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  1. Floater would see nothing until it reaches the passageway illuminated in silver light, the reason for the slowly shifting pattern becominging immediately apparent. The right passage opens almost immediately to reveal the underside of the fractured outer crust. The silver light is the reflection off the various rocks as light filters down between cracks in the surface. The inner crust is barely visible below, the fall far enough to be lethal even to a Tenno. Large rock formations hang like oversized stalactites from the “ceiling” of the outer crust. Across the expanse you can see a number of ot
  2. @EpicdudeX Puzzle solved. On to the fun part.
  3. The middle platform on the sixth row activates the first star, the platform on the far left (your right) activates the second. From their you are able to puzzle out that it is a straight shot until the last row where the activation pad proves to be on the far right (your left), just within range of a bullet jump. The second forcefield vanishes, allowing you to step onto the ledge at the end, and get a better look at the statue. The diadem is clearly visible now, and almost perfectly resembles the Erlang Prime Oculus worn by certain Tenno. However unlike its cosmetic lookalike this one pu
  4. “Zaeed Aegis.” She says. She Taos a few keys and you see a Corpus Dossier about you appear on the screen. “According to my records Alad V has a bounty out on your head.” She says. “Pretty large one too.” A few of the other Mercenaries stop what they are doing and turn to stare. “Five million credits.” She says. “You must have really gotten his Knickers in a twist.” By now all the mercenary Tenno are staring at you. “Fortunately we don’t contract with the likes of him.” She says slowly, drawing out the suspense. “Unfortunately it does make you a person of intere
  5. ((Gonna try to paste as plain text.)) The path becomes clearer. O X O X X O X X X X O X X X X ? X ? X X ? ? ? ? ?
  6. “Afraid I can’t talk about that, sir.” He says. “Classified intel and whatnot. I will, however, warn you that jumping into the Void is a very bad idea.” He stops before a makeshift desk. A Mesa Prime sits behind it, cleaning what looks like a firing pin, the scattered prices of a Soma Prime rifle carefully arranged beside her. “Got a new client.” Lucien says. “Captain wants a contract drawn up.” The Mesa wraps the pin in the cloth and sets it on the table. She taps a strange snow globe like structure and a screen pops up above it. “Name?” She asks.
  7. The following patterns reveals itself. ? X O ? X ? X X X ? O X X ? X ? X ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? You can see the end clear enough to make out a little more detail. The glint of gold is some sort of crown upon a statue made entirely from gray marble, a tall woman of regal stature, her right hand outstretched as if to offer something, though it appears empty. Something could be a door, or a wall, lies behind her, covered in strange runes.
  8. Field is down. He can now test/jump to the final five rows.
  9. Gonna treat that as an amendment to the post about his path. However it still works. The field is down and he is currently at A (for activation plate) on the fifth row.
  10. An angry buzz sounds from behind the boulder. The blast sweeps down the corridor, a small portion of the flames appear to get sucked into something behind the boulder. A chime sounds out as they do.
  11. The fifth platform of the first row lights up as you hop onto it, the top cyan star lighting up as well. The rest of the path quickly fills in the other stars. As you land on the pressure plate the platform below you chimes once and the force field vanishes, revealing the last five rows. The illusionary rocks behind you disappear as well, leaving only the floating platforms, their lights glowing brightly. O O O O 1 X X X X 2 X X 4 X 3 X X 5 X X X X A X X ————— ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The crawl space you
  12. As you land on the second platform the Amber star in the center lights up. The Cyan star to the right (clockwise) of the top activates. Each platform after repeats the process, another of the five stars lighting up in a clockwise pattern. By the time you jump on the sixth platform, which oddly enough has a pressure plate instead of a Star, the first Cyan Star is the only one unlit. The platform lets out an angry buzz, and reality seems to fold around you. You find yourself back on the outcropping staring at the platforms you just crossed. One by one the Amber and Cyan lights go out, the illusi
  13. “Limbo sounds like a good choice.” The Excalibur says. “Lucien, get over...” He stops. The Limbo who has been shadowing him the entire time also stops. “What did I tell you about sneaking up on your Superior Officers Private?” He asks. The Limbo snaps to attention. “That you’d put a bell on me next time I did it, sir!”He says. “Can’t wait time find out what color, sir!” The Excalibur sighs. “Take the client to the kiosk and have a Clarissa draw up a contract.” The Excalibur says. “I’ll be here, daydreaming about firing you out of a cannon.” ”Yes, sir!
  14. Glowing roots in the ceiling like the tunnels on the Moon maps. Forgot to mention them. Light levels is the same as the caverns in game.
  15. As you hop onto the “rock” the illusion vanishes, revealing an floating platform of Orokin make. There is an unlit Amber Ayatan Star in the center, surrounded by five unlit Cyan Stars. nether react to your presence on this particular platform. The rounds for the first five rows land, adding to the pattern. ? O O O O ? X X X O ? X O X O X X O X X ? X O X ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? However those aimed for the fifth row bounce off a barely visible force field just beyond the fifth row. It appears to span across
  16. The Artisan trying to cram the Star into the Ayatan Sculpture gives a triumphant cry, met with annoyed looks, followed by a fearful exclamation. The sculpture whirls to life, one set of interlocking limbs moving in the wrong direction, the others moving normally. They entangle, the system grinding to a halt, the limbs shivering as each one tries to push past the unexpected obstruction. There is a sharp clang and a limb breaks off, embedding itself in the wall. The sculpture begins to shake even more. Haleen starts to say something only for a another limb to snap and impale the drone, the
  17. The scattered rounds reveal the following pattern. ? O O O O ? X X ? O ? X O ? ? X ? O ? X ? ? O X ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  18. Correct. I got update my post with the lights as well.
  19. Actually it’s a puzzle. You’ll need to post which ones you are aiming for. You can copy the format below and put an “!” on the ones you are testing. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? There is a way to “see” which ones are safe but you’ll have to figure out what that is.
  20. “Unfortunately I have to stay here to coordinate this rabble.” The Excalibur says. “However we do have several guns for hire available at the moment. Any preference for a particular Warframe?”
  21. The barrier over the entrance to the Depths snaps closed. The Nullifiers take up defensive positions again, ready to respond should any of the explorers provoke something best left undisturbed.
  22. There are no sounds from either tunnel. The silver light seems to shift occasionally, in a slow languid pattern. You can distantly hear the sound of rocks colliding. The clink of metal on ceramic comes from the direction Anak is facing, echoing out from a boulder halfway between her and the entrance to the depths.
  23. “We manage to get by by scavenging resources and raw materials from the more... decrepit towers.” Salem says. “You would be surprised how much is simply left laying around, if you know where to look. Technological components, however, are harder to find. Orokin ciphers fetch a good price among the Artisans here.” To the Vulpaphyla’s accute senses the eldritch stench of the void would be present, wafting through the air on a nonexistent breeze, swirling and dancing in incomprehensible patterns.
  24. The rocks are arrayed in a lose grid, roughly five wide by ten long. The round bounces off the first rock in the middle and arcs towards the second, only to fall through. ? ? O ? ? ? ? X ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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