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  1. did you take a picture of it?
  2. Maybe have it that when you log on there is a pop-up at the bottom of the screen that says how many friends are online - '5 friends online' - or have their names scrolls across quickly. And have that toggleable in the menus.
  3. Sounds like you should just go back to playing the way you did before. If you are changing the way you play to make it less fun for yourself then change back. After all, if you are playing that much then you are getting lots of loot anyways.
  4. Thanks for stopping by ✨ Visit my Instagram or Twitter for more doodles and comics 💫
  5. I believe the phone number requirement is part of discord itself and not a thing specifically done here. There was someone else asking about this a few months ago
  6. Have you tried the store on warframe.com? And there are plat giveaways like on the discord, twitch streams, or from Warframe Creators as well that you can try your luck at
  7. Yeah it's only about their upfront costs, like you can have competing syndicate members and they all act normal in your team
  8. so what tells you that no one sees you? And when you are in Cetus you see no other players?
  9. " 2 new Kuva Lich personalities have snuck their way into the game ahead of schedule! Enjoy these new taunts, introductions, and general Lich insults from your next 2 besties! "
  10. report them https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200287090-How-to-deal-with-Cheaters-AFKing-trolling-
  11. if there are restrictions like this I would assume it's do the all the voice work. You got to write all the dialogue, get it properly recorded, do work to clean it all up and get it read to put in the game and such. So like the new Lich voices they recently added, I can see them adding more to crew over time.
  12. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200287090-How-to-deal-with-Cheaters-AFKing-trolling-
  13. or they could have a pod full of MOAs, like something from that Phantom Menace Star Wars movie, where the pod has the MOAs all in curled up and read to deploy when they crash into the ship
  14. The defense mission feels very much out of place. I was confused when it first happened, because I did not expect to play something like that in Railjack. I think Railjack should have missions that don't feel like something we do in normal mode. My suggestion is to use some of the old Archwing missions, like the sabotage or the interception. They are missions that are out in space but also are not found in normal missions. Anything that has the players enter into an area and then play a mission that feels exactly like one they do on the normal star map just feels odd and isn't somet
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