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  1. Any plans to add health scaling to excavation drills? With every other objective in the game (rescue hostages, defense targets, etc.) scaling up with mission level, excavators remaining fixed at 2500 across the board has become kind of a glaring inconsistency, and is especially problematic in high-level missions (e.g. Kuva Lich missions, sorties, arbitrations). Also, with the brunt of melee 3.0 out of the way, are there any plans to revisit certain older stances to round out their combo lists? Some, like the staff stances, only have 2-3 combos instead of the full 4, and it feels like kind of a shame after all the new toys melee 3.0 introduced.
  2. Any chance of getting excavator health to scale according to mission level? Pretty much every other defense objective (e.g. rescue hostages, cryopods, mobile defense terminals, etc.) does this, and all this Kuva Lich business has helped highlight--not for the first time, mind--that excavation drills have been left behind in this regard. Also, is expending melee+secondary dual-wielding still on the table? That was one of the things I was most excited for when melee 3.0 was still in the teaser phase, but we haven't heard anything about it in a while. Did it get pushed to phase 3 alongside the channeling/"rage mode" rework? Further back than that? Scrapped entirely? Eager for an update.
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