer to display in the UI. However, this too often disappears with no indication of when it will run out. I have noticed it will disappear when transitioning between Khora and Operator.
  2. Awesome! Does this mean vacuum now effects Gift of the Lotus Alerts?
  3. Uru Prime Syandana is clipping with Wisp's wisp bits, and causing them to float off of her back.
  4. 5 Hours of farming for Wolf, and we have seen him twice. I cannot say that the change has helped. Is this really what was intended?
  5. The new Changes to Nyx are certainly a step in the right direction. However, her biggest debilitating change had to be energy loss during Absorb, rather than duration based with the option to explode early by pressing 4 again. Nyx loses all energy for very few enemies in high level missions, making absorb become unneeded and Chaos the only viable power.
  6. Still waiting for Bounty failing after host migration.
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