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  1. "Forward Tactical Combo (Forward + Block/Aim + Melee) - This move is usually a distance-closing opener, bringing you closer to the enemy and getting you within range to continue a harder-hitting string of attacks. The beginning or end of this combo can have a slam effect, allowing you to control the enemy, and during the mid-point of the combo, attacks will be large and sweeping, allowing multiple enemies to be hit." I back to the game after 2 months just for the new melee system. Its a very nice change, but some things feel weird: Point 1 - We dont have a decent dash attack or a gap close. Of corse u can double jump and slam attack on plains or some areas, but warframe have so many narrow places and because that i really can't slam the enemy. Point 2 - Foward tactival Combo isint work like ur video post here, far away from that. I can't gap close just with that, the distance is poor and i dont feel the impact of the blade or anything when i hit the enemy with this move. Improve the distance and make this move more viable, like excalibur 1 (one) ability. Point 3 - Bullet jump + melee = Why kill that? Transforme the old bullet jump + melee on something with heavy attack, or a new gap close that stun the enemy. I can't feel the hit when i'm in the air, with is 90% of time on warframe. Bullet jump and melee air combat deserve a special move, slam attack alone wont work on all places.
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