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I am Rakawan. I am master GM of the Synergy verse threads and currently DM for the following 

Lua: Reliquary

Phenix: Homeworld

Meridian: Fortress

I am a lore buff and my threads generally try to follow lore as closely as possible, with a few bends to allow some diversity. 

Feel free to pm me to ask about any of my threads or OC's. You can also feel free to join any of my threads, so long as you respect the rules and lore set forth.


Other stuff:


"You should try this game, you can shoot things or hit them with swords. Oh and you have this power suit."

-Paraphrasing of the words that started my journey into Warframe in 2013.-

"Combat Formation Bravo."

-Favorite old enemy phrase-




Ryoko Tenno, formerly Ryan Dax.

Raised by a Dax father and an archivist mother Ryan and his brother Darrel expected to serve as their father had, as Dax for the glorious empire. Their father began their training early on life, some reports suggest that it befannmere days after  each learned to walk. Both showed exceptional skill with martial weapons. Darrel however harbored dreams of being an assassin, while Ryan prefers more "honorable dreams".

While entities to visit their father their craft fell into the void at the age of fifteen. When they were recovered they were briefly studied, then placed on ice. Their mother's fate is unknown, however Ryoko stares she tried to "save her children" while Dirge maintains she took her own life. 

Both were among the first Tenno to see combat use. Ryan earned renown as a peerless warrior, while Darrel became a feared assassin.


Reports state that Ryan was tasked with leading a group of new Tenno on a mission of import. No details exist on this event but he returned alone and reused further command positions, preferring to join the Adjuticants, Keepers of Tenno honor, and hanging his name to an ancient word for Traveler.

Darrel would retain his name till Termnius, when he hunted the remnant of the Orokin and took the name Dirge. 

While neither was at Terminus there are reports of both partaking in the aftermath. 

Ryoko's budding romance with a young Orokin named Felicity led to a shift from his views as Separatists, to more Puritan views. He placed her in stasis and hid her away while the world burned.

Dirge however saw the worst of the Orokin empire and became even more convinced of the need for its full destruction. 

Ryoko and Dirge's Dax heritage manifests in their exceptional martial skill. While the physical enhancements are suppressed or disabled by their void infusion, their reflexes are far beyond any normal Tenno's, courtesy of their training. Neither has shown any indication of being affected by commands given by Orokin with Kuva, though it is unknown if any remnant of programming remains inside their heads.



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