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  1. “Then you are good to go.” The Mesa says. “Lucien can fill you in on any restrictions.” The Limbo nods. ”Once we enter the depths the only targets that are off limits are House Tanis Artisans, other Sons of Hayden Mercenaries and other clients.” Lucien says. “Over than that everyone is fair game.”
  2. “Had better.” The Butcher says. The Manic chuckles. “Found anything interesting?” The Butcher asks casually. His hands are still resting on his daggers and the dispel grenade.
  3. The Frost turns to regard the sculpture, and then the Artisan bear it. “Junior Artisan Keldak.” He says. “What is the rule about Ayatan Sculptures?” ”Don’t touch them unless unless an Senior Artisan is supervising.” Keldak says, still cowering. “But I made it fit.” The air temperature drops several degrees. ”And I could make you fit inside a locker for the rest of the day.” The Frost says. “But that would not be ideal, now would it?” Keldak lowers his head. “Clean up the fragments, and return the star to storage.” The Frost says. “Once you are done, report t
  4. Just in case I did not make it clear when doing any combat is not PVP (and only players vs other players) please wait for a GM response before moving forwards. Otherwise I have the tough choice of either invalidate certain actions you took, or try to work around them while showing why said extra party did not respond.
  5. The Manic hits the wall hard, pearly not expecting the wiry frame to possess the strength it does. The Butcher pauses as Anak throws herself on top of Kacilius. The Manic springs to its feet only for a varied command from the Butcher to halt it mid crouch. Both fall back slightly, taking up defensive positions near their prize, eyes fixed on the pair. The Butcher has another grenade in his palm.
  6. Dispel grenade, cancels out active Warframe abilities. Useless against Operator attacks but good for getting the drop on a Tenno.
  7. Bleed should affect any target listed as hostile. If Kacilius did not mark Anak as friendly then it would affect her. Side note for PVP events involving NPCs please wait for a response before posting. For those involving only players you can post freely however if your actions might affect the environment (I.e Anak using fire blast near a container of mysterious gas) then you will need to allow me the chance to explain how.
  8. The Manic does not even flinch, leaping past the Rested Anak to tackle Kacilius. Something falls from the Butcher’s hand as he slumps. A pulse of energy washes over everyone, canceling out the void abilities. The Butcher draws a pair of Sheevs, stalking past Anak, and towards Kacilius, the Manic still grappling with the Tenno.
  9. As you emerge into the tunnel you see a rather odd pair making their way towards you. A Grineer Butcher and a Manic. The Manic is dragging the broken body of a Golden Maw behind it, it’s movement slowed by the weight of the proxy. The Butcher slows as he sees you and barks a command to his companion as he spots you, his hand coming to rest on a Sheev holstered at his side. A bandolier of similar daggers is sling across his chest. Anak would notice that one is missing, and that each has a symbol on it that matches the one on the blade that was embedded in the Corpus crewman’s le
  10. The Star pops loose in your hands, sending you backwards into the floor. The Ayatan shuts down. A Frost Prime steps up as the Artisan cowers behind a frail looking sculpture. “Is there a problem?” He asks.
  11. “Seventy thousand credits per day, with salvage rights in the event of your demise.” The Mesa says. “Half due up front, to be returned upon mercenary breach of contract, the other half to be paid upon completion or client breach of contract.” She places a gray bracelet on the table. “This will keep track of your location and relay it to the mercenary assigned to you at all times. It will also notify you of the remaining time on your contract, and allow you to extend the contract, for a fee of course.”
  12. Heading back into the hallway does not take long. An in depth study reveals nothing of note. No secret grates, no false walls, nothing but a generic Orokin hallway with laser traps.
  13. Gonna try to reply today but I make no promises. Work is busy and Division 2 Update 11 which has some snazzy new gear so my day is pretty full.
  14. Correct. Once the puzzle is solved the illusion vanishes until the path is retraced fully, at which point it resets.
  15. You emerge to see Kacilius hopping across the platforms towards you. Halfway across you see Anak emerge from the crawl space a few new scratches on her armor.
  16. There is a crawl space behind the boulder. Fitting through would be difficult but not impossible. Should you choose to do so you would see Kacilius on the far end of a chasm, the space between you home several floating platforms forming a twisting path across. The moment you touch the Star your vision shifts. You can see, as if through a thick pane of blue glass, a woman tapping on the surface. The surface clears revealing none other than Miriam Tanis in the flesh. Clearly the stories about Ayatan Stars containing Orokin memories is not just a myth. “Good, that should do it.” She
  17. The Cyan Ayatan Star floats above the statues hand, as if it is offering it to you, visible only with the void-sight granted by the Oculus. Other than that and the writing on the wall you can see nothing else of interest. Just like the Oculus there appears to be nothing holding the Ayatan Star in place.
  18. The visor was A prize but not THE prize. That’s all I can say.
  19. That feeling when people just walk out of the end of the puzzle without claiming the plot relevant prize like “nah I got this fancy visor I’m good.”
  20. Nothing comes barreling down the tunnel after the drone. If there was anything to disturb the small drone was clearly not big or noisy enough to do so.
  21. The cyan ayatan star disappears as you remove the Oculus. The world seems to bend around it, hiding it from view as you leave it behind. As you hop back the circles light up in the opposite direction. The force fields spring back into place behind you, the illusions fading in once again. By the time you reach the crawl space the chasm is as it was before, minus the glint of gold from the statue.
  22. The Oculus springs to life and your vision shifts, the world taking on the same hue as it does when you slip partially into the Void. The comment about looking with “all eyes open” begins to make more sense. A Cyan Ayatan Star, glowing with power, floats above the statues hand, now visible to your enhanced vision. The writing on the wall behind the statue becomes legible. It reads as follows: ”The Kuva is the unsecret source of Orokin immortality, but it cannot be the only one. There must be a tether, something to bind their souls to this world while they are between, or without, bod
  23. I think they are in another time zone. You might be waiting for some time.
  24. There is a small bit of resistance as you remove the Oculus, but nothing else. No cave in, no sudden feeling of falling, no ominous, angry buzz of doom. However as you inspect the Oculus you can see the air above the statues hand ripple with the same patterns as the lens and gem of the device. The void energy around both feels similar. The Oculus seems to shrink slightly in your hands, until is is just the right size to be worn comfortably. As you transfer back into the Equinox it changes size once more, this time growing large enough to fit on the Warframe.
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