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  1. TYPE: In-GameDESCRIPTION: Using Loki's Radial Disarm does no damage, unable to even kill level 1 Lancers when the arsenal says it should do 2.5kish damage.VISUAL:REPRODUCTION: Use Loki's Radial DisarmEXPECTED RESULT: Loki's Radial Disam will do the damage it says it does in the arsenal.OBSERVED RESULT: Loki's Radial Disarm does no damage at all.REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time I cast Radial Disarm
  2. No I did not say that they are not higher than 200%, just that the shot gun crit was increase by a lot more than the rifle crit, it was not a "little" change there for the shotgun, 90-200% is a lot of a change. Only rifles were changed by a "little" bit not shotguns, so that part of your statement was not entirely true, it was only true for rifle and secondary corrupted crit mod. They don't need to be of a very high disposition at all to get 90% and only a middle to medium range disposition for the 150% area. So with a riven of even the worst disposition you can get very close to the same crit chance territory; for shotguns and about half for rifles and pistols, as you can with doubling down on the crit mods. Regardless on how many rolls it is, and it is because of that rng that it is very hard to assign a difficulty to the time gating for getting that good riven. Because someone can roll a Riven once and bam crit chance, crit damage and a whatever negative. Someone could also roll it 100 times and never get anything good so trying to assign "difficulty" to that is very hard to do accurately. So at the end of the day you can still get fairly close if not beyond the same amount of crit with all but the worst disposition weapons in the game which is not the majority of weapons. I don't see how just because it is via a Riven that it suddenly becomes okay, and the point that I made about using both crit mods not necessarily even the best loadout for a weapon still stands. There is absolutely no guarantee that slotting both crit mods on a weapon will be its optimal highest damage state anyway, so saying that allowing players to use both on the same gun absolutely cannot happen because it would be too powerful; which kind of implies that it would be the best loadout for a majority of rifles, is a unsubstantiated claim. I similar thing happened with the Xoris...it basically allowed people to have a very good stat stick weapon for certain Warframes that benefit from it...without a Riven...DE removed that as well. Rivens just seem to get a clean pass at doing anything at the highest end...and nothing else seems to be allowed to even approach its ranks even the objectively false claim that the Xoris enabled people to do the same damage as those with the prefect stat stick Rivens. It was only comparable in the sense that it deleted the toughest enemies in the game at a similar speed....the Riven stat stick builds still did more damage than any non Rivened Xoris build.
  3. This is pretty easy to show to be false...the baseline crit mod for shotguns is 90% so the mod is over 100% stronger at 200% and that means with both mods on a shotgun you only have 290% crit chance which is not as huge of a difference. Rifles would get 350% with both mods a crit chance which is 60% higher than shot guns. And regardless getting up to these levels of crit chance is doable with a riven. So the only thing that making the corrupted crit mods exclusive with the baseline is removes the non riven ability to get to those levels of crit chance on primary weapons. Also being very powerful is not equal to being the best gun mod build. Because you are giving up a mod slot on your weapon for the "weaker" crit chance mod in both cases. Which is in no way necessarily the actual best mod you could have in that slot.
  4. Then why did they buff the corrupt crit mods at all? If they didn't think the stats on the guns were a issue? Also the corrupted crit mods have more crit on them than the baseline mods so crit chances are absolutely not staying the same anyway. Also double stacking the crit mods is not necessarily even the best way to build for a gun right? Especially with those new mods that you now have to slot it. Any build with both the baseline and the corrupted crit mod on it would be giving up two whole mod slots just for crit chance, which is a lot of mod slots for ONLY just crit chance increasing. So it is not like it is 100% guaranteed going to be the best way to build every single gun out there.
  5. And I have had issue with their other arbitrary decisions in the past as well. I am of course going to "just deal with it" like I did with the others. But that doesn't make the decision a reasonable/good one which is why I posted this forum in the first place. Indeed and something that can help them to that end is trying to make as few arbitrary decisions/changes as possible because it does not paint themselves or the game in a good light. Preferably they would make zero arbitrary changes/decisions but then again that might just be a personal standard I have, though I feel like such a standard has a good foundational reason to exist.
  6. Why do they need to stay in the same area as they have been if DE is trying to buff primary weapons to the height of the red crit god status of melee? For melee builds...achieving red crits is comparatively simple and is part of the reason why they are so powerful in the first place. So it would seem that allowing primary weapons to reach new crit heights/approach or reach melee levels of crit would do a lot to bridge that gap.
  7. If DE does do that, it would certainly change the peak power of everything in the game...but also shift even more importance on Rivens as far as reaching the peak of power...than it already is which I don't see as a positive thing. But if they did do that I would be satisfied as now there would be consistency for all the corrupted mods, though now there would be even more Riven balance issues...which would mainly just affect weapons for sure. Mainly such a change would affect the strength of Warframes the most and if rivens were to be the only way to stack the same stat increasing mod on anything then in such a world as this Warframe Rivens might need to be a thing maybe? Otherwise it would be only weapons that are capable of stacking stats... Generally such a change would be massive and require a lot of mod stat tweaking and rebalancing...that would certainly be a interesting version of Warframe..though as someone else mentioned it could cause quite the player drop off.
