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  1. One day maybe u guys can do that for excalibur? i would love different stances for exalted blade.
  2. Why? This are just bad for piloting. Who would invest on piloting now? The piloting experience is all about maneuvers, all great spaceship great games have a amazing maneuvers on their arsenal. Please dont apply this.
  3. Just why? Doing the maneuvers with booster is the coolest part of flying. Taking it out of the pilot eliminates any incentive to progress in this talent tree of intrinsics and to pilot the mission. Please dont apply these changes.
  4. Please dont do that, this dont make any sense with the lore and with the current gameplay of warframe: 1- would be impossible to kill eidolons if that was true; 2 - Void damage resets the resistance of sentients; 3 - Void was cleary the weakness of sentients, the lore we all love say that. Try to change the way to defend op link, or maybe more invasions to railjack, idk, but this kinda sucks because op link without a buff on op links health or defense.
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