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  1. Friendship ended with Tysis. Now Cyanex is my best friend.
  2. You actually addressed the Tysis punch through bug. Thank you. Also I'm a big fan of the Scrouge Buffs.
  3. Still no fix for Tysis punchthrough bug. You're just gonna leave this weapon ruined?
  4. Every time I see an update, I get my hopes up that the Tysis punchthrough bug will be fixed, every time my hopes are dashed. The corrosive DOT isn't applied if you have punchthrough on the weapon.
  5. Still no fix for the Tysis Punchthrough issues? The corrosive dot doesn't seem to get applied when there's punchthrough on the weapon.
  6. If this is the case, it's an absolute garbage mechanic, completely arbitrary. Why should certain weapons have punch through be completely useless on them?
  7. This. Please, DE. Some of us actually did like this weapon before you trash canned it. Adding phys damage was not a buff. At least fix the punch through bug.
  8. There's still a bug with Tysis that somehow reduces damage when punchthrough is on the weapon. Could you look into that, please?
  9. Can you revert the changes to Tysis, as well? The 24.6.0 addition of IPS makes it lose it's status weapon niche. And it introduced a bug related to punchthrough.
  10. The latest update reworked Tysis in such a way to render it completely useless. The addition of physical damage completely ruins it as a pure status weapon. It did not require any additional damage, as putting gas damage on it complimented the corrosive in a that added adequate damage. This rework was misguide, completely removed the weapon's niche, and rendered it useless, despite the numbers on the screen being higher, it is not merely a nerf, but renders the weapon completely useless.
  11. You completely destroyed Tysis. Completely ruined it's role as a pure status weapon. Putting IPS on it vastly lowers it's actual damage. If you want to nerf it that badly, just lower the damage some. You may as well have just deleted it.
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