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  1. Did 2 survival arbitrations and in both there was a host migration in which i ended up together with smoeone else. but it caused the mission to instantly end despite we both being alive and having some life support left. the first time the mission was declared a failure, second time it was randomly declared a success, but all resources were lost in both cases
  2. after not moving for an extended period of time you will be marked inactive and cant pick up energy anymore this was made to combat afk-style gameplay with mesa and the likes
  3. Changing Polarities or Forma'ing on MOA Companions results in the "Reconfiguration could not be completed. Your Account has not been changed, please try again later" Message Verifying download cache did not fix it
  4. When refreshing an existing instance of Ravenous, the UI no longer sets the remaining duration counter back to its full duration, so we can't keep it rolling as efficient as before.
  5. Power Donation (Aura): -30% Power Strength, +30% Power Strength for teammates going to be nice with coaction drift and overextended, -99.675% strength
  6. Will Saryn's Miasma finally do 200% damage to enemies affected by Spores again? Or can the part of the description that says "Foes afflicted by Spores are more susceptible to the mist." be deleted?
  7. So now i tested Saryn for some days. Strong as ever, i topped kills in every gamemode, Spy included. I feel much more in control than her previous iteration, where praying to the Chaos Gods to keep my Spores running was the most effective thing to do. Bugs: Miasma Duration is still 5 seconds Miasma is not receiving bonus damage if spores are present on a target Rarely in high latency scenarios, spores spread to enemies that are already dead from hosts view, but not from my view, resulting in floating spores all over the place. Again high latency: spreaing spores by killing the only enemy affected, still produces the drain warning, because of the time between his death and other enemies receiving spores, but no stacks seem to be drained in that time. spamming spores while at low stacks eventually drops your stacks below minimum value They decay feels too harsh, now that it drains twice as fast, and you cant really afford to mod duration since every stat is important. Since People are already complaining that saryn is now a turret again with miasmas spore spreading, and miasma being a room wiper on star chart content, i propose a change to it. Make Miasma chargeable like Hydroid's Tentacle Swarm. On activation keep it unchanged, except significantly reduced damage, and no guaranteed spore spread on enemies, Keeping it pressed to start charging it with your spore stacks up to a certain percentage over the duration of the stun, unleashing the consumed spores' damage multiplied (like 2 damage per second per stack consumed (we want to increase dps, not decrease it)) per second for the rest of the duration, and guaranteeing to spread spores on every killed enemy affected with spores. Miasma could act as a sink for stacks, while helping to spread and generate more stacks, balancing her spore growth towards a limit, and finally allowing for a reduced decay. Sadly sounds too much like Nidus. €: Make the charging part an augment!
  8. It did 6 ticks in 5 seconds for 350, and 7 ticks in 6 seconds for 300, so 2100 on both First tick is instantly, then every second another tick
  9. There is no net gain in damage on miasma, it literally is the same damage, only spread over one more second.. They increased its efficiency, lowered its dps and gave us some aoe spore spreading capabilities. Also spores are not increasing miasma damage when i tried it, oddly the extinguished dragon key didnt lower it aswell. €: Apparently the key never affected ailities.
  10. Did the decay on spores get doubled? i seem to loose 10% every half a second, as opposed to every second, but i might be sleepy. Miasmas duration is still 5 seconds, and it didn't do increased damage on spore'd enemies in simulacrum, didn't test it in an actual mission. When it gets fixed, Miasma changes will make it more efficient, while keeping the same damage per cast 👍
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