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  1. ... The Reliquary Drive, which is currently vacant, as seen on the actual prompt screen. Let's talk about the most obvious points here, with some random hints / tidbits from Cephalon Cy himself. Will show pictures, what the quotes are and all of that. Both pictures show that the Reliquary had a Void Key on it, though the recent Hotfix seems to have removed it. Pictures for context first: Someone showing off the Reliquary with a Fire Extinguisher before the recent hotfix(feel free to tell me who it was, I lost who posted it on Reddit) Quotes: As well as
  2. Hah. Stance. Get it? Anyway. I'm curious as to what your stance on Melee is? Do you believe it feels unique enough to be standing out to other forms of combat in this game, or do you believe it needs tune-ups and some more unique feels to it? Personally I like the melee here. Though it definitely needs some more uniqueness tied to it and some tweaks. Personally I'd love to see Charge Attacks be tied in with multiple forms of movement as well. Just as a random thought. Rolling Charge Attacks. Air Charge Attacks(Above Slam Point). Slam Charge Attacks. Heck, even Latched-On-Wall Charge Attack
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