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  1. Who says it was Miriam’s originally. She did have three children after all. I’m sure you’ll find a few people at the cafe that might have some theories to share as well. Go ahead. Just give me a chance to respond after you do.
  2. The woman takes a step back with an indignant huff. Clearly personal space is a big deal for her. “I do not believe you are privy to that information.” She says. “You may be used to the rest of the system bowing and scraping to your every whim but that is not House Tanis functions. If it were up to me...” Ryoko steps in front of you. “But it’s not.” He says. “It’s up to the Master. And he has made his stance quite clear.” ”For now.” The Matron says. “But the moment one of you loses control and harms one of my charges I will have every last one of you removed, by force if
  3. Lucien makes no move to stop you. “Either Acolytes or Wraiths then.” Lucien says. “Wraiths are Tenno crime bosses, unpleasant but you can at least traps with them. Acolytes on the other hand, not much mind left to reason with.” “There’s a cafe on the fifth floor that just opened.” Lucien says. “Might be a good place to rest up.”
  4. You find nothing of note, save a strange device lodged behind the tubes and masks on the Manic’s back. It beats the symbol of the Twin Kweens, though it is defaced with jagged claw marks. The rest of his supplies seem to be pilfered already, likely by the Limbo. ”Let me guess.” Lucien says. “Dressed up in red and black. All cloak and dagger and ‘vengeance!’?”
  5. “I think you would be interested in more than just our research.” He says coyly. “However the prosthetics labs are our next stop. I noticed you have an interest in such things.” A young boy darts out of the gravity lift, freezing as he sees you and Ryoko. The lift flares again and he throws himself into the “bushes” behind on of the trees, holding up a finger to his lips. “Brandon!” A voice snaps. “When I get my hands on you, I’ll..... oh... Arbiter.” The woman, her wrinkled features twisted into a stern look, stops, and bows. “Matron.” Ryoko says. “Lost one of our ch
  6. “Perhaps later.” Ryoko says. “For now I think it best we stick to more scientific demonstrations.” He rolls his shoulders and his frame teleports across the distance between them, reforming around him. ”In fact, there is one branch of research you may be interested in.”
  7. You find a days worth of rations, along with a small hand carved wooden container that, from the smell and sound, contains spices. You also find two dispel grenades, a Harpak with a grapple modification and two full mags, and a bandolier of seven Sheev daggers. Scavenging the area allows you to recover enough to fill all but one slot. His mask and filter have clearly seen better days, but a quick check reveals them to be functional, if barely. There is a pouch at his side designated for an emergency beacon, but it is empty. The containment device he deployed is still in p
  8. Sorry life got busy. It would work but on anything non infested it will function as a temporary measure. Think a really good bandaid. The wound will be sealed. You’ll be able to move around, but eventually you will want a more permanent measure.
  9. He stops a distance from you, sensing your hesitation. “That was not the memory I intended to show you.” He says. “I cannot fathom why the Indifference would interferes. Unless you saw something that would make sense of this?” His tone is casual, almost causal enough to hide the note of concern. His aura curls around him like a snake. In addition to the Dakra Prime on his back, you can also see an ornate holster at his side, containing the visible handle of a Vasto Prime. Ryoko watched her carefully. He needed to know how much she had learned. The wrong memory could ruin e
  10. It broke the moment she let go, but the Indifference was able to interfere with her realizing that.
  11. You can see two young boys, about the same age as the girl in the vision hiding behind the tree. Both are clad in Saita Prime suits. The one closest to you has a sheathed pair of Fang Prime daggers on his hip. The other wears a Dakra Prime across his back. Their features are similar, not only to eachother, but to the girl who was talking in the vision. Siblings perhaps. The Indifference hops down and reaches out to to touch the one with the sword. You hear something shatter. A beam of concentrated void energy lances through the air. The Indifference leaps back, barely avoiding it,
  12. Ryoko seems to twitch just slightly. As he can feel void energy coiling around him, the raw eldritch power of the Indifference fighting against his aura. It appears the Indifference is trying to buy you time, though for what is still unknown. Your tug causes your hand to slide partially out of his grasp. There is no adverse reaction from the memory. The Indifference rolls its eyes and points even more urgently towards whatever is behind the tree. It seems to be growing impatient. Ryoko’s fingers begin to twitch.
  13. The memory seems to freeze. The world seems to narrow, your vision forced upwards towards the branches of the nearest tree. You can see yourself perched there, staring down with bronze eyes and a smile that chills your blood. The Indifference. Your doppelgänger points to something behind the tree. However even stretching your arm as far as you can, you still cannot see it. Letting go of the Arbiter’s hand would allow you the freedom to investigate, but that may be what the Indifference wants.
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