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  1. Not fully. Still enjoying reading people's thoughts and such! Always fun to see what people come up with. That is true, but other things can work to ^^ Yeah, that's what I want quite a bit as well. I do hope they explore that sooner rather than later.
  2. Could be a concept someone else has made, or just a general idea that DE hasn't explored much of. This can include different variations of existing stuff we have, like for example, Nidus' Infestation. There's a lot we could do with the 'infestation' theme for a Warframe, if need be. Like, for example, a Warframe that deals with Shadows directly as their power structure. Or a Warframe whom has a customized animation set, running/walking on all fours. Similar to Lycanthropy, sort of, I guess, though that is talked about somewhat commonly, even if I do want something like that in this game sooner rather than later.
  3. I do not. But it makes the most sense considering, as most vendor options that rely on RNG in the game rely on, obviously, RNG for their options. I would imagine they CAN have direct control. Given they forcefully reset NW store a few days back 'cause of a glitch, but 99.9% of the time it's controlled by an algorithm/RNG. DE can't always dictate everything after all.
  4. For those freaking out about this for some stupid reason: DE doesn't specifically control the store rotation. They CAN, but they, usually, do not do so. It is RNG fair and square. It may not be there, but instead of freaking out that RNG is against you, as it is in-game 99.9% of the time anyhow, go buy a stock of Nitain or whatever items you DO need since Kuva isn't in. You still have the option of Arbitration Vendor 10K Kuva for 25 Vitus. Which nowadays it is extremely easy in Arbi's to get 25+ vitus in one mission, usually. So instead of flipping the heck out that something wasn't in something you wanted it to be, just spend the credits on something else. You're more than welcome to feel upset that Kuva wasn't RNG'd into the last rotation, but it's kinda uncool to demand and flip out that it isn't there considering that it's store contents are based on RNG / Rotation(especially considering it is A VENDOR. There are issues with them sometimes, yes, like the Nakak mask situation awhile back, but this is sort of different).
  5. Personally, I'd love an AOE 'pulling' effect, where it pulls enemies around the magnetic target to the magnetized target, as well as the obvious shield stripping.
  6. The quotes are here: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Zealoid_Prelate/Quotes Remember to turn them down some before you listen as they can be quite loud, IIRC. The quotes may not mean something 100% without context of the fight, but they should help give you an idea. Plus the fact that the weapon the Zealoid Prelate carries is designed in a more interesting way than normal infested weapons, given it seems to be an actual creature, which has moving legs, to! As seen here: What do you all think the implications are for the lore based off of Arlo, his Bastions / Zealots(Zealoids), and the strain of infestation Arlo has(should it be a special one, which it seems to be)?
  7. Exactly! I think that's a fantastic solution. Though I'd still hope that they do look at the "Draining all energy" thing, given that Ember is based on Fire. Overheating can be bad, mind you, but she is literally based around fire, it shouldn't be much of an issue for her, all things considered, especially when it's her own toolkit. It is an interesting mechanic, but it definitely needs to have positives AND negatives, not just negatives. A 'Frame that uses fire should be able to use her own overheat in some way as a benefit. Maybe give you a 5 second window to use an ability before all the energy is taken away / halved, idk.
  8. I agree with this. If it does still take away all of your energy at launch, at least give you a duration buff that gives you amazing energy regen, maybe scaling with heat procs as well in some way. So if it does take your energy away, you still gain energy back at a high rate. A bit like Ember's old passive(which tbh should prob' stay in along with her new, but that's just my opinion). EDIT: IIRC the energy take away was from her ultimate, which is what I'm talkin' about here. But if it's from Overheat, well, sorta still counts I guess, but yeah.
  9. To be quite honest, I do hope that for Immolation(Ember's new #2) that they add in the same effect of Accelerant to it in an AOE around Ember. I liked that ability, as simple as it was. Make it do more heat x damage the more the meter is filled. As is, Immolation is a rather generic ability, and adding in Accelerant's functionality to it would make it better, IMO. I mean the ability is named Immolation, and all it is is a meter that gives DR. Like seriously! It's named IMMOLATION. One hell of a great name, lol.
  10. Based off of my own testing, IIRC, the Strain set does not work on the maggots proc'd from the melee weapon. It should work though, I wish it did. 😛
  11. I haven't seen / played Dark Sector in quite a long time, so I had forgotten that. That's awesome as hell.
  12. Personally, just make it so the regular enemies in the arbi' mission have a chance to drop these new mods instead of plopping them in the rotation pool itself from doing your objectives. Makes it a lot easier and doesn't dilute the pool. Also, try not to nerf the endo gain THIS hard, as well as the Vitus spent. I can sort of understand the Vitus given the circumstances but, the Endo decrease is a bit much, I think, unless Ayatans are staying in the pool(which I assume they are), so that may balance it out given the increase in reward intensity, but yeah. Edit: Maybe I missread, 75% of what it once was before? So if I'm getting that right, if you got a 2K endo reward before, you'd now get 1500? Or is it you now only get 25% of the reward? Idk.
  13. Sigh, I'm so confused. I know it can be a bit tedious for some people, but it's something to DO. Why are some people so entitled(if that's the right word) that every single little piece of content that is something to DO they immediately believe it is a complete waste of time, and they complain about it? You may not like it. You don't have to play it if you don't want to. But don't come here immediately assuming that everyone else agree's with you, because others are probably enjoying themselves, and like this interesting way about getting to this special mission. And those that do agree with you? Totally fine, but it's not everyone. I understand criticism is required in this game, but sheesh, sometimes people's attempt at criticism just comes off as completely narcissistic, immediately assuming your opinion and your 'criticism' is the overall opinion of the community. Instead of saying "DE IS FORCING PLAYERS TO DO THIS! IT'S BS! CHANGE IT!", perhaps phrase it as "DE is making a tedious mission, here's why I don't like it" instead. Seriously.
  14. I think it's against council rules to detail ongoing stuff, I think? But old stuff I think is fine. If I'm wrong, a mod is more than welcome to give me a warnin' point or somethin'. Basically, whilst we don't have as much 'jobs' as we used to, we still do the occasional voting on augments, mods(?), etc. Though to my knowledge we haven't had anything substantial in awhile, the only 'major' ones being augments, as well as a few other random tidbits of things here and there, hence me mentioning. Though in comparison to us voting / making weapons and or/warframes back in the day.. we don't seemingly have that kind of 'power' nowadays anymore. I do hope that we get to do that more later on, though.
  15. It does, IIRC. Mach Rush: Halves it's cost while Redline is up. Kinetic plating: Boosts your melee damage while this is up with Redline. I think there was something else but, I forgot. Thermal Sunder: As the meter charges it makes the cold proc' of Thermal able to instafreeze enemies on the first cast instead of having to do two. Not sure what the heat one is, but blast combination with Redline up as well strips armor, not sure as to the amount, however.
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