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  1. Thanks for your advice. This has been proved to be a very coincidence though. It's true that my frustration is misplaced, but I won't give in on sarcasm. That's some off topic stuff. I do agree with your perspective on community atmosphere, but I make friends with people, not capital, if you catch my drift. Then tell me where the third party data come from. If one site provides inaccurate info, I would doubt the site first; when two sites both provide partially inaccurate info, it's also possible that the api is not returning correct info. I also sent feedback to the website. So if you are wondering which one is more buggy then it's definitely the game, because my bad luck is working properly.
  2. Well actually you are right, those 2 sites I checked before were both 3 minutes behind game time, but this one is exactly accurate. I'll add it to my favorites, thanks!
  3. So I saw "Arbitration Disruption - 6 minutes left" on a site providing real time game info and logged into game, only to see Arbitration switched to survival mission, while the site showed 3 minutes left for disruption. The landscape timers are accurate in the meanwhile. I did not think this game could disappoint me with anything else than its buggy content, wrong again me!
  4. By "perfect" I mean it fits how the gun is commonly used, you know, clearing a whole mag of 6 in a single burst. As for the damage? Tenet detron cant (or can hardly) destroy one head of a rank 4 unarmored Hemocyte in a burst shot of 9 corrosive bullets in a team of 2, while Pyrana Prime does the job easily. It needs this mod to rock, should it be able to.
  5. I see. Actually I didn't relate that Kuva Hek thing with this at first thought, but if this is the case, it might just be a balancing intention. I still hope it's not though, should be a perfect use case for the mod.
  6. Mara detron can use this mod at this moment, so I guess you are right. That being said, they are using a blacklist or something to decide whether a mod can be equipped?
  7. Nothing to say. Is this an intended behavior or just a bug?
  8. The current cool down is acceptable for detecting resource caches in sabotage missions, but it's not included in the list.
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