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  1. I dunno... Maybe an icon beside the bar that looks like a cracked shield? Or a 'cracked' looking hp armor bar?
  2. I wonder if the option to reduce teammate's fx fixes this problem partially? It's available in the options menu btw.
  3. I like this idea. Reminds me of Harrow's Thurible (3) reward system. Another instance I wish to mention is: Arcane Merciless duration works fine on AOE weapons due to the sheer speed and efficiency in which they gain stacks. But single target weapons really suffer in this category. Shotguns that are pellet based, slow/moderate fire rate weapons cannot sustain the dmg buff either. Can the durations be tweaked accordingly to the type of weapon classes? And please don't tell me Arcane Dexterity is an option.
  4. Galvanized Scope & Crosshairs Rant I tried to love them, but for their cost compared to the basic versions, they are simply not worth it. Putting aside the bug whereby the stacks decay all at once instead of 1 stack at a time, I try to be as objective as possible. The base +crit chance on headshot should be the same as the base version due to the huge disparity in drain. The 12 second for the 'on headshot' condition is fine. On headshot kill, fine. I don't mind direct dmg kills. But a measly +40%? I'll take at least 50% at least if I keep focusing on the heads of enemies. The worst offender: ON headshot kills, stacks last for 12 SECONDS. Who balanced this? The other galvanized mods offer 20 seconds on kills, this one takes more effort to get 12 seconds per stack. Recommendations On headshot kills, +40% crit chance per stack to max of 5 --> 50% crit chance per stack to max of 4 (I wouldn't mind if you increased it to max of 6 either) Stack duration from 12 seconds to 20 second minimum And please, fix the decay bug.
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