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  1. You've got some very good sounding songs on that purple player. Sharing is caring comradski! Got the codes?
  2. Let's make a song request Thread here! Ask and thou shalt be given (not by me though). I figured out how to compose the letter coding manually but the timing is a hell of a drag. Requesting Witcher 3's Silver for Monsters: Tried to play it randomly on the shawzin: 3UAAUAHUAKUAMSAOSAUSAZSAcSAhKApKAwKAyKA1JA4JA/JBEJBGJBLUBRUBZUBbUBeUBgSBjSBqSBvSBxSB2kCFkCNkCQkCTiCViCciChiCjiCo It would require godlike scale change to hit the right notes which is impossible, code or botplaying is the only option!
  3. I just bought the new Corpus cache and felt cheated. Expected it to be a little smaller than the ones in game but atleast fridge-sized. It ended up being smaller than a freaking Argon Crystal! Reform the way they are previewed and there are many ways to do it: - Give us a point of reference to compare to - Give us the option to preview it live in our orbiter, if satisfied the option to buy will pop up.
  4. I've stopped designing but depth was one of the issues I had. Also I can't see the image you linked (upload to imgur or place an url :D).
  5. I use blender since I'm a total newbie, Zbrush threw me off with how expensive it is (they offer a free month but still). And Blender is kinda intuitive I guess? It's like molding clay in 3D but yes, my progress is incredibly delayed by how new I am...so many options and key shortcuts. I'll check out Sculptris asap and see if it's noob-friendlier than Blender. ty for the tips!
  6. I figured out how to use smoother lines so I made this from scratch, still not as good as I want it to be Who's gonna halp make this into greatness?
  7. Still rough but here's a 360. I'll probably make those thunder antennas bigger. made a new "haircut" just for you
  8. I just learned sculpting today from a 2 min youtube vid and dove right into it without an oxygen cylinder. Any expert willing to help/finish this for me? I'm unable to add details and smoothen the rough parts among other things that limit my potential expression. I also colored it in photoshop instead of adding texture in the 3d program. P.S I've been willing to spend $$$ for my main but all the current tennogens for volt suck (unlike other frames).
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