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  1. pls, change the helmet of excalibur deluxe. Its weird. Some armor would be nice too. Any news for conclave? :/
  2. I see many complaints and zero solid arguments, kkkkkkk, good work DE. Buuuut, i dont know if this is the solution. Making kuva more acessible with bosses rewards on spiders and eidolons, or maybe just a new event content like thermia fractures, ghouls, etc, maybeeee, IMO, can let new players come more often to "endgame" content and make it more easy to reroll your riven. Farming kuva today is boring as hell, maybe chaning that is to important as trade chating rivens and toolmakes. Adding some new mechannics on riven like "save this status i like for more kuva on the next reroll" can make more nice rivens, and getting prices low. idk, just my opinion, i play this game about 4 years now, and i see a lot of people complain about rivens rolls. The rng factor is to bizarre for some players to invest their time on kuva farm. Change that pls, make kuva more fun or add some events with it. CREATE A LOCK SYSTEM ON RIVENS!
  3. Poor rewards...1 time event for farm the new frame and all will leave this...
  4. Looks really, really good, but i have to ask, valkyr can use aim target to slow the jump without losing invulnerability? If not, will be a little nerf. And what about conclave and how it will effect it?
  5. Can we expect any news for conclave players? New mode like melee only? Can pls change the celestia syndana display?
  6. Please, check adaptation mod on chroma. Idk if is a bug or just too op, but the health with adaptation dont go down for a long time.
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