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  1. He stops a distance from you, sensing your hesitation. “That was not the memory I intended to show you.” He says. “I cannot fathom why the Indifference would interferes. Unless you saw something that would make sense of this?” His tone is casual, almost causal enough to hide the note of concern. His aura curls around him like a snake. In addition to the Dakra Prime on his back, you can also see an ornate holster at his side, containing the visible handle of a Vasto Prime. Ryoko watched her carefully. He needed to know how much she had learned. The wrong memory could ruin e
  2. It broke the moment she let go, but the Indifference was able to interfere with her realizing that.
  3. You can see two young boys, about the same age as the girl in the vision hiding behind the tree. Both are clad in Saita Prime suits. The one closest to you has a sheathed pair of Fang Prime daggers on his hip. The other wears a Dakra Prime across his back. Their features are similar, not only to eachother, but to the girl who was talking in the vision. Siblings perhaps. The Indifference hops down and reaches out to to touch the one with the sword. You hear something shatter. A beam of concentrated void energy lances through the air. The Indifference leaps back, barely avoiding it,
  4. Ryoko seems to twitch just slightly. As he can feel void energy coiling around him, the raw eldritch power of the Indifference fighting against his aura. It appears the Indifference is trying to buy you time, though for what is still unknown. Your tug causes your hand to slide partially out of his grasp. There is no adverse reaction from the memory. The Indifference rolls its eyes and points even more urgently towards whatever is behind the tree. It seems to be growing impatient. Ryoko’s fingers begin to twitch.
  5. The memory seems to freeze. The world seems to narrow, your vision forced upwards towards the branches of the nearest tree. You can see yourself perched there, staring down with bronze eyes and a smile that chills your blood. The Indifference. Your doppelgänger points to something behind the tree. However even stretching your arm as far as you can, you still cannot see it. Letting go of the Arbiter’s hand would allow you the freedom to investigate, but that may be what the Indifference wants.
  6. Your form appears slightly more solid. If not for his warning not to let go it almost seems as though you could walk through the memory. A pair of figures turn the corner, a woman and a young girl both clad in Archimedean robes. “Your brothers put you up to this didn’t they.” The woman says. “We aren’t children anymore, mother.” The girl says. “The time has come for us to spread our wings and make a mark on history.” “And when you fly too close to the sun?” The woman asks, idly. The girl laughs. “Are you suggesting we are are as dim witted as Icarus, mother?
  7. Lucien turns to look at Kacilius. “Fortunately for you I am not your commanding officer, or I would be giving you a very stern ‘chewing out’ regarding proper trigger control.” He says. “Unfortunately I am also contracted to defend this fine gentlemen”. He gestures to Zaeed. “So if you get trigger happy and some of those rounds happen to find their way into the vicinity of me or my client I will proceed to hunt you down and teach you the error of your ways.” He says. “Do we understand eachother?”
  8. “Hello.” One of the Artisans next to it says. “I see you are interested in our work.” He gestures to the device. “Remarkable, isn’t it?” He asks. “Until now we have not had any evidence of transdimensional convergence. But now, thanks to this device, we can actually track various ‘anchors’ like yourself, as they warp the very fabric of reality.” The other artisan by the artifact simply rolls his eyes, his hands busy holding a bloody cloth to his forehead. Whatever wound he has suffered has clearly not dulled his annoyance with his coworker.
  9. The unease is not lost on Ryoko. “So.” He thinks. “Reliant on the frame to do most of the fighting. If it comes to it I can certainly exploit that. Hopefully it will not.” “Some claim the Ayatan Stars contain the memories of Orokin Ancestors.” He says. “What most people do not know is that the sculptures have memories of their own. Normally these would be inaccessible without the matching star.” He glances at her. “However we are not bound by the same rules as others, are we?” He asks, raising his hand. “Whatever happens, don’t let go.” The amp on his wrist retr
  10. Nope. Entirely correct. Miriam Tanis is the founder of House Tanis, and was it’s matriarch during the Orokin Era. Given that the legends allude to her children being lost, however, the existence of a modern individual claiming the title of Master Tanis is a little interesting isn’t it....? But I’m getting ahead of myself, perhaps. After all, first you need to uncover what Ryoko’s connection and intentions regarding House Tanis are, and Kacilius has yet to uncover what exactly happened to Miriam Tanis.
  11. “I’m almost disappointed you have to ask.” He says. “Although given how many of our brethren have neglected their physical forms in favor of letting the Warframes do all the work I cannot fault you for the assumption.” He stretches his hand out a little further, you are clearly meant to take it, and given that he stands before in his true form, likely in the same state. “No.” He says. “But given your comment on the our ability to break certain rules, there is a trick I believe you might find interesting.” He stands there patiently, betraying no sense of urgency.
