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  1. Hope it's ok to ask this here, but what if anything will happen for the clans that managed to start the research before this update, and was this maybe an accidental leak of an upcoming chance for clans to be able to legitimately research it again? Thanks for the amazing amount of QoL improvements in this update.
  2. That person spams the same list of ridiculous demands on literally every patch notes thread, I don't know why people even bother replying to them at this point.
  3. Yeah, maybe I'm just especially dense headed, but I couldn't tell at all from this announcement whether we were actually getting our lost research XP back.
  4. T1 wolf has a 35% chance to drop a sledge component, T2 wolf has a 70% chance. However, based on a few hundred runs' worth of data, myself and a few others have noticed that using air support to bypass lockdown seems to make the T2 wolf use the lower T1 drop rates. Not sure if it's intended or not, and too late to matter anyway now I guess.
  5. Do you have dx11 off in your launcher options? Enabling dx fixed this issue for me.
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