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  1. It's good that that works for you, but there are about as many definitions of "true challenge" as there are people--and the nature of any challenge, big or small, in a persistent game like Warframe, is that it's going to get run multiple times. The "challenge is its own reward" model works for some, but without anything else attached to it, I suspect it'd wear out its welcome pretty quickly with most people on repeat visits. Don't think you're going to get much headway on the second point. For better or worse, Warframe's a game with some element of power progression to it, and DE tends to make an effort to respect people's time investment on that whenever possible.
  2. They've been keenly aware of it for years now. It's just...you know, creating "challenge" (whatever that means) that's interesting, engaging, and rewarding, without making it too grindy and/or so rewarding that it becomes The Thing to Do, Always, while also respecting the time and effort players have invested in their arsenals... Yeah it's a bit of a complex problem.
  3. Pretty sure their eventual damage overhaul, whenever it happens, will include some changes to how armor works, just like the last one did years ago. Doesn't mean they can't throw in other ways to deal with it in the meantime--especially for frames who, like Ember, are both lacking in useful utility and also suffer a lot because of high-level armor scaling.
  4. Any chance we can get excavator health to scale with mission level like every other defense objective does? Very frustrating to go into a sortie/arbitration excavation and have drills go down from ~1 second of enemy fire, and at this point there's precedents for it all over the game, including excavator drills in the Plains/Vallis.
  5. Any chance of scaling up excavator health according to mission level? It's a little vexing to have them go down under a second's worth of enemy fire at higher levels, and at this point they're basically the only defense objective that doesn't have any kind of health scaling, so it's an issue of consistency if nothing else.
  6. Any word on any of the missing prime trailers? We're up to four now (possibly soon to be five), and they're easily my favorite part of new prime releases. Related question for whoever's in charge of it: What sorts of inspirations/ideas go into writing dialogue/scenes for Ballas? There's a very unique gravitas to the way he speaks, both in terms of voice and in terms of content; as an aspiring storyteller myself, I'm curious to hear the thought process behind building a character like that. Also, anything in the works on making some of the currently non-replayable quests replayable? I've been wanting to redo Hidden Messages and Natah for a long time now, and Chimera Prologue more recently, but they're still tragically one-time events. Also also, not a question but thank you all so, so much for Fortuna. I love it, I love the Solaris, I love the Orb Vallis, and I seriously can't wait for whatever crazy stuff you've got coming up next.
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