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  1. I thought for sure that they were saving it for Tennocon... Wishful thinking 😞 Btw, they changed the design:
  2. This. Yes, it's easy to select and build your arsenal around the prospect of running into him, but what choice do you have when he catches you using a different loadout? During an endless mission, you either spend 20 minutes killing him in spoiler mode, or you abort the mission. I suppose that it's a good thing that he only spawns within the first 5 minutes.
  3. Eh... It's already bad enough telling a MR 5 player that you can't trade them a prime set because their MR is too low... Or that they need 1 million credits in order to receive a primed mod... But now we'll have to tell them to enable 2FA before inviting them to our dojo? Wat.
  4. I got mine from the higher difficulty one. ~2 minutes per run.
  5. 54 kills, no mask 😖 Update: got it on my 59th kill.
  6. Two completely different events. You'll need to complete at least 14 Thermia Fracture missions to get the Opticor Vandal.
  7. How about cracking open the relics you do get, selling the prime parts, and buying the stuff you want? Half of you act like the trade system doesn't even exist. "BUT I WANT MY PRIME FRAME AFTER DOING 5 MISSIONS SO I CAN TAKE A BREAK FROM THE GAME AGAIN!"
  8. Same problem here. Crashes before the login screen appears.
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