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  1. If memory serves, by this point you should at least have unlocked Maroo's Bazaar. She offers a once a week mission to plunder an Ayatan Statue from a vault. You also should have picked up a fair few Ayatan stars. Socket them at the Mod Bench -- Maroo will give plenty of Endo for each statue that has full stars. Said stars can also be sold to Maroo for a little extra Endo. At the same time, at your Mod Bench you can turn excess Mods into Endo as well.
  2. I still swear by my Rattleguts Secondary, mostly because I was in the market for a Status-based Secondary. Pax Charge eliminating the need for extra ammo definitely helped in that regard.
  3. Would it be a fair assumption that OP is new? Aside from hoping against hope that Nitain would drop from a resource cache, the only other reliable method in Warframe's earlier days was waiting for a Nitain alert to pop up. There were only 4 alerts per day, so you had to be vigilant. By that contrast, 15 Nightwave Credits for 5 guaranteed Nitain is pretty much easy street.
  4. Admittedly, it's been a while since I last used Cryotra, but if memory serves Artax has a guaranteed Cold proc upon hitting an enemy.
  5. Can confirm I've had this happen as well.
  6. From what I've heard, Clans that participated in the event and scored high enough (which was also long after I began playing) are able to replicate the blueprint with ease, so someone should be more than willing to trade / sell you one. Failing that, sometimes Baro Ki'teer can have a fully build Ignis Wraith among his stock, but since his stock changes every 2 weeks, it's much quicker to go with asking in trade chat, as Divinehero stated above, Also, you will need to be MR9 to be able to receive the BP.
  7. Unfortunately, no, you cannot trade the blueprint. Only chance you have to get them is to ally with either Perrin Sequence or the Arbiters of Hexis. Hopefully one of those two Syndicates are neutral towards you, so you can ally with them and get standing.
  8. I've noticed this behavior started around the time Nightwave dropped.
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