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  1. Unfortunately it looks like I may have to put this on pause. Recent changes in life have reduced the available time I have. Should I restart this I will notify all of you.
  2. Physically as strong as a teenage child. However drawing upon the void may empower one enough to lift heavier burdens.
  3. The Solaris is still out cold. As the lift deposits you on the proper floor you can see two Warframes standing inert outside the lift. The tech swears under her breath. "Blast it." She says. "Looks like the Arbiter is here." She pulls something out of her pouch and presses it into her hand. It is a badge of some sort. "Don't make eye contact with him, and wear this." She says. "Oh and you'll have to leave the frame outside." She stops. "You will be able to carry him without it, right?" She asks.
  4. The Vomvalyst does not attack, and scans show it to be exhibiting an unusual energy signature. It seems almost dazed, its movements sluggish. Lucien fires, destroying the outer shell. The Vomvalyst does not react.
  5. "That is the hope." Ryoko said, ignoring the comment about the symbols. "Either way I have been meaning to check up on them. They are constantly asking for more funding from the Master. We shall see if that can be justified." The scanner turns green as it sweeps over the three of you, the child from before climbing onto Ryoko's shoulders. The door opens to reveal a massive laboratory that appears to curve around the inner chamber. Artisans work away at benches containing everything imaginable from Solaris augmentations to almost lifelike golden prosthetics. Brandon slides off Ryoko
  6. "If you do it might not be here when you get back." Seven said. "My men could use some extra credits, and I don't have the time or resources to keep an eye on other people's belongings." Regardless of your choice you find Sam staring at a grey Excalibur wearing the same insignia as the Limbo from the tunnels. "I said no." She says firmly. "Your people get paid well enough by Master Tanis, you can afford to pay full price. Do enough business and maybe I will be tempted to offer a discount."
  7. You are halfway down the hall when the spruce of the noise appears. A Vomvalyst floats around a corner and paused. Lucien raises his rifle to fire.
  8. The symbol is unrecognizable, closer inspection reveals the air locks seem to be fitted with a strangely ornate field emitter, though it’s purpose remains unclear. You can detect traces of void energy, but they seem... strangely unreactive. Ryoko steps onto the platform behind you. He waves his hand at the airlock and the scanner turns green. “You’ll have to leave the frame outside.” He said. “Clean room policies prohibit... Well, pretty much everything about a Warframe.”
  9. “You will want the Steward then.” She says. “He manages the day to day affairs.” She floats towards the entrance. “Is there anything else you would like to know about House Tanis?” She asks. “While our history is still being recovered I am privy to most of what has been collected.”
  10. “The Steward can offer a flat fee.” Seven says. “Of course you could ask around with the Artisans. Might find one that is willing to offer more.” Trevor packs up his kit. “Try not to expose yourself to any electromagnetic pulses.” He says. “That nanite gel will clean and close the wound, but if it gets hit with a pulse it will just become metallic jelly.”
  11. “More often than I’d like.” She says. “It’s not hard to replace though. Just need the parts.” She makes her way to the lift, and keys in a code on her holopad. “You’re not technically allowed up there, but I can get you access.” She says. “Just don’t touch anything and try to look like you belong.”
  12. “If you are referring to the Cephalon currently assisting the Entrati, then I believe you meant to say Otak.” Idri says. “Loid is... we’ll none of use are really sure what he is. The Entrati were not very... forthright with their methods.” The drone rotates to follow your movements. ”I have received three thousand, four hundred, and twenty one messages within the last hour.” Idri says proudly. “All have been processed, allocated To the proper personnel, and deleted from my memory as per protocol.” She glances at the ship. “We do have an artisan who specializes in vehicles
  13. “Well, yes.” The injured Artisan said. “Just like a broken clock is function to some degree, twice a day.” The other Artisan waves away his words. “I must ask, Tenno.” He said. “Have you been at the center of any world shaping event recently? Things that might have changed the timeline?”
  14. The young woman who laughed at the occurrence slides off her chair and makes her way over, pulling a toolkit out of a digital storage unit on her hip. “Looks like the neural translator is fried again.” She said. “He can talk, but he won’t be moving around for a while. I can replace it, but I’ll need a spare from the prosthetics labs.” She stands up. ”You look pretty strong.” She said. “Think you could carry him?”
  15. “No charge.” Trevor said. “I didn’t take the job to get rich.” He drops the bullet in a small glass jar and sprays a strange gel onto the wound. Your skin tingles as the wound begins to pull itself closed. “At least it was not an energy weapon.” Trevor says. “Everyone seems to think lasers and plasma weapons will cauterize the wound, which they would except for the fact that the heat tends to cause veins to rupture.”
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