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  1. Hi, this discussion can be new...or not, but in the name of fun, please, give some new stances for excalibur exalted blade and valkyr hysteria. 

    We have much people who enjoy some melee stances above others, but when it come to exalted weapons, why cant we choose? Its boring press E over and over again with excalibur.

    I know, i know, u guys are thinking "man, exalted blade and hysteria already have combos..." Yeeah, they have, but its so close to E E combo, in matter of damage and effects, and dont do any nice move or special effect, then why ill do it? Exalted blade have what? 2 combos? For two melee frames, this will be a nice change...in my opinion, of course.

  2. Yeeees! Pvp base games are the future of the competition, i cant see why the DE is blind to this.

    Mmos like wow and blade and souls do a lot of pvp competition. Destiny, starwars battleground, titanfall and other shooters are pvp base and look how many people enjoy then. And i dont need to talk about league of legends...pvp base only.

    Yes yes, have a bunch of diferent styles of games, but all have a nice pvp vision. Pvp is end game content for people who are tired of pve, is a nre challenge, a nee set of itens or mods, new rewards, and is free publicity for the company because, pls dont hate me, pvp is way more attractive than pve...


  3. Dear DE,

    I'm relative new on warframe, but have enough experience on mmo/online games to know one thing...group raids need a vote to kick system, in plains especially.

    Lets start with plains bountys. 3 friends enter in one room of plains, start a bounty and waiting for a new player enter...the new player enter aaaaand...start to fishing.

    The other stuffs. For a new player, i need a lot of credits, and i do a bunch of index, but its hard to find a full group to do this, then, when we have 3 we decide to start that anyway...one random player enter aaaaaand...dont move at all, or start dying a lot, or be afk...and this guys isnt kick..Why????

    No one beg for a vote to kick yet guys? Or this is a common request and i dont know? 

    (Please be nice)


  4. I recently made progression on my ranking to tempest, now i see a lot of rubicos, bo(melee), baza...the same weapons, over and over again. 

    I know you guys tell about balance between all weapons, but in high ranking i dont see much automatic rifles and bows. 

    I got smacked over and over again too novas, ashs ans frosts...are u sure about the balance of weapons and frames? I see the same top tier frames and wepoans, in 50 conclaves right now.

  5. On 28/11/2017 at 7:11 PM, [DE]Taylor said:

    Banshee / harrow / trinity - AWESOME!

    Oberon helmet - OMG! now i'll play with oberon

    Excalibur skin ... just meh...the trinity knight skin look soo good, why not do it with exca? he is a SWORDMAN, jesus crist! Why dont make a good swordman skin for him, WHY?


  6. 1 - Excalibur:

    - Nice armor and Hp, with means survivability in low level.

    - Very Op cc - 2 blind ALL enemys in great range without mods. Its Very good for killing and unlock terminal.

    - His 4 hability is amazing, requires a Lot of mods, but have one of the High damage habilitys in warframe. In low level do a good job, put a intensify, streamline and some duration and you Will kill pretty much everything in low level.


    2 - Rhino: easy to farm

    - Dont need much mods for survive, vitality and armor are ALL you Will need in low levels because iron skin os amazing.

    - His 3 do a Nice buff, you Will not have a good weapons right nos, soo, this help a Lot. 


    3 - Frost - easy to farm and you can Win His prime version with Twitch prime.

    - Very good armor, Shield and Hp. With means you Will not site easily.

    - Dont have much damage hability, but His Frost globe is amazing, High and low level, ALL defende mission requires a Frost. (Or gara now).


    4 - Volt - easy to farm (ALL dojo clans have his parts).

    - Yes, volt. He os squish, but His habilitys have a Nice damage and kill pretty much everyone above lvl20. Put a intensify and streamline mods and bem happy. 

    - His Shield and His ult are good panic Button habilitys and may save you, and your Speedo hability helps a lot for finished some Boring missions.


    Pretty much It Bro. Have other must have frames like ember, Trinity, Loki. But in low level you'll not have all mods for this frames, and they Will not do good jobs without then.



  7. On 10/11/2017 at 4:52 AM, .Zel said:

    This got me started back when i first got into Conclave. Can join the Conclave Discord if you like and Phase did a few more vids on Conclave(altho most are outdated), The "How to use mobility" video should give you an idea on how conclave works. These 2 vids imo are solid for new players.

    Nice video, but it was made 1 year ago. Snipers, after the Nerf on lie in wait, are good?

  8. On 11/11/2017 at 1:09 AM, Stormdragon said:


    Sybaris prime is a solid weapon on it's own; mk1-furis is an amazing finisher weapon due to it's puncture biased damage, allowing it to shred enemy health quickly after their shields have been taken down (good pick against nidus and inaros) 

    Anku is locked and mastery rank 3, and it's blueprint can only be obtained from clan research, so you'll have to join a clan with this weapon añready researched on their tenno lab in order to craft it.