  12. It is what is commonly known or accepted. The truth may be a little more complicated. Your character is getting close to certain bits of knowledge that are not widely known, but either expand or clarify the truth of what is accepted. In straightforward terms both your character and Kacilius have stumbled onto the beginnings of a quest to uncover the truth behind the legends. Whether or not the inhabitants of House Tanis will let them simply walk away with that knowledge is another matter. There is a lot more to them than meets the eye.
  13. “Some rules exist for a reason.” Ryoko says sternly. “Time and space are binding for a reason. I shudder to think of the horrors that would be unleashed if one were to broach that particular border. The incident with Parvos comes to mind.” He seems to relax visibly. “But I would not mind walking these halls as I did in my younger years.” He says. “In fact... would you like to see a secret?” He steps out of his Warframe. Although a Saita Prime hood and suit obscure his features, several things are immediately apparent. The first is his height and build. He appears to be older th
  14. “I’d rather not take my chances.” Lucien says. “Decontamination protocols are... unpleasant.” Your comms chime and a message comes through on an unknown channel. It appears to be from Lucien. “Keep an eye on the Grineer.” He says. “I’m not a fan of them in general, and this one looks like she was about to bolt with what I am assuming are the Tenno’s weapons. She may be a threat. If she turns on us, my rift won’t protect you from her fire.” “That he is.” Lucien says. “Wrapping the rift around yourself is the easy part. Wrapping your mind around the rift on the other hand
  15. Artisans are clearing up what appears to be the remains of the limbs of an Ayatan Scupture. As you float past a strange looking device whirls to point directly at you.
  16. “I did not say trusted.” Ryoko says. “Within those sorts of social circles gifts may be a motivation, rather than a sign of friendship.” He examines the Wisp. She does not seem familiar, but had obviously heard of House a Tanis. Her bearing indicated a more refined upbringing. There was a chance, however slim, that they might have known eachother before the Zarimman. If that was true, if she knew who he truly was, then her knowledge could become... problematic. What had started as idle conversation was very quickly becoming a battlefield. Well, he could adapt to that. It was the first les
  17. Depends on character backstory. If they have had enough contact with Grineer to learn then sure. Sorry for the lack of response. Work has been busy. Will try to reply tonight.
  18. The object is merely a shard of metal, most likely carved from the hull of a ship. The back of it has a symbol any free Grineer would know. The symbol of the legendary Kavor pacifists. The other side has two words in Grineer script and a set of coordinates. ”Save Them.” The coordinates lead to an unexplored portion of the Kuiper Belt.
  19. “I am Lucien Gray.” The Limbo Prime says. “Proud Member of The Sons of Hayden, and currently this fine gentlemen’s bodyguard.” He gestures you Zaeed. “He made the call to assist you.” Lucien says.
  20. “You gaze upon what may very well be the last great work of Miriam Tanis before her disappearance.” Ryoko says, a note of sadness in his voice. “They were crafted as a gift to a certain Sectarus. I had the... privilege of seeing them in motion only once. It is a memory I cherish deeply.” He runs a finger down a petal near him, tracing the patterns. “It took years to track them down, the tower housing them had all but fallen apart. We were only able to recover a fifth of the forest before the entire place collapsed and fell down into the inner crust. Unfortunately the stars to animat
  21. “Of course”. Ryoko says. “But, to be honest, it is actually quite rare that I meet someone who appreciates the beauty and elegance of Orokin creations. Most see them either as a puzzle to be solved, or a way to get rich.” The gravity lift induces a feeling of weightlessness for a but a moment, and then you are gliding downwards. The feeing lasts only a short while before you come to a stop. The Arbiter steps out of the beam an into a The circular platform around it. Through the beam you can see what appears to be an indoor forest composed entirely of white and gold plaits. The wonders onl
  22. The drone waits patiently back in the concourse. There appears to have been some sort of commotion in the area.
  23. One of the bodies, the Butcher, moves, tossing something metallic at you. It falls short, landing only a few feet from the butcher’s corpse. He collapses and remains unmoving. Lucien, about to pet the Kavat, pulls his hand back suddenly. “Blood borne what now?” He asks, sounding a bit nervous.
  24. Tar’rok reached into the armored pouch by his side and pull out... a small piece of metal. The symbol on the back mocked him. “Those who live by the sword will die upon it.” His comrades had warned him about that time and time again. He had refused to listen. Peace would not buy their way off world. So he had come here, stowed away on a transport, and made a deal with a desperate Corpus treasure hunter. A deal that had fallen apart after weeks of searching revealed only a single relic, worth only enough for one dream. He could not remember who had struck first. All he could remember was t
  25. To say the last thing that went through Val’kor’s head was a bullet would be technically correct. Figuratively there was something else. A realization. Impersonating a manic was a terrible idea. Alas he would never get the chance to stab his “rescuer” in the back and run off with the money. A pity, but then again as a dead man he didn’t really need that shiny pair of claws anyways.
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