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  1. i wouldnt mind if he was removed either.... hes kind of like a useless butler...that doesnt do anything other than talk nonsense....
  2. i am not entirely sure its really a network issue or a server issue though
  3. after the hotfix...i tried out solo missions first solo mission during the loading screen finished loading then through me into the login screen. when i typed in the info it wouldnt let me login and the quit game button was a dud so i had to close the game second solo mission i completely perfectly fine third solo mission after the reward screen and mission finish....it redirected me to the login screen once more with the same issue, was not able to type anything, click quit game, or do anything. all i could do was close the client with task manager
  4. they are most likely waiting til the 90 day boosters are coming close to ending for the loki prime access before they add another prime access
  5. all i can say is that its just RNG just keep running.....some ppl use the mindset of trying to find bite mod and they find eggs instead... some people just dont give a damn about the kubrows and just burn through mission destroy the dens i have gotten 2 eggs in one run before so its really just chance....keep at it
  6. dont think he cares selfish ppl are just selfish ppl
  7. Do you all feel that alliances are causing more harm to themselves than good when attacking certain DS nodes, then taxing them? for example, sechura getting taxed is a huge taboo to many players minds because it is the best credit source that negates grindwalls (tower caps would be the best source for credits but the grindwall to receive these keys takes a bit of time, more time than it would for one 5 wave run of sechura) with this occurring, an alliance known to tax its nodes has become tax free.....lords of the east has no tax on seimemi...so there can be positives about how you
  8. ^nope....constant fire doesnt make it come close to a rifle =P but yeah.....dem sniper rifles.....i miss the good old sniper rifles
  9. the only shotgun mod i havent seen drop....that is uncommon.... is contagious spread otherwise everything else is fine
  10. if youre willing to have negative 4364564373 loyalty by the end of pvp...then im sure they can make them fight
  11. does it bug anyone else that 14.0.10 = 14.0.1? xD it kind of urks me a little to see that flame all you want but the thread is off topic so dont take it to heart
  12. anyone else bugged by the fact that 14.0.10 = 14.0.1?
  13. it felt like mastery fodder to me....the only upside was the fact that it was the first machine pistol to have 400 ammo cap
  14. this makes me want to die.....
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