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    Wisp Prime!

    nicely done, great little details
  2. So on Augur mods it states that %40 of energy spent on abilities is converted to shields. I was a bit confused by this. Does this mean that %40 of the energy that would go to the ability instead goes to shield? Or is it that like an equivalent of %40 of the energy spent on abilities is what you get for shields? I guess another way of asking is does this make your abilities less powerful to in-turn give you shields. Thanks in advance
  3. The thing is I actually haven't done many arbitrations because it felt like 'more of the same' without much of a challenge and then there are other modes that I could spend time in that would get me more stuff I care about/want. Arbitrations feel like something that should be challenging as they only open up when the galaxy map is all completed. So players have this new mode to explore in but feels like stuff we already have but with just a few little tweaks. Anyways, that's just how I feel about them.
  4. I do think that could be worked into something interesting. A way to make players use different frames and weapons I think is good over all as the game has such huge variety but so much seems to be focused on a very few. And then there is also making the player play to their skills instead of just to the meta. What I mean is playing to your abilities of the game in general and not the specific item/frame. It did sound a bit like you were designing a mini-level to a more standard game. In Warframe there isn't really a beginning and end feeling to most levels. So I do think it had some good ideas in there.
  5. The Arbitrations can be a fun little thing to do but they don't really feel all that special or unique. I think more can be done with them to make this mode feel like something that stands out besides the slight modifications to mission types and the death mechanic. Also I think more can be done to line up this mode with the lore of the Arbiters. Here are some ideas: - Have the Arbiters talk to us instead of the Lotus during Arbitrations - add in modifiers to each round to change things up during an arbitration run - these can be stuff like what one finds during nightmare missions (no shields, death detonation, etc) or the modifiers found on sorties (eximus enemies, low gravity, augmented enemy armor, etc). When the round starts there can be text to say what the new challenge for that round will be. - add in some environmental hazards to the maps, like the coolant leak or fires - hide some new item in areas where a player would need to be good at jumping and such to reach (the testing of various skills of the tenno part of the lore) and if a players pick one of these up it can boost the change for better loot drops - maybe spawn in random death squads at times (like what the syndicates spawn to harass players) - so like 20 MOAs suddenly showing up - one random round could have you defending an operative from the enemies When Arbitrations were first announced I actually imaged them being quite different. I pictured maps closer to the Orokin maps (but with an Arbiters of Hexis 'look' to them) to where there were puzzle-like elements about and stationary weapons and maybe even a need to parkour around. I can understand that putting this mode in as it is now was easier to do as new maps means lots of work and testing but Arbitrations just didn't feel unique or very Arbiters of Hexis to me. It would be cool to see completely new maps with more use of tenno abilities than just killing. So like making players step on buttons (like the fight against Kela de Thaym) or big open areas that players can jump around (like the derelict) for starters. I typically just turn off my brain and go during this mode right now. ☀️ Thanks for reading
  6. change your own mind, why we gotta be all doing everything you demand
  7. Oh thanks for the info, I actually down have Ivara yet but I guess that'll change in a few weeks...
  8. Doing the Nightwave missions I have realized that the animal hunting has become rather buggy. Sawgaws were impossible for me to hit. I would shoot them all over their body as they stood a top the fungus but nothing would register. It was as if this was a ghost bird. It was basically impossible to hit the bird while it was on the shrooms. Another problem I had was with spawning. I had on a few occasions the animals spawn right where you call them. So they immediately are next to my warframe and then proceed to run away. A final problem I experienced was that sometimes the animals seemed to have crazy sight distance. I would be hiding away a top a tall mountain waiting for them to approach and then they would suddenly run away unprovoked. I should say that I have hunted many times before. I have floofs all over my ship. This is not how things worked before. They definitely feel bugged.
  9. So with the Archwing changes I thought something was changing with the ability to teleport/dash thing while flying. I watched a stream were they talked about removing it from one archwing and making it standard to others? Did I miss hear or misunderstand? If teleporting is something still in the game how does one to it? Thanks in advance
  10. great details there, must have taken quite some time
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