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  1. Basically what @Shoelip said is true, as that's just the keyhole place for a void key to be placed. But in one of the pictures I posted in the main post, an actual Void Key used to slot in slightly below that keyhole. I've missed those voicelines myself, the sentient one. But the Railjack is probably alive, considering that Cy is trying to integrate into it. I'll post in some specific lines that relate to this from Cy's quotes during the Rising Tide quest, in order to pinpoint the idea that the Railjack is a living being. Took me awhile to find these, lol. Because the Wiki doesn't have all the lines yet.
  2. Thanks for the new pictures! Yeah, I noticed the mechanical bits attached at the back before, but not with this clarity, iirc. Thanks. Getting creepier by the minute, that's for sure! Nice job highlighting by the way.
  3. ... The what? 😛 In all seriousness, I assume the issue is the clickbaity title. As I said, I apologize. I just wanted to not put in such a 'spoiler' in the title given some people don't have their railjacks yet, and consoles don't have their update(s) yet, either.
  4. Could be! Could also just be some void-beast relic. It is called the Reliquary Drive after all, so whatever is inside is considered a 'holy' artifact. What holy in the world of Warframe means is up to debate I'm sure but, probably always in relation to the Void in some form at least. 'Specially considering the thing is just boiling in void energy atm, so, lol. And that's fine! Congrats on getting your Railjack!
  5. I put the spoiler out of the title for a reason. ^^ Though I know it does sound quite clickbaity. So, apologies.
  6. Steve's reaction is just fantastic. Plus that GIF attached to his comment, lol. Good to see Reddit is catching onto this weird thing, that's a greatly taken picture, to, kudo's on the person that took it. Seriously creepy stuff going on, I love it.
  7. Look at this. As well as I slightly outlined someone else's picture. So you can see what I'm talking about. That's obviously a finger, fingernail, and cuticle(also known as the Eponychium, the layer of skin above the fingernail. Google ftw) as well as wrinkles in the skin of the finger going upwards.
  8. From what I've heard, yeah. That is the case. Though I've yet to experience it myself somehow. Maybe it's questline choice related, I dunno.
  9. Take note there was a void key in the initial release of the Railjack on that pod(as seen in the main posts pictures), but was subsequently removed in the hotfix from a day or two ago. So they may still play a role. Seems like the chamber isn't Vacant, as it contains a HUGE finger, which I find really, really odd. Intriguing, yet odd.
  10. Holy hell. Now this is really god damn interesting. As for @VforMyVendetta , sorry for doubting you! So that thing is definitely moving in there, tapping the glass and making certain phrases. Well this just gets weirder and weirder, lol.
  11. Is it your graphics settings that allowed you to see it so clearly, or is it that photoshopped in? Not that I doubt you, mind you. Just curious how you managed to see in there. Though it doesn't look edited, so, curious here. 😛
  12. Not meaning to make it odd that I posted two times, but it seems like the crew does react to it. Wasn't captured in this order but this is basically how it happens, lol. Last image he was actually leaning in to take a look at it, hence the odd angle. He was actually pretty close to it. They do some other odd movements / gestures as well, but this is the main thing. By the way. The Capsule does say "Sit", but around 2-3 seconds afterwards, there is ALWAYS a laugh. ALWAYS. Other stuff I couldn't make out, and the knocking on the glass is random, but it is actually coming FROM the capsule.
  13. I'll check and see if it resembles what you referenced if I can manage to capture it, will let you know. Didn't hear any scratching myself either, however the knocking was quite prevalent. Though, I didn't check anywhere near to see if any workers were making said noise. I'll try and listen in on the noise myself and see if I can make out anything more. Yeah, that makes sense, though the fact they don't seem phased is an issue, considering how close they seemingly are to a void-conduit of some kind, you'd think it'd be messing with them more instead of us. But it seems that it's sole focus is messing with us, if the knocking itself isn't heard by those crewmembers standing so close by to it. That also makes sense. The full text was: "Paradox. You behold an Absence. Describe it." Which I find interesting why he believes it is a Paradox, is he referencing the capsule itself or the Void itself? Because he could be referencing how the capsule itself is a Paradox because it should not exist, yet it does. It holds an Absence, but it doesn't at the same time. You can't describe something that is not there.
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