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  1. "Fixed the Transmission that plays when an Ally Kuva Lich/Sister spawns not actually showing the correct Adversary for Clients. This also could result in a big spot-load." I don't know if it was todays hotfix (30.7,3) but this appears to still be occuring and it might be even worse than before.
  2. Had had this bug occur as well. It's very easy to replicate in sanctuary onslaught. Turn on gloom, make some shadows using his soul punch (1), go through portal to next zone. Gloom is now deactivated but cannot be turned back on and says ability is in use when you try. Dying fixies it. I presume this has something to do with you creating shadows with his 1 as the number you've created is still displayed on his 4 even though it is now gloom.
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