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  1. I've experienced my fair share of DE shenanigans for the past 6-7 years of this game's lifetime and I am here to detail what is wrong with DE's philosophy in balancing in-game mechanics. This will cover what I think are 3 noteworthy cases where DE truly messed up (and will mess up): 1) Update 15.0: Syndicate introduction - Vivergate 2) Update 27.2.0: Warframe Revisited - Explosive Weapon Changes 3) Update ?: Upcoming Defense Objective Heal revisions Let's delve straight to the ugly. 1) Update 15.0: Syndicate introduction - Vivergate TL:DR Incredibly stingy affinity-to-reputation leads to a meta of frames that can decimate armies of corpus with their ultimates for a somewhat tolerable progression. DE 'balanced' the culprit frames with game-changing mechanics that had the community in uproar. Changes are later revised with DE Steve apologizing in forums for their actions. This case is one that will live with many veterans of Warframe. Infamously dubbed 'Vivergate' by many vets, this is a interception node comprised of corpus where it quickly gained a reputation for farming reputation for the newly added syndicates. The affinity-to-reputation ratio is not pretty: 1/6 of present with no daily cap implemented whatsoever. Hence, vets do what vets do best which is to rush the content for those sweet, sweet rewards. A meta has formed and corpus families have lost countless husbands, children to this as a result. Press 'F' to pay respects. The meta consists of the following: 1) Excalibur 4th: Radial Javalin - Those days, exalted blade has not been introduced yet. It worked like present 3 of the current excal. Modded with Range and Strength, it will kill corpus without LoS in the effective range. 2) Mag 2nd: Shield Polarize - This ability was potent back then. There was no travel wave, worked instantaneously and strips 100% of shield for conversion into pure magnetic damage in the effective range when modded correctly 3) Trinity 2nd and 4th: Energy Vampire and Blessing - Energy on demand for 2. FULL invulnerability with 4 albeit with a lengthy cast time Players used the mechanics of interception back then to drag out the mission, effectively turning it into an endless type of mission. Interception nodes back then had a neutral control state designated as white. So players just capped 1 while denying the enemy by using their powers. By the first day, some vets have reached rank 2 with their syndicates. A progress deemed too fast for the developers. What DE followed up with was borderline asinine. A LoS requirement for all the culprit abilities that neutered the effectiveness of said abilities. It worked as buggy as one could hope. If there was a waist height box in front of your target and you could still see the torso, the engine would still register the target as 'obstructed'. Naturally, the community voiced their displeasure. Loudly. The aftermath saw the reversion of said changes, a personal apology from DE Steve, the change of interception mechanics to the current iteration, Viver being changed from a corpus interception to infested instead and the introduction of a controversial anti-power spam unit: the Corpus Nullifier. 2) Update 27.2.0: Warframe Revisited - Explosive Weapon Changes TL:DR The introduction of a powerful Explosive Bow: Kuva Bramma saw the community heated in debate about the nature of the explosive weapon class, most notably the hazards of self damage. DE heard and relented: no more self damage. But the change came with many cavaets; blanket explosive damage falloff to the entire family and unwarranted self stagger to weapons not considered problematic. Till today, its legacy continues to be partially resolved. The Kuva Bramma was introduced as wave 2 of the lich weapons and quicky became a favorite due to its stats. One problem that plagues it is the one that is inherent to its nature; the explosive weapons category always have self-damage, including the tonkor that used to have a failsafe is not spared. Players wanted the self-damage gone and DE delivered. Not without nerfing the other explosive launchers in the process with steep damage falloff. And the introduction of self-stagger on weapons previously with no such drawbacks. Some are debatable based on their nature and stats: staticor. Others were downright absurd: cyanex, zakti. For now, DE relaxed the falloff for some of the weapons but the matter remains unresolved for most. 3) Update ?: Upcoming Defense Objective Heal revisions TL:DR Operation Scarlet Spear is first major event for 2020. In a attempt to squash exploits, DE removed Khora's ability to heal the Oplink with her 3. This included a change to her 3 healing defense objectives as a whole. One feature which was included as a tip for Khora's ability playstyle. Obviously, the fallout ensued with obtuse decision which is DE's balancing. Now, they cast their gaze onto healing defense objectives as a whole... Will history repeat itself? My Solution to Scarlet Spear With Operations Scarlet Spear, one would have just coded such that the Oplinks would belong to a new category of object that cannot be affected by healing, etc. What DE does is to double down and do the unnecessary; nerf the frames that will universally affect the functions of said frame in the game and opening more cans of worms in the process. Repeat the process with said cans of worms and you will have a perpetual loop. This is why DE struggles; they like to over complicate their ideas/ solutions. My Thoughts and Conclusions These cases are very illuminating. They clearly show how DE works when it comes to balancing mechanics in their game. They prefer to neuter/change OLD and/or tried-and-true mechanics to fix problems plaguing new content instead of fixing newly introduced content alone. Probably to promote sales/ consumption of new content. Cough. They are usually extremely reactive, using data with time-frames of less than 1 mth or so. Riven disposition anyone? They are too data-centric. Their love of numbers will be their undoing for the health of the game. Devstreams have mostly become corporate presentations; with graphs, bars, data and such. Their lens of balance is not centered on the 'free-to-play' player, but the new player who has bought plat. Sense of progression is completely flawed when it comes to sustainability to retain/ engage all types of players in the long run. Player retention has always been an issue with warframe. The balancing team clearly does not play the game enough. And even they did, they are not playing at the difficulty levels that most of the playerbase consider norm based on time/reward basis. Without their cheats/injections anyway. I say this openly to DE. History has shown your ineptness when it comes to balancing mechanics. I've supported your work and I applaud your vision of the game, but I must voice concern that your new Dev Workshop shows that you have clearly learnt nothing when it comes to how your game rewards progression and smart usage of game mechanics. Has any decision-making developer played the game in a fresh account habitually to get a sense of the progression? Right now, you are playing in your controlled sandbox environment shifting sand while throwing spanners at sandcastles hoping that it rebuilds itself in time. It will, but not without sacrifice. An exodus will happen soon at this current direction. A tsunami is coming and you are asking us what swimsuits we are wearing. Scarlet Spear shown me your colors, DE. And color me not impressed. "We made you, and just as easily, we can take it all away" - a certain Queen, all too relatable.
  2. Same here. Emblem for 7k point score with 100 murexes driven off. No bonus. Not committing to this beyond a 11 foot pole.
  3. If that is the case, DE is more obtuse than I thought. This falls under the assumption that most of the relays WILL get 100 murexes driven off by 3 hrs. How much faith do you need to have to: Pray that everyone in the Flotilla are like-minded and will definitely hit the intended goal Coordination from ground to spaceteams are seamless BUGS, BUGS messing things up everywhere! - Need for contingencies So, I guess people should follow the old standard. Don't be an early adopter and dive straight in.
  4. Err... I'll come out with a scenario then. Your flotilla has 99/100 murexes driven off at the end of the 3 hrs Your score is 5100 credits for ground team, for example You get 5100 credits on the dot. No bonus. So, you get the standard reward for working your ass off just to miss that prerequisite for bonus. Is that acceptable risk-reward strategy people will employ?
  5. You said it yourself. It is a Bonus. Bonuses should not be quantifiable for peanuts-for-reward design. If warframe is a job (and it is feeling very much so now), no one would forego the standard salary for the promise of that huge bonus payout. Also, the biggest unknown about community-driven goals. It is the word IF. I want to know how many relays managed to get 100 murexes driven off and I would cordially commend them for it. How many actually managed to claim that bonus?
  6. I mean bloodshot eyes. I've tried it for 4 hours and I couldn't stand it. The grind, the boredom and ultimately, the penny-pinching stinginess that is DE's scoring system. Let me put it past your thick skull, DE. You slapped a logarithmic scaling reward system that encourages staying longer for better rewards but you capped it at a certain limit when the rewards get decent and you are forced to extract. I'm talking 17 condrixes/ 5 murexes. Before that, you are forced to endure through low level, time-consuming crawl up to that state. And you want us to do it countless times? How many times must experienced tenno tell you; It is not about the difficulty, it is the slog to get to that desired difficulty. That is what endurance runs are for. Time is not a luxury everyone can afford. This event is certainly not respecting people's time investment. No one wants a artificial forced extract for endurance runs, even if it is to root out 'exploits' (by your word) You are not the only game vying for the player counts, DE. Many games out there are now putting out more enticing content than you are at current. You are currently handing them the playerbase on a silver platter. Congrats. What could you have done better? Make it rain. Because right now, the rice fields are hard scrabble and the farmers are scrambling. Buff the rewards, make a variant that starts at a higher difficulty with better rewards. My verdict for now: Hard pass, play at your discretion (for sanity sake)
  7. Maybe something to do with the polarize shards? Her magnetic field draws those shards to her within x range. Each shard contributes 50 dmg negation per orbiting shard Pull can be used to attract shards from the effective distance Shards orbiting mag will add dmg to Crush Shards are transferable to magnetize bubble by mag going into contact with it It will be a lot like gara's 2.
  8. Arcane rage: At R5, 15% chance for 180% dmg on headshot Arcane acceleration: At R5, 30% chance for 90% fire rate on crit I dunno who are smoking these numbers, but they inherently suck. Buff it more.
  9. I think Kohm starts with one pellet. Hence the conversion is wonky. If anything, the kohm is the bugged one.
  10. Gas doesn't feel right. I always believed gas should serve as the AoE slash variant which is weaker. Make it have a contagion effect or something. A localized weak miasma if you will.
  11. I own quite a powerful railjack. I believe DE got their heads in the sand for this one. The problem is not the cost of entry. Rather, it is the cost of commitment. Railjack at the moment is not cost-effective in terms of enjoyment, power fantasy and reward-to-time efficiency. Intrinsic farm to even play a decent role as a crewmate Lack of variety in mission design + bonus objectives that are there just to pad gametime. I'm looking at you; Missile/ Asteroid base and comms relay. Reactor Grind: Big culprit. Have many fancy, powerful avionics? Tough luck, have fun (2-4%) getting a decent reactor to use them. Crazy resource requirements for wreckage: Biggest Culprit. Titanium req. 12K and asterite 1.4K? No thank you. Not with the drip feed of resources in the field. Important Avionics based on a stingy RNG droprate: Zekti Bulkhead, Hyperstrike Mk III variants do not feel powerful to use, even with maxed avionics; hyperstrike, predator, section density, etc Debatable: Boarding crew on steroids I am inclined to believe that the upcoming event will be a flop and that will be railjack portion. Very few will venture out in their railjacks if not fully modded and even less competent crews will set their search settings to public given the level of coordination it requires.
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