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  1. Yes. There will be two posts clarifying their last thoughts.
  2. I had a busy couple of days as well, so it’s all good.
  3. “Yes.” The voice says. “My client asked me to intervene.” A barrage of plasma bolts tears into the Butcher. The Manic makes another appearance only to fall to the ground as the Euphona barks again, a pool of crimson spreading out beneath it.” The bolts collide with the Butcher, shredding through his amor, creating injuries that are certainly lethal. A stray round strikes something in his hand, and the Rift collapses, freeing Anak.
  4. Fair enough. We’ll try to get to that point soon so you don’t feel left out. Feel free to post reaction posts if you want to show what is going through Anak’s mind.
  5. The Frost tilts his head playfully. “I won’t tell if you don’t.” He says. “Besides Master Tanis is well aware of where my priorities lie. Our... arrangement is not solely for his benefit. House Tanis also produces a line of reverse engineered tech for struggling colonies. Storage systems for food and medicine, cheap prosthetics, things like that. In exchange for the protection provided by me and my clan he provides us with a selection of resources to help our... shall we say less connected... allies.” He gestures to the lift. “Would you like to see?” He asks. “Normanly the oth
  6. “”Arbiter Ryoko.” He says. “And yes, it was boring. Apart from sparring sessions with my father, the Zarimman was the most excitement I had in my early childhood. The early days of my deployment during the war were not much better. I’m sure you remember the Hand of Ballas, the propaganda squad. Tenno wasted on parades and Engineered victories to stir public support, boost morale.” He shakes his head. “But now there are no Orokin to waste resources, no wide eyed masses to woo. Just the battlefield, and the enemies upon it.” He casts his glance around the concourse. “And si
  7. Lucien makes a strange gesture then rises into the air. “Equinox marked as friendly target.” He says. “Applying stasis.” A cataclysm tears through half of the cavern, freezing Anak, the Manic, and the Butcher in place. The transition is surprisingly gentle, the ability clearly focuses for range, rather than lethal effect. Kacilius would find himself able to move, as would Vampkitty and the Moa. The Manic shrugs the attack off and leaps forward, only to meet a single round from the Limbo’s Euphona Prime. The cloaking kicks in and it falls back with a cackle. Kac
  8. “I was raised in higher circles than most.” He says. “A silver tongue was a necessity.” He glances around and motions for the Artisans to resume their work. They do so slowly. “As for their ‘meddling with higher powers’ well.... very few remain alive who truly know these systems.” He gestures towards the gravity lift. ”We actually have a very thorough system for identifying potentially deadly artifacts in the lower levels. Those on this floor, while priceless, are relatively benign.” He says. “I assure you that the incident you witnessed is the absolute maximum amount of damage
  9. “Light’s green sir.” The mercenary replies. Seven takes the holopad back and before long you find yourself in a large cavern. The lights on Lucien’s helmet flash orange. “Activating codex scanner.... Hold up boss.” He says. “We got a problem. Bogeys on the right. One Eximus Heavy Gunner, one Grineer Manic, one Grineer Butcher, and a Warframe, looks like an Equinox. They appear to be fighting over something. How do we want to play this?” You can distantly see the entrance back to the tower drop the field as a Limbo Prime in gray and silver and a Juno Tech with a strange devi
  10. “I have a distress beacon.” Lucien says. “And I have a spare grappling hook as part of my survival kit.”
  11. The moment you approach the door the world around you seems to fall away. You can hear voices, some the same as before, others new, all jumbled together. As you listen two rise above all others, both Grineer: “Are you familiar with pocket dimension tech?” The Butcher asks. “Because if not you could get yourself sucked inside.” The Manic pauses and looks back at him. “Oh not you.” The Butcher says. “You’ll be fine. I’ll walk you through it.” Your vision is dark. The same as it would be if you closed your eyes, or the Transference equivalent inside a frame. You c
  12. “20%.” The Butcher says. He draws out a strange device, similar to the Castana throwing knives used by the Tenno, and tosses it to the Manic, who closes in on the unconscious Warframe.
  13. The sword begins to hum with void energy. It rises up to eye level. The world around you fades uNtil all you can see is the blade, every minuscule nick and dent As clear as day. The sound of clashing blades fills your ears, then a muffled thump, as if something had struck the floor. “Again.” A voice says. It is regal, commanding, and strict. ”How am I supposed to beat you.” Another voice says, this one far younger. “You are a Dax. You are stronger, and faster, and have a had decades more training....” ”Centuries.” The Dax corrects. “Experience must be gained, and not every batt
  14. Before long you find yourself standing before a man in a Solaris Rig. His brow furrows as he sees you. ”Another Corpus treasure hunter, eh?” He says. “Should find plenty of wealth down there.” He glances at the shielded entrance to the depths for a second and then back at you. “Alright.” He says. “Just few things to check before you depart.” He pulls up a list in his data pad. “Can you confirm that you are in possession of, or capable of operating without the following items?” He hands each of you a holopad containing the list. There is a check box next to e
  15. Kacilius would find himself standing before the statue once more, the surrounding world fading away to leave only a shadow world, populated entirely by himself and the statue. The Ayatan glows brightly, blinding light filling the void. Then it fades, revealing a small tower room, decoration suggesting it is the living quarters of a child, children. Miriam Tanis stands beside a bed, hands on the ruffled fabric. Unlike the previous vision this one feels raw, not refined. A wild memory, not a bottled one. “Am u doing the right thing?” She asks. For a moment she appears to be talking to
  16. Send me what you have planned in messages. I have an idea for a vision on the meantime.
  17. Control? No. But we can work that idea in. The Star is in his inventory yes?
  18. “All the more reason to let us take it off your hands.” The butcher says. “Unlike Vor we are... prepared for such items.” He reaches behind him and sets something on the ground. A small Corpus device. It does nothing. He fiddled with it for a moment and the. kicks it. You can feel a small scale nullification field activate as the device unfolds into a containment cell just large enough to hold the oculus. “A former acquaintance of mine.... ‘loaned’ me this item.” He says. “And don’t worry. You won’t have to touch the relic. My friend here will handle that.” He gestures to the M
  19. Tar’rok smiled behind his full face mask. A void relic. Excellent. “Long enough.” He says. “No Kweens down here. No rules either.” The Manic curls it’s claws. “Misunderstandings happens so often.” Tar’rok says. “But we’re willing to forgive and forget. In exchange for the relic you found.”
  20. “Whenever you are sir.” Lucien replies. The Mesa kicks her feet up on the counter again. In the corner you can see a Grendel sucking up loose rubble excavated by an Atlas.
  21. @EpicdudeX Put up a post whenever Kacilius wakes up.
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