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  1. I see thanks much for the reply. I do tend to put health and shields on pretty much everyone so was curious to see how many also did that. Alrighty will keep that in mind, thanks. Well never done eidolons so don't know. Mostly stuff like sorties with no problem, running around at full corpus alert level on Fortuna, stuff like that where I see some people just steam rolling over that content that can give me problems. I am MR 20. Thanks for the reply, will look more into the quirky mods that I tend to not take too much notice of. My playstyle tends to be shooting from afar and going in for power use. I also like to live as along as I can. I do support if I have Trinity (or Garuda with her heal circle). So like a ranged damage dealer I guess? Never thought too hard about where I fit in. I want to do sorties without worrying if I will just hold people back for example. I have never done Eidolons or the big-ol-spider so don't know how those fare. Surviving in Elite Sanctuary or Kuva or Fortuna at full alert without worry is one main goal right now. Thanks for the reply! I have no arcanes so have not thought about that yet. Survivability is usually important for me personally even if it doesn't play a role much in the mission. I will look into all these mods you linked, thanks much for taking the time!
  2. I was looking to improve my gameplay as I've mostly been coasting along and now find myself at MR 20 wondering if I should start doing some of that late game stuff. What would be considered the best Mods or must-have Mods for any Warframe in the late game type stages/combat? I usually go for health and shield related Mods on all my frames but I assume those are not usually used that much later on? Maybe this question is too general. I tend to use the Warframes Mag, Garuda, Saryn, Frost, Trinity, & Nyx for most things. Do people tend to have a set-up that they use like 95% of the time or is there a lot of switching between different sets? Thank you all much for reading and replying 🔆
  3. Thanks for all the info. I think long ago someone gave me bad advice about the split chamber so will add that soon. I do love my Soma Prime though but I'll look into those other guns. Thanks for the share, I'll check it out next time I log in. I am so not a big shotgun fan, I like my long range machine gun type weapons though, so I guess I'm shooting myself in the foot a bit there. Will see what I can make work with the advice everyone is giving. Never thought about splash damage so that does sound nice, will look into it. I guess in my feeble defense I made this build long ago. I haven't really been messing with late-game or hard stuff till just very recently and that's why I came here to ask for advice as to why I am doing so little damage. Thanks for the advice though, I will check out the build there next time I go online. Alright thanks will see what works best with the mods and capacity and such.
  4. I am currently MR 20 and feel fine in most areas. But fighting high level enemies or doing sorties I feel really weak. I sometimes get just single digit percentage of damage during sorties. My main weapon is this Soma Prime. I was wondering if any one could take a moment to give me some tips on what Mods I should seek out as a way to get more damage out of this gun. I haven't used more forma yet because I wasn't sure I should commit to my current mods. Thank you much for your time ✨
  5. - Grineer Pizza Delivery - More comics and artwork over on my Instagram! Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your lunchtime today 🔆 🍕
  6. The Anger of Hunhow This was an experiment with using vector art for Hunhow & then using some textures I created on top. Visit my Instagram for more art and silly comics ☀️ Thanks for stopping by!
  7. Here is my entry into the contest with the High Priestess of Red Veil:
  8. If I remember correctly The Biz has smaller looking tranq guns on a desk in Fortuna so Clem could go a bit grakata with them That would be pretty funny to find him somewhere in the Vallis with his fort
  9. Clem tries his hand at conservation Thanks for stopping by! More art & comics over on my Instagram (@leo.doodling) ❄️
  10. very colorful 🔆
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