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  1. Sounds like a job for Ash! Fatal teleport fk yeaaaaah! EDIT: But also remember to dispose of the body (using melee channel / arca plasmor) or else patrolling enemies will see them and become alert.
  2. I got one after 40 minutes of farming with Nekros, and that was from one of those big spider enemies with multiple shields.
  3. Yep, got it without having to do anything since my last attempts. Thank you.
  4. Oh please. Let's not pretend that we don't all know what twitch drops really are - a means to artificially inflate viewership numbers. Do you really think that players *want* to watch a partner unlock relics for 5 hours? No. They'd rather be in the game, unlocking their own relics. Do you really think that partners *want* to stream void fissures for 5 hours? No. But they get paid to do it. Because they're marketing influencers.
  5. How about a more effective way to farm Kuva? I would have played the hell out of the new Kuva disruption mission had it not been so stingy with the resource drops.
  6. Left 3 streams open for 2 hours, no drop. Never had any issue with Twitch drops before. (Prior to this, I watched a single stream for 40 minutes with no luck. Tried 3 simultaneous streams after).
  7. Haha - I used to record the sequence using OBS and then play it back so I could get the pattern right.
  8. I generally pick whichever frame is the best suited for the mission I'm about to enter. i.e. I would always bring Nekros to a survival mission for the bonus life support drops. I obviously have my favorites but they wouldn't be my favorites for long if I didn't change things up on a regular basis.
  9. To have a max level frame with multiple forma ready to take to sortie excavation / spy / rescue / mobile defense missions.
  10. Eh, when I forma'd my frames and hopped into Hydron to level back up, no one complained. The trick is to simply not use any of his abilities. Unless you want to be cute and place a micro-bubble over a Nox unit for some easy face-shots.
  11. Limbo is the best frame to bring to mobile defense / rescue / excavation missions. I also use him for spy missions (won't trip lasers). Wouldn't bother taking him to any other mission type.
  12. I almost quit after 40 hours played. The Second Dream + War Within quests kept me playing for another 2000 hours. Still waiting on some new story quests.
  13. Getting stuck instant-reviving other players with Vazarin. (Unable to move, unable to use abilities, unable to use weapons, run-in-place). Only dying can fix it. Tends to happen more when another player is reviving someone and I run over to instant-revive.
  14. When you walk into the infested room as your operator, Helminth exclaims: "The demon is awake? How?" And let's not forget how Broken War became a thing.
  15. Took my time getting Wukong's prime parts. I wasn't expecting any dramatic changes nor did I feel compelled to look through his update notes. Playing him now though... man... DE did good. It ain't easy getting me to add a frame to my load-out roster, but you did it. Well done.
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