  8. I never said that there is NO reason for it...only that the one DE has stated...the potential combination it has with the new primary bleed mod is inadequate. Would it be OP OP? I am not 100% sure if it would be. Because you can still achieve the mega crit state but with a riven instead of the corrupted crit mod. So if the mega crit state is the problem then rivens are also a problem too. You can still reach this "game breaking" level of crit even with this exclusivity...you just need a purplie boi instead. So if it is okay for rivens to do it...I don't see why non purpie bois should be an issue when rivens are apparently a "non issue".
  9. Yeah that is another thing I don't understand either...it just flies in the face of how those other weapon specific syndicate mods work in the game. There is also the Berserker and Fury exclusivity...which while I do admit the attack speed did get rather silly on already fast melee weapons...I feel like there are better ways to "fix" that without exclusivity though exclusivity is the "easiest" one.... Maybe something like diminishing returns on attack speed when it starts to approach...levels that are animation breaking? So that it never goes beyond that point?
  10. I to am "fine" with it being how it is, I just want there to be a good reason for it to be that way especially since all the other corrupted mods did what this "buff" changed the crit ones to do already and they are fine without exclusivity. Agreed, because if mods are going to be balanced on how well they combo with other mods...then mod balance would become even more time consuming to achieve than it already is.
  11. All the buff did though...was bring the corrupted crit mods up in line with the other corrupted mods? All the other corrupted mods were already stronger than their contemporary mods just with drawbacks. The corrupted crit mods were outliers as they were the only corrupted mods that were straight downgrades compared to their baseline mods. So if it is "too strong" to stack with its original...then why are the other ones "okay"? The do stack with their baseline mod...so why is it only a problem with the crits?
  12. And that is great, they needed it, but how are those facts a reason for "Corrupted crit mods need to be exclusive now!"?
  13. I thought they wanted to buff primary weapons? Doing that would necessitate the need of "power creep" as you say. And at 48% the mod was next to useless and didn't even do what most of all the other corrupted mods did. All that buffing it to 187% then 200% did was make it go from near useless to something a build could actually consider because it was now in the same spot that other corrupted mods where. Which is stronger than the baseline mod but with a draw back...and all the other corrupted mods can stack with their normal counter parts so why is "pointless power creep" not a problem worthy of exclusivity for all of the other corrupted mods?
  14. I would like to hear what I hope is the real reason for this exclusivity. Because from what I can gather at the moment it seems the only reason for its exclusivity is that the corrupted critical mods can potentially have a interaction with the Internal Bleeding mod. Which is a reason for sure...but I feel like it is a very weak reason and that is because of the following. The potential interaction between them can only work or happen from only those two mods being put on a weapon if and only if said weapon has 3.9 or under baseline fire rate. All other weapons with greater than 3.9 baseline fire rate would need further fire rate slowing mods to get the 2x benefit from Internal Bleeding. So not only is this exclusivity worthy mod interaction just between the corrupted critical mods and this singular Internal Bleeding mod...it only applies to weapons that have a slow fire rate already...making this exclusivity worthy interaction have a even more narrow band of weapons it applies too. It is for those reasons that I find its new exclusivity to be silly...yes they needed a buff to make people want to use them but does it not seem counter intuitive then to make them exclusive just because of one particular interaction that can only happen on weapons with a specific low fire rate? Yes it is stronger now and because of that more people would want to use it on builds...but now you cannot use it along with the normal critical mod...which lowers its potential usability...potentially putting it back into the same useless mod category the buff might have pulled it out of. Not only that...this now makes these two mods the only corrupted mod type to be exclusive with its non corrupted counter part, and with the reason for its exclusivity being so weak I just cannot see why it needs to be this way at all.
  15. It is just like DE to when trying to "buff" something they have to also "nerf" it as well. I would not have a problem with this new exclusivity if it had a good reason for existing. Previously Critical Delay was trash...DE buffs it making it something some players might actually choose to use on a build but because it potentially could have a positive interaction with Internal Bleeding it now has to be exclusive? This reasoning is silly at best...if mod interactivity is reason enough to make mods that buff stat X exclusive then there should be a LOT more mod exclusivity. It is not the only silly change the shot gun equivalent got the same change as well for allegedly the same reason. But the silliest thing of all is that this specific exclusivity worthy mod interaction only matters if said weapon you are using or want to use Critical Delay and Internal Bleeding on has a baseline fire rate of 3.9 or less. On all weapons with a greater than 3.9 fire rate that mod interaction does not happen and thusly the only reason for this exclusivity no longer exists.
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