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  1. About the repair kit, it drops from killing those Domestik roombas. So yes, don't ignore those peaceful things.
  2. Feel like this is a ploy to FORCE us to revive players if we wish to get rid of debuffs.
  3. Forget the veldt. I prefer if they looked at the latron series. Their default zoom levels are obnoxious for general starmap gameplay.
  4. This changes are asinine. You would have looked smarter not trying in the first place, DE. This game mode is designed to test your awareness of the penalties involved in attempting said challenges in the first place. One life only gives a very clear message to all those worthy enough to survive arbitations. Bring good/decent gear Don't be a liability; carry your weight Don't overestimate your capabilies; know your limits Prepare for failure, accept it when you make mistakes Always have contingencies; undesirable situations are more common than you think In the Pubs i have joined, I have seen countless times players who do not mod for survivability, follow meta builds when they are not suited for the task at hand and/or are just plain quitters when some insurmountable looking obstacle comes their way (i.e. interception pts are all contested with very little error to spare). That leaves the remaining players to salvage what remains provided they survive the dreaded host migration. This new revival system is not going to help as it penalizes the competent to carry the oddball(s). It only helps if every participant is equally skilled and the occasional mistakes are made (then again, most players of this caliber are strategic and organised so they probably have contingencies prepared for such occasions). I predict that public arbitations are going to become cesspools of toxicity because of this new mechanic. Why? It gives the incompetent even more headroom for recklessness, unsportsmanship and plain egoism (my teammates will revive me!) It penalizes the good players who need to put in even more effort just to continue the game and contemplate reviving dead player(s) at the same time There is no indication that the revived player will not be afk at the time of revival. Or will even commit to play more cautiously from said time onward. You are putting a lot of faith in the characters of all tenno, DE. I commend that. But it is also indicative that you do not play your game enough in a less controlled environment, i.e. public matches. These changes are superfluous because the mechanic is not the 'most polarizing' issue that plagues arbitrations currently. What is? The questionable rotation, rewards and those arbitrations drones. So much of the feedback here from participants reflect this. The rotations. It is a big questionable decision in the first place. Some players believe that the rewards are not proportionate to the rotation cycles. My gripe is the frequency of rewards. The longer periods of obligated defence/ survival carries more risk, be it dc-ing, lapse of concentration or real life emergencies. The default, pathetic reward odds found commonly in standard gameplay does not help. Who wants a 2% (default) desirable drop chance in rotation C in a mode with double the rotation obligation? You will see why no one plays lengthy modes like defence and survival because of that. The rewards. Why endo? Personally, I am drowning in endo from sorties, arena and ayatan conversions. I would prefer mods, kuva and the occasional cosmetic instead. The drones. Talk about bad design. Small, nimble during the occasional dodge when you aim at them. I am fine with their appearance and movement. What is not ok is what they confer: complete invulerability to all dmg & status. Enemies that are protected by these menaces might as well be miniature wolves of saturn six; they cannot be interrupted no matter what you throw at them. It is very evident; kill one drone and it explodes, but surprise, another nearby drone is shielding the enemy horde so no reprieve is given whatsoever. These enemies don't get thrown, staggered, frozen or blinded. Do you see why cc frames are out of their element in arbitations? I can offer one compromise; keep the damage immunity, but return status affliction and cc to a degree with diminishing returns. Halve the effective duration if you have to, but do not neuter players' kit completely. This is why tanks are borderline necessary; only they can take hits while you focus on the drones. I have offered my feedback of arbitrations. It needs work, granted. But where you propose to take it is simply in the wrong direction. The ball is now in your court, DE.
  5. I remember the knell taking 1 second to reload before the most recent update. Now, it shows up and plays like 2 seconds. Nerf or bug?
  6. Belkan witchcraft... Crossover confirmed!
  7. You know, DE. If you want ppl to use unpopular weapons, there is a simple method: Buff their stats. Because, putting cream on a turd still makes it a turd. Hint hint.
  8. I miss some of the old grineer dialogue. 'Hey, leave my mother out of this' Also, i prefer the old wall running to the current one. I want to actually run along the walls, not bunny hop.
  9. I don't like to be confined to the whims of RNG either. It is like trying to win the lottery. There could be so much more indication of skill/ investment, like: Performing headshots Finishing the codex to a certain degree Finishing a mission within a certain time limit under various restrictions PvP achievements (controversial) Traversal challenges (parkor) Frame mastery (kill x enemies with a dedicated frame) Weapon mastery Pls, DE. Anything but 1-5% drop chance. Because if this persists, my prime access purchases will follow your metric.
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