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  1. I do hope this thread is alright, considering the potential controversy that may surround it. By no means am I shouting for "NERF! NERF IT NOW!", at all. In fact, I think it's a pretty great idea, given the most recent loot nerf's, it's good to have options. But, what I want to discuss about Wukong's new passive is this part: Passive 5 Levels of Immortality: Wukong has learned 5 techniques to avoid death whenever he takes fatal damage. Wukong will be randomly allowed 3 of these techniques per mission to avoid death 3 times. Each technique will make Wukong invulnerable for 2 seconds, restore 50% health, and provide a unique buff. Primal Forces: Triple elemental damage for 60 seconds Heavenly Cloak: Invisibility for 30 seconds Cosmic Armour: Invulnerable for 30 seconds Monkey Luck: Extra loot drops for 60 seconds Sly Alchemy: Orbs 4x more effective for 60 seconds Basically(formatting doesn't allow me to put my thing back to the left, need to learn how to do this), what I want to talk about is the highlighted(bold) one. Based off of some reddit posts I've seen, people are rather interested if this will stay in, and what it will affect(people are assuming it will also affect Kuva), as if it affects everything, people will start 'killing' themselves to trigger the buff(should self damage death cause the passive to trigger), if they should get it. Do you think this bolded part should stay in? If not, why? If so, why? And in general terms, what do you think of his new passive? Good? Bad?
  2. Yeah, it is pretty cool. I do kind of find it interesting how Sentient's are starting to become a parasitic bug-like technological mess. True, it does. Though I find this one to be more like a mix of Praying Mantis and Ant, looks like a commoner, maybe? Not sure.
  3. Ahh alright, I must've misread it. But! Hey, Archwing fissure is an interesting idea, at least.
  4. The 300% Power Strength and 300% Damage work for primed and syndicate versions of all weapons/Warframe's, as well as Vandals, Wraiths, etc. Mutalist ones however don't receive this, per example, a Mutalist Quanta wouldn't get a Quanta buff if it was there, and a Mutalist Quanta buff wouldn't buff the Quanta.
  5. Currently, Archwing Fissures do not exist, to my knowledge.
  6. These are very very small, but very intriguing. They don't seem to be 'active' or 'alive' right now, but I assume they are well conscious. I'll put them in here for you to look at. These particular ones are extremely bug-like(though Alkonost's already contain that bug-like feature given the Ovipositor-like thing hanging below it's legs), which really puts them an interesting light. I tried to put them in order but, wasn't sure how to do that! So, enjoy the potato quality pictures.
  7. I quite like using her #3 for the melee stealth multiplier. Build a slight all rounder with some leaning towards PS and Range, with some good duration and some good eff' mixed in, and you got yourself a good melee, and general, build, for her. Lesion, Redeemer Prime, etc, work great with her #3 ability.
  8. It is a bit iffy at times, but what I found works best is have a blinding ability(Excalibur, or Wisp, though I use Wisp) and use a Redeemer(Prime) Condition Overload build(For me, gas and magnetic). The blind makes them vulnerable to the 8x(?) stealth melee multiplier and all attacks turn yellow from the charge attacks of the weapon. You can usually two shot them, maybe three to four depending on if their nullifying pulse has bad timing. Early stages you can one shot them. But it works really really well.
  9. Yeah, I absolutely adore this fight. Though the interesting thing to me is this, as well. Seemingly the new boss is an offspring? Twin? Or something of Natah as well. Or perhaps just something birthed from her somehow.
  10. I know it may be a tad' bit easy, so long as you're dodging around from laser hands. But it is pretty great. It's honestly even better than the Exploiter. DE are doing an absolutely amazing job on boss design lately. So far, amazing redesign on the gas city as well.
  11. Basically what I mean is.. You can choose one mod, one item, etc, from anything in the game that has a drop rate % from an enemy, mission, etc, and specify in-game via in-game tools that you are wanting that, REALLY badly. Every time you kill that enemy, do that mission, etc, and you don't get the item you wanted, the % chance to get it increases by a little amount, until you get it. When you get it, the % resets to default and you can't specify that item again since you have a copy of it. If you sell the item, you have a few hours(or more) wait time after the trade till you can specify that item again for the % chance increase after each failed attempt, but you could still farm it normally anyway of course. What would you think of that in this game?
  12. As everyone I'm sure is aware of, the Jovian Concord comes out next week(most likely on Tuesday). Based off of the name of the content update, the Jovian Concord, and the details within the update thread, we'll be dealing with Alad V and his sentient-hybrid monstrosities. But, how is it that this is a possibility? Let's take into consideration the whole timeline situation. Alad V in this update is current Alad V, but everyone questions where his scarring is. Sentient's are quite known for adaptability as well as healing(?), so it would make sense that since Alad V made a deal, and with that deal, his infestation scarring would be fixed. Let's look at the name. The Jovian Concord. Jovian's meaning is: In relation to Jupiter or the God Jupiter(Roman Mythology. The God Jupiter's name is also Jove). ( https://www.dictionary.com/browse/jovian ) Concord's meaning is, in layman's terms, basically an agreement/covenant with someone, or in relation to harmonious tunes. ( https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/concord ) Based off of this, it could be determined from the name that Alad V(obviously) made a deal with something as close to a 'god' as you can get in relation to Sentient's(like Hunhow, Mother, Lotus, etc). A sentient, but perhaps not Hunhow, as Hunhow seemed to absolutely despise Alad back in the day. But what kind of a Sentient could Alad have made a deal with? Perhaps one that is buried underneath the clouds of Jupiter. A literal god of Jupiter laid beneath the clouds, waiting for someone to tunnel their way through the ever shifting and extremely destructive clouds of Jupiter, something not even that sentient beneath can withstand. Feel free to discuss things in this thread.
  13. It's the 15th today! Meaning we got ourselves a winner. Couldn't find the best name picker but this is who won. The winner is: @CastIronNest Congratulations, and thank you all for participating. All of your idea's and suggestions were wonderful to hear. I'll be on when the update hits, unless the craptop I'm on hates me(download may be a lil bit slow), but I'll add you in-game so you can see when it is I am on to message me you are ready for your prize.
  14. On topic for this, but I've always held the theory that Warframe Cryopods are just humans put in there for Helminth to infest for our Warframe construction. Each one that we rescue we really just doom to eventually be used for making new Warframe's. Chassis, Neuroptics and Systems all go on the person in the Cryopod and they're infested by the Helminth, giving the desired 'frame as the result of the Systems, Neuroptics and Chassis' influence.
  15. I recently sold a riven I had a pretty good roll on, and so figured I would do something nice for everyone. Here are the rules, then what you must do to enter. 1. You must enter before the update comes out this coming week. Deadline, most likely, is the 15th. Could be earlier. 2. If there are multiple bundles(that is not a mega-bundle, should it exist in this coming update), you may only choose one. If a Mega-Bundle is the only existing one, that will be purchased. 3. Only one entry per person. THERE IS ONLY ONE WINNER. How to Enter: Write what it is that you wish was added to the game, has to be at least 3 things. No remasters, no rehashes, something completely new. One or all three can be a fan concept that's been suggested already. Explain why if you choose a fan-concept that's already been made. I look forward to reading your posts. *Heart* EDIT: Computer is a bit #*!%y as of late. If it ends up crashin' hard, I'll try my best to let you all know. But the contest is still on and will continue to be on. If I can't get you the item right away I will do my best to let you know as well, for whomever wins.
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