    Boltace air melee attack has multiple hits, making it a beast if you can time those attacks right and hit airborn enemies with them. I don't have much experience with them but I've seen some players use them very proficiently.

    You have tips for mods on this weapons? And have tips for another good weapons?

  9. 22 hours ago, iceywolf said:

    mk1/braton is a great auto rifles for starters, sybaris prime is considered unbalanced by some because it is a flat upgrade to its dex version, lex prime is pretty good but i don't suggest you use two precision weapons in the same loadout, i suggest you use an auto secondary for finishing targets. I also suggest you use anku for easy air melee kills.

    PVP weapon stats/modding is not the same as PVE, there is no status chance and you only crit on headshot. Please don't give advice if you don't know what you're talking about. 

    I try to get the anku melee weapon, but i cant find the blueprint, then ill try the boltacle, its good?

  10. 9 hours ago, ----Legacy---- said:

    Weapons are fairly well balanced, so you can use anything that makes you feel comfortable based on what are your favorite weapons in pve, but I'd also recommend you to experiment with different weapons in order to find what makes you more effective depending on your own skills (tracking with automatic rifles, flicking and timing with semi autos, leading targets with projectile weapons, etc) 

    Uhh...I like a loot of my sybaris prime in conclave, if i can mix then with furis? or maybe mk1-furis?

  11. On 09/11/2017 at 10:36 PM, Stormdragon said:

    Conclave is fairly well balanced, so there's no thing such as a weapon tier list. However, Here you can find a spreadsheet with the stats of every single weapon available in conclave.

    I'd also like to invite you to join us in the conclave discord if you're interested in learning more about the PvP aspect of warframe. Welcome beforehand!

    Wow, thx. This list will be heavyly helpfull, but i notice one thing, why prime version is soo much weaker than the normal? Dont make sense.

  12. Hi, im new in warframe and i Like the PvP a Lot, but i dont see many guides about conclave weapons. I use, right now, my sybatis prime, Lex prime and aegis prime with my Excalibur.

    But i see a Lot of underated pve weapons like strun, furis, braton, etc... Conclave have a tiver of good weapons? Where can i find It?


  13. On 06/11/2017 at 1:25 AM, (PS4)CoolD2108 said:


    Boi you'll laugh your &#! off when you find this thread in a few years.


    What you're experiencing here is less of an issue with his kit but much rather with your mods i'd assume.

    Your priority for now should be farming and leveling mods. What you need is:

    Rage-converts recieved damage to energy

    (Primed)Flow- for your energy pool

    Streamline-efficiency, lowers the cost

    Continiuty and/or constitution - duration to keep is ult cheap

    Vitality and steel fiber - your best friends when it comes to surviving

    Stretch - for now, becomes kinda optional once your basestats are high enough

    Later: Chromatic blade - makes his ult deal status, what adds to your survivability too.

    Life strike - melee mod that heals you on channeling, includes exalted waves.

    Add sone power strength to the mix too.

    Put those in your excal and i guarantee that you'll change your mind about him. Rage keeps you pretty much energiced on even the smallest recieved damage, what gives you the posibillity to blind more often and to heal yourself. Exalted blade should become your bread and butter for that and dealing damage. Blinding not only keeps enemys from attacking you, beein among the strongest types of Cc, it also opens enemys to finishers, what's a sure kill move, and stealth multipliers, what makes his damage output rather high.

    Max all the mods for the best result (except for life strike. Keep that one at rank zero. Doesn't need more.) And look up what works for exalted blade abd what doesn't.

    Calm down... First, i have ALL this mod, i use rage, vitality, fleeting expertise, intensify, streamline, primed flow, primed continuity, Power drift and Steel charge for aura. Im mr13 now, and never, in raids and incursions, see any Excalibur on High level missions. 

    Be honest with me, you use him in incursions lvl 80+? And High lvl survival?

  14. Hi,

    I'm here to talk about excalibur exalted blade stance. Its boring just for me or you guys agree that excalibur need a new stance for EB? The melee stance help the player not feel boring about spaming "E", if u want to do a nice combo, go for it. If u want to spaming E, go for it. But give me some option to choose. To me, DE have some nice option for exalted blade like:

    1 - Create a new stance for EB;

    2 - Adapt the sword stance for EB;

    3 - Create MOD stance for EB.

    This can be use for another abilitys to like valkyer hysteria, or the new wonder wonder wip frame.

    What you guys think?

  15. On 04/11/2017 at 5:17 AM, JuicyPop said:

    I think it's largely because the stance for Exalted Blade is terribly bland. It's just not all that interesting to dip and duck behind cover while doing the same basic animations to shoot energy waves.  

    I still use him occasionally but his play patterns quickly become boring despite the fact that his damage is just obscene when he's free to hit. 

    The exalted blade stance is another problem, i agree.